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Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed. Everything else is public relations. - George Orwell



Montana newspapers yank endorsements of GOP's Greg Gianforte who was charged with assaulting a reporter. Trump, who calls the press the enemy of the people, recorded robocalls for Gianforte.
Double homicide scene in Tampa discovered to be neo-Nazi cell possessing explosives and radioactive materials. One neo-Nazi suspect in double murder had converted to Islam, while another cell member just returned from Army duty. Photo of Tim McVeigh found in apartment.
Trumpsters build database of anti-Trump activists, complete with personal information, including names, addresses, phone numbers, religion, and sexual orientation. Fascism is as fascism does.
Mr. McFeely declines FBI top job. There must be someone else in "Mr. Trump's Neighborhood." Image result for Mr McFeely
Canada invites the Ooni of Ife to 150th independence celebration in July. No word on whether the Sultan of Snot will depart the White House to attend.
Ooni of Ife

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Ooni of Ife

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CIA-backed demonstrators in Venezuela tearing down Hugo Chavez statues. The CIA just isn't content with the fact they assassinated Chavez with a bio-weapon. Protesters also burn down Chavez's childhood home.
Temer refuses to resign as president of Brazil. Dares to be ousted by Congress. The CIA must be having a sad-on over the fate of their boy.
Venezuelan opposition, which is supported by Trump, burns man alive in Caracas. Man also stabbed by anti-government rioters.
Moldovan pro-Russian president stops gay march. Igor Dodon says, "I have never promised to be the president of the gays, they should have elected their own president.”
Macedonian president in Moscow. Trip comes after president authorizes Geirge Soros- and CIA-supported Social Democrats of EU stooge Zoran Zaev to form government.
"Experts" claim Manchester Arena was a "soft target" for a terrorist attack. It is also a major train hub since Victoria Station is next to it. What happened to enhanced security for transport stations after the 7/1/05 London transit attacks. Very convenient to have a terrorist attack as Theresa May's opinion polls prior to election were plummeting. At least Netanyahu had an alibi this time -- he was with Trump in Jerusalem -- but where was Giuliani?
Map of Manchester Arena location
Turkey vetoes NATO partnership with Austria. Ankara and Vienna have strained relations. This does put a hold on Austrian membership in NATO, which is a good thing as NATO, aka the "Fourth Reich," tries to also absorb Finland and Sweden..
Khodorkovsky holds anti-Russia conference in Lithuania. Moscow calls Lithuania "openly adversarial."

Shaikh Donald of Araby backs radical Wahhabism over moderate Shi'ism. Trump supports "radical Islamic terrorism" practiced by Wahhabis.
Qatar claims hackers planted fake story in Qatar News Agency computer system. Story claims Qatari emir called Iran a great Islamic power and said Qatar and Israel had good relations. Saudi Arabia and UAE block Qatari media, including Al Jazeera.
Bahrain, after receiving Trump's praise, storms Shi'a cleric's home village, killing one and arresting others. Trump now has Shi'a blood on his hands after declaring in Riyadh a Wahhabist-backed American "jihad" against the Islamic sect.
Trump, Salman, and Al-Sissi open Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology. Attention Alex Jones: It's a ruse! They are signaling the alien battle fleet that the U.S. and much of the Middle East are now under the control of the lizard people.

Erdogan declares indefinite state of emergency. In other words. Turkey is now a full-fledged dictatorship.
Reformists sweep Tehran municipal election. Pro-Rouhani bloc wins all 21 municipal council seats.
ISIL suicide bomb in Jakarta kills three policemen at bus station. But the 24x7 cable wastelands focus only on Manchester. It's called cultural imperialism.
Duterte cut short Moscow visit to deal with ISIL taking over Marawi City in Mindanao and seizing Christian hostages. Duterte declares martial law in the south. These Muslim radicals certainly answered Trump's call in Riyadh for pro-Wahhabist Muslims to "drive out" the non-believers from their lands.
Philippines President Duterte visits Russia. Philippines declares de facto independence from U.S. military sphere.
At Silk Road summit in Beijing, the U.S. is an irrelevant afterthought. Leaders gather to plan major world infrastructure projects.
Algerian president names Abdelmadjid Tebboune prime minister after ruling party's election win on May 4. National Liberation Front has governed Algeria since independence.
Burkina Faso backs Taiwan at World Health Assembly. JOins Britain, Germany, Australia, and U.S.
Djibouti Prime Minister to visit Somaliland. Somaliland hopes visit might lead to its first diplomatic recognition.
Australian indigenous leaders meet in historic first summit. First Nations Convention meets at Uluru, formerly known as Ayer's Rock.
Norfolk Island: rebels in paradise. The more Australia leans on formerly self-governing island, the more defiant the islanders become. Colonialists never learn their lessons.
Greenland former foreign minister forced out of government after complaining to UN about U.S. and Danish human rights violations over military waste left on island. Denmark shows its true colonialist colors in its support for Washington.
Azores hosts Sargasso Sea conference. Delegates attend from Azores, Bahamas, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Canada, Cayman Islands, Monaco, U.K. and the U.S.
Brazil allowing British RAF cargo planes to refuel in Porto Alegre and Sao Paulo. Argentina complains.
Proof of parallel universe discovered. Cold spot has scientists excited about evidence of a multiverse.
Tabby's Star dips in brightness. Possibility of proving existence of a Dyson's Sphere.
  • SLAY THE BEAST (THE DAILY BEAST, THAT IS). The Daily Beast and its "reporters" and editors are sheer crap.
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