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I have enjoyed the WMR for several years now. You are the premier investigative reporter in the free world, in my opinion. -- Elyria, OH

Thank you for the important and excellent work you do! -- Dunsmuir, CA

Thanks for all that you do to "uncover" the things that are most important to us!  -- Elkton, FL

WMR is as indispensible to me in the morning as espresso. It focuses the mind while planting the feet on the ground.  -- New York, NY

I've enjoyed your web site since discovering it in September 2006. -- New York, NY

I love your site the best! -- Carlsbad, CA

I have gotten a lot of useful information from your postings in the past and am looking to more in the future. Keep up the good work. -- Oakdale, CA

Keep up the good work. You are an excellent investigative journalist. So called MSM are nothing but shills. Should call them "state-run media."  -- Chicago, IL

I have enjoyed reading the Madsen Report because I believe it is not just "public relations" reporting. It appears to report on the raw facts. Thank you for providing this type of reporting.  -- Silver Spring, MD


. . . thank you for your years of honest reporting. -- Cambridge, UK


Know in your heart we're out here with you. -- Nolanville, TX

Your abilities in news reporting are incredible. You should have been an ABC news investigator/reporter. Not a day goes by that I don't check your website to obtain the 'real nuts and bolts news' these days. I cannot trust TV news reporting for obvious reasons. Such a let down is more like it.  Who really cares about Paris Hilton and all the  other fluff stories that flood the TV media market! I've produced over 900 radio show but I am not doing this any more. Right now, I'm just interested in reading the actual news.
News that you so accurately report! -- Las Vegas, NV
Good luck and good hunting! -- Bangkok, Thailand
I salute you as the wife of a deceased military (NCO Army) career E-7 [who] served in Korea and Vietnam.
-- Mountain Home, Idaho

Thanks for your courage -- Point Roberts, WA

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