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Note: As many news websites place their reports behind pay-walls and Google and Bing continue to "dumb down" their news search engines to concentrate on sports and celebrities, WMR is scouring the web to bring you free links to major "real news" stories ignored by the emerging "non-neutral" net.


Trump announces U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital through slipping dentures. Trump is a demented and delusional old man.

It's "Israelgate," not "Russiagate." Mueller cites actual foreign power influence over Trump.

Spicer says sexual assault allegations against Trump should be taken seriously. Spicer is a reserve Naval Officer and knows the rules on this issue.

U.S. foreign policy is another Trump Organization, Inc. property. What's good for Trump is awful for America.

White House aides terrified about Trump's mental health. 25th Amendment time!

Trump Twitter-endorses British neo-Nazi group "Britain First." Disgusting.

NBC's unfounded conspiracy theory about DNC hack. Network gives NSA a pass on illegal domestic surveillance.

Those "free enterprise" Republicans are targeting AirBnB rentals in Florida. Because they are digging into the profits of the GOP's hotel industry donors. And Trump is one of them.

Founder of Florida's biggest mega-church accused of molesting 4-year old girl. Fundie Christianity is just a facade for child molesters.

Koch brothers grabbing influence over Time magazine in deal with Meredith Corp. Trump's neo-Nazis are on the march to seize American media.

U.S. and Canada holding joint nuclear apocalypse drills. It's back to the Cold War. "Duck and cover!" Thanks Trump, you dangerous idiot.
Former Alberta premier Alison Redford takes job as adviser to Afghan government. That should work out well.
Venezuela launches the "petro" crypto-currency. U.S. will now be really gunning for Nicolas Maduro.
Nasralla was 5 points ahead in Honduran presidential vote count and is now 1 point behind. Nasralla points to election fraud. How many Israeli software programs are involved in counting the vote?
Bolivian Constitutional Court clears path for Evo Morales to run for re-election. It would be Morales's fourth presidential run.
Leftist Salvador Nasralla surges ahead in Honduras presidential vote count. Observers expect Hernandez and his CIA overseers to rig the election for Hernandez.
Fascist Hernandez set to win second term as Honduran president. Its back to banana republic status for Honduras.
Catalonian leaders hauled before a Kafkaesque court in Madrid. Must pledge loyalty to the corrupt Borbon king to be released from prison.
Computer porn scandal envelops pro-Brexit British ministers. British deputy PM had thousands of porn images on his government computer.
Britain postpones Trump's January visit. Trump's racist re-tweets cause political furor.
Georgian president wants Lithuanian language to change name of the country to Sakartvelo or Georgia from Gruzija. The nerve of some people.
Hoyt Lee, the Soros plant in US State Department who engineered coup against Gruevski government, named U.S. ambassador to Skopje -- make that "viceroy." Way to "drain the swamp" Trump, you phony.
Irish Deputy PM resigns to avoid collapse of Irish government. Minority government of PM Leo Varadkar, Ireland's first gay PM, remains shaky.
Morgan Stanley interferes in British politics and next election against Labor and for the Tories. There should be an investigation of American interference in foreign elections.
Chechen leader Kadyrov says he's ready to resign. Moscow not ready for Kadyrov leaving political scene.
Sinn Fein wants special status for Northern Ireland in EU. Right-wing DUP opposes it.
Houthis execute Saleh after he changes sides to support Saudis. This is a major defeat for new Saudi regime and its Israeli masters.
Saleh's bolt from Houthis to propose Yemen truce with Saudis a "coup." Saleh infuriates Houthis and Iran.
Putin wants Palestinian state with capital in East Jerusalem. Moscow carries more clout in Middle East after Assad's defeat of jihadists.
India wants a Palestinian state. Meanwhile, Trump threatens to close Palestinian mission in DC and move US embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
Flynn's "Turkey Project" exposed. WMR editor reveals details.
Erdogan says he's on "same wavelength" as Trump. Well, they're both insane dictators.
Saudis use Nazi hunger weapon against Yemen. That's fine with Trump, who comes from a Nazi family.
Turkey and Iran aid Qatar in the face of Saudi-led economic blockade. New alignments appearing in Middle East.
Jihadists targeted Sufi mosque in massacre of 300 worshipers in Sinai. Wahhabists continuously massacre Sufis in Libya, Syria, and Pakistan.
Emperor Akihito of Japan to abdicate on April 30, 2019. First abdication in 200 years.
Russian Marines deploy near North Korean border. Coincides with major military exercise in Primorye and Kamchatka.
Gay American couple arrested for baring their asses at sacred Thai temple. Lots of asses getting arrested in Asia recently.
Indian police arrest donkeys. Why don't they arrest that ass Modi?
Malaysian PM Najib Razak visits jailed opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim in hospital. Shifting sands in Malaysian politics.
Russian warplanes may have access to Egyptian air bases. Moscow-Cairo talks in progress.
Algerian MPs walk out of Women Political Leaders. Refused to listen to Israeli Knesset members speak.
Nigeria gives Israeli firm control over coastal waterways. Nigerian groups question contract to HSLI Security Firms and Technologies.
Bougainville President says PNG is undermining his government. John Monis claims interference is timed to affect 2019 independence referendum.
American Samoa wants to set up an office in Samoa but Washington resists. Eastern Samoa, not "American Samoa," should be independent of Washington and unite with its sister island nation.
West Papuan United Liberation Movement Summit held in Port-Vila, Vanuatu. West Papuan flag flying in Port-Vila.
Leaders of Anguilla, Ascension Island, Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Falkland Islands, Gibraltar, Montserrat, Pitcairn Islands, St Helena, and Turks and Caicos meeting with May in London. Britain trying to maintain what's left of its empire.
Progressives win seats in Falkland Islands Legislative Assembly. Five of the eight members are new.
WASP-18b determind to be a hot Jupiter. No water and not hospitable for life.
3200 Phaethon to pass near Earth before Christmas. Phaethon is the Greek demi-god who tried to set Earth on fire.
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