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Mnuchin receives gift-wrapped horse shit at his Bel Air mansion. Congrats to the sender for such an appropriate gift.

Neo-Nazi kills girlfriend's parents in Reston, Virginia. Another Trump supporter.

Nikki Haley "taking names" of countries voting against U.S. on Jerusalem decision. We have names too Nikki -- of all the married men you slept with in South Carolina on your "way to the top." It's many more names than the member states of the UN.

Trump unveils Leo Straussian neocon national security policy. Those who opposed Dubya's neocon policies who now embrace Trump are major league idiots.

Pentagon and CIA secretly investigating UFOs and glowing auras. Trump has cloaked program in even more secrecy, prompting resignation of Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program senior official.

CDC prohibited by Trump regime from using the following terms: "vulnerable,” “entitlement,” “diversity,” “transgender,” “fetus,” “evidence-based” and “science-based.” For years, wound-up knuckleheads like Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh warned of government-mandated "Newspeak." Now, their boy Trump is carrying it out.

Trump announces U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital through slipping dentures. Trump is a demented and delusional old man.

It's "Israelgate," not "Russiagate." Mueller cites actual foreign power influence over Trump.

Spicer says sexual assault allegations against Trump should be taken seriously. Spicer is a reserve Naval Officer and knows the rules on this issue.

U.S. foreign policy is another Trump Organization, Inc. property. What's good for Trump is awful for America.

White House aides terrified about Trump's mental health. 25th Amendment time!

Trump Twitter-endorses British neo-Nazi group "Britain First." Disgusting.

NBC's unfounded conspiracy theory about DNC hack. Network gives NSA a pass on illegal domestic surveillance.

Those "free enterprise" Republicans are targeting AirBnB rentals in Florida. Because they are digging into the profits of the GOP's hotel industry donors. And Trump is one of them.

Founder of Florida's biggest mega-church accused of molesting 4-year old girl. Fundie Christianity is just a facade for child molesters.

Koch brothers grabbing influence over Time magazine in deal with Meredith Corp. Trump's neo-Nazis are on the march to seize American media.

Trump tells troops F-35 fighter is "invisible" to the enemy, like in the movies. Note to Dotard: the Romulan Empire never shared its cloaking device with the US Air Force.

Trump administration looking to merging VA and Tricare. The goal is to privatize both and give retirees and vets a "voucher" good for one X-ray and one cup of coffee at McDonald's. Here's to Donald Trump contracting the most incurable form of fast-acting cancer known to mankind.

Head of US Strategic Command says he would not carry our any illegal order by Trump to launch a pre-emptive nuclear attack. Trump brings about a "Seven Days in May" in reverse.

Tillerson threatens to close Palestinian mission in Washington unless the Palestinians submit to Israeli demands. Tillerson is under the mistaken impression that only Jews buy Exxon gasoline.
Did Arte Johnson try to entice Ruth Buzzi with a walnetto on the set of "Laugh-In?" Should Arte Johnson resign? You decide:

House and Senate committee approve tax bill that will permanently cut taxes on billionaires and raise taxes on those earning between $20,000-30,000 per year. Note to the GOP:
Do you hear the people sing?
Singing a song of angry men?
It is the music of a people
Who will not be slaves again!"

Mental patients can now join the Army.

They'll fit in quite well with their Commander-in-Chief.

In stinging rebuke to Trump, Democrats sweep Virginia, NJ gubenatorial & other statewide races, chalk up major gains in state legislature and local elections. Trump, in tweet from South Korea, blames Republican Party for losses.

Harvey Weinstein hired Black Cube ex-Mossad spies to investigate female sexual assault victims. Of course, when Israelis spy on the goyim, the LA Times doesn't see a big problem.

Blagojevich appeals again to Supreme Court. Al Capone received less than a prison sentence than Blagojevich, who remains a political prisoner.

Former Soros investment manager Howie Rubin charged with raping and beating women in midtown Manhattan penthouse. Wall Street, Hollywood, Congress, it's the same story.

Departing Twitter employee disabled Trump's Twitter feed. Trump blames "rogue employee." That "rogue employee" should be rewarded with a medal.

Underage molester Kevin Spacey blames booze and being gay for advance made toward 14-year old actor. Spacey was a frequent flyer on board Jeffrey Epstein's plane.

Manafort is first head to roll in Mueller's investigation. Former Trump campaign manager indicted.

George Washington plaque to be removed from Episcopal church in Alexandria, Virginia where first president once worshiped. Stupid move that will give ammunition to neo-Nazis in Alexandria.

Fringe nutters threaten wounded survivors of Las Vegas massacre. Unfortunately, they even lurk at this website.

Trump ridicules Senators Corker and Flake in a series of tweets. This is how democracy ends: in a series of 149-word communiques.

Washington, Jefferson, Jackson, and Monroe paintings agree. Trump is a jerk.

Steve Bannon foresees a future independent California. Says it will go from a sanctuary state to an independent state under Democratic Party rule. Good, a California Republic passport would be more valuable an asset than a U.S. passport.

Pompeo speaks to neocon hive, the FDD. Trump's neocon sympathies are showing.

Florida Representative receiving death threats for standing up for widow of slain Green Beret. It's surprising the Klan can even find a congressional office's telephone number.

Opioid congressman Marino withdraws as Trump's drug czar. 60 Minutes report doomed Marino.

"American Century's" final curtain. The death of uni-polar geopolitics.

Trump's presidency is failing. Trump is adopting a "Hitler in the bunker" mentality.

69 Republicans voted against hurricane relief aid for Florida, Texas, and Puerto Rico. Note to all 69: don't vacation in or visit Florida. We know who you are and we'll let you know what what kind of human vermin you are.

As climate change causes more severe weather,Trump names AccuWeather CEO to head NOAA. AccuWeather, a family business like Trump's, has a major conflict-of-interest with Rick Santorum and his climate change denier fans..

Trump challenges Tillerson to IQ test. Sorry, Trump. IQ tests don't deal with negative numbers.

Chairman of Senate Foreign Relations Committee Bob Corker charges that Trump threatens to unleash World War III. Trump is a clear and present danger to the U.S. Constitution. Every sworn military member and federal employee knows what must be done.

Calls for NY Attorney General to investigate Trump lawyer pay-offs to Manhattan DA. Criminal cases against Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump nixed after campaign donations.

Rafael Cruz's CIA and Oswald ties not put to rest. Call for full release of JFK archives.

Obama CIA ties still generates interest. History books canot ignore his links.

Fake News writer's death sparks conspiracies. But it's not fake news that Obama is at least bisexual.

Congressman Tim Murphy (R-PA) ran a house of horrors on Capitol Hill prior to his resignation over an abortion scandal. More GOP "family values."

Las Vegas shooter Paddock planned to survive and he had help. Las Vegas sheriff has new evidence. The Guardian, a gatekeeper paper for MI-6, calls Sheriff Joseph Lombardo's additional evidence "speculation." That's a low standard of journalism even for The Guardian.

Trump Mar-a-Lago pal Epstein paid 3 women $5.5 million to quash underage sex lawsuits. How much hush money has been paid by Trump?

Tillerson called Trump a "moron." Mr. Secretary, Trump isn't as smart as a moron.

Trump tweets his "warmest condolences" to the victims of Las Vegas mass shooting. Trump tweeted his "best regards" to those injured in Charlottesville," which included the "fine people" Nazis. The English usage-challenged idiot-in-chief.

School children in California exposed to flutes contaminated with music teacher's own semen. Yuck!
Marvel Comics founder Stan Lee donates private art and raises funds for hurricane relief. At 94, Lee's done more for hurricane relief efforts than the orange-faced shitgibbon in the White House.
Otto Warmbier's death not caused by North Korean torture, says Ohio coroner. Trump is lying again.
Trump adds Venezuela, Chad, and North Korea to indefinite banned U.S. travel list. Venezuela is a hat-tip to the neocons who Trump has now aligned with.
Trump's bizarre UN speech ranks right up there with the similarly strange. Trump tries to match Idi Amin and Eric Gairy in the lunacy department.
Trump praises Salafist dictator Erdogan as Turkish president's thugs beat up U.S. protesters. The second time Erdogan's security force has attacked protesters on U.S. soil.
Trump's bizarre UN speech ranks right up there with the similarly strange. Trump tries to match Idi Amin and Eric Gairy in the lunacy department.
Trump now embraces "fake countries." Trump praises health care in "Nambia," a fictitious country.
Jake LaMotta, the "Raging Bull," dead at 95. WMR editor had some quality drinking time with Mr. LaMotta back in 1988 at the Fountainbleau in Miami Beach. Great jokes and a great guy. RIP.
Colorado city on lookout for shitting jogger. Woman jogger craps on sidewalk and even leaves toilet paper behind. There must be a job for this woman in the Trump White House, since they dish out a lot of shit on a daily basis.
Government agencies now suing journalists who request public records. Another example that proves the "law is an ass."
Mississippians want to restore the Magnolia Flag as the state flag. Compared to the eyesore of the current flag, with its Confederate symbol, the Magnolia Flag is much more appealing.
Bennett Windham and Jane Niles hold the Magnolia Flag, which was Mississippi's state flag from 1861 to 1894. Windham and Niles are across-the-street neighbors on Southside and both display the historic flag near the entrances to their homes.
Jeffrey Sandusky, Jerry Sandusky's son, pleads guilty to pedophilia charges. Rename Penn State "Ped State."
Mnuchin wanted government jet for his European honeymoon. He and his tramp wife should've been given a one-way trip on a garbage scow set for scuttling.
Jimmy Carter condemns American oligarchy. Tell Trump to stop with the threats and seek a peace treaty with North Korea.
Trump: the last celebrity-political leader? Celebrity pol fad is fading fast.
Ted Cruz re-tweets porn video. Staffers claim Cruz's account was hacked.
Broward County, FL GOP Secretary's past as an attacker of teenage girl with a hammer. Attack left high school student in a wheelchair. That's how Republicans swing.
For the first time in WMR's 12-year history, we are temporarily going off the air to evacuate from Hurricane Irma. The track of the eye currently places it about a mile east of our location:
The op-ed in Newsday a few days ago was timely, to say the least.
Washington Post article on National Cathedral's removal of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson stained glass windows calls the Episcopal Church "a small Protestant denomination that historically has counted many of America’s elite as members." Perhaps someone with the last name Boorstein should be assigned to another beat in order to stop snarky references to a major Protestant church in the United States.
Robert Menendez trial begins. And there is a connection to Jeffrey Epstein.
Russia's 165-year diplomatic presence in San Francisco ends. Trump's policies bring on new Cold War era.
EPA attacks Associated Press reporter for story on Houston Superfund sites and Harvey. EPA doesn't contradict story's facts, just attacks the reporter.
Trump lashes out at General Kelly. Kelly says he hasn't been spoken to like that in his 35-year career and won't put up with it again. Note to General Kelly: What Trump needs is to have his clock cleaned, for once in his miserable life, and you're just the man to do it.
Texas GOP Secretry of State Rolando Pablos turns down Quebec's offer of hurricane assistance, asks for prayers instead. Another example pointing out that Republicans are congenital morons.
Religious huckster Joel Osteen takes heat for refusing to open his mega-church to Houston evacuees. Osteen lied about megachurch being flooded. Lying comes naturally to these money-grubbing televangelists.
Trump to give military equipment back to police forces. Another step toward a U.S. military-nationalist dictatorship.
Wealthy NYC property manager allegedly shoots wife, teen daugher, and himself at Westchester home. Steven Dym was Queens property manager, where Fred Trump got his start as a real estate mogul. Did Dym know something juicy about Trump/Kushner businesses that resulted in another suspicious "murder-suicide?"
Pentagon masking troop levels in war zones. This report comes two days after WMR reported troops destined for Afghanistan are being shifted to aid India on border with China.
Driver rams into protesters in St. Louis. If ISIL needs some new recruits, they should sign up homicidal Trump drivers.
Clapper worried about Trump's access to nuclear codes. Increasing bi-partisan concerns over Trump's mental stability.
7th Fleet commander relieved of duties. Vice Adm Joseph Aucoin fired "due to a loss of confidence in his ability to command."
Navajos believe watching an eclipse will result in health and spiritual problems.

No comment necessary
From Calexit to Calsplit. Billionaire wants 3 Californias.
Old friend Dick Gregory died at 84 in Washington, DC. Dick was a civil rights and comedy pioneer and will be sorely missed. He once honored me by saying that my jokes were "pretty good." Dick's were and will always be much, much better. RIP to a valiant fighter for the truth.

North Phoenix woman etched a swastika on her dog's head. No wonder Trump wants to hold a Nazi rally in Phoenix.

Trump business partner Felix Sater says he knows he and Trump will go to prison. For Sater, it's back to prison.

UVA librarian and local musician suffers stroke after being hit in neck with Nazi torch.
Tyler Magill was trying to protect UVA students from marauding Nazis. What's all this phony crap about antifa causing injuries? FAKE NEWS. SAD! Btw, "FAKE NEWS" is the new "SIEG HEIL."

Tyler Magill, another victim of Nazi violence spurred on by Herr Trump.

Jared Kushner's company wants Maryland to arrest delinquent renters. Not content with bringing back Jim Crow, these Trump syndicate mobsters want the re-introduction of debtors' prisons.

Nazi leader Richard Spencer holds news conference in the Alexandria HQ that WMR focused on in a special investigative report. Spencer forced into Alexandria after the Willard and Sofitel canceled his planned gathering. Where does Spencer get the funds to book the Willard, one of the priciest hotels in DC?

Trump and Sessions want 1.3 million IP addresses from anti-Trump website. And so our descent into Nazism begins.

Alex Jones calls Charlottesville a "false flag." Meanwhile, he urges his followers to buy more Dr. Quack pecker powders and snake oil tonics.

Clashes between neo-Confederates and anti-fascists spread from Charlottesville to San Antonio. We are now all living in the world of "The Man in the High Castle."

Court orders high tech billionaire Vinod Khosla to open beach in California to public. Politicians should be strangled with the entrails of hedge fund managers and high-tech billionaires.

Inflatable Trump chicken outside of White House. DC welcomes "Chicken Don."

Government report on climate change impact survives attempts by Trump administration to bury it. Trump officials refuse to accept reality-based science.

Pence pledges loyalty amid rumors of 2020 challenge to Trump. Game of Thrones indeed.

GOP's multi-front war means 20 million initial U.S. deaths. GOP wet dream is for simultaneous attacks on North Korea and Iran, which would soon bring into conflict China.

Sessions wants to subpoena media over leaks. Except there is that pesky thing called the First Amendment, which might come as a surprise to the Keebler Klansman.

Former Nebraska state senator John DeCamp dies. DeCamp vigorously pursued the perpetrators of the "Franklin scandal" involving top GOP officials involved in trafficking child sex victims. The Omaha World-Herald, which was involved in the scandal itself, chose to omit the pedophile scandal from its obituary of DeCamp.

Popular Danish restaurant in Brooklyn closes because its owners were denied U.S. visas. Everyone knows that Danes are notorious terrorists owing to their Viking roots.

Cohen-Watnick out at NSC. Israel has lost an important mole.

The White House staffers fall, one by one. Trump's "White House Massacre" exceeds the drama of Nixon's "Saturday Night Massacre."

Father of chiropracter who, along with his wife, "leapt to their deaths" in Manhattan was convicted of accepting a bribe from a "New Jersey real estate developer" unnamed by the feds in the indictment. Would the "unnamed" party have been someone with the last name Kushner? And what did the "suicide jumpers" know?

Media avoids repeating Scaramucci's vulgar tirade. Bannon "sucking his own cock" becomes "autofellatio."

The death of the "New American Century" pronounced in Pentagon report. The end of primacy.

Is a "Rexit" coming? Secretary of State Tillerson considering bailing on Trump.

Coast Guard to board vessels in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine and seize and destroy state-legalized marijuana. Coast Guard insists federal law "trumps" state laws on waterways and at sea.

Ole Miss football coach resigns after using his university-issued cell phone to call a Tampa Bay escort service. The coach just needed some "Hotty Toddy."

43 Senators – 29 Republicans and 14 Democrats – want to implement a law that would make it a felony for Americans to support the international boycott against Israel. The two co-sponsors are Ben Cardin ✡ and Rob Portman (representing the "Cleveland Indians.") Anyone guilty of violating its prohibitions will face a minimum civil penalty of $250,000, and a maximum criminal penalty of $1 million and 20 years in prison. Other supporters are Chuck Schumer ✡, Kirsten Gillibrand, Ron Wyden ✡, Richard Blumenthal ✡, Maria Cantwell, Ted Cruz, Ben Sasse, and Marco Rubio. These and the other supporters are violating their constitutional oaths. As for AIPAC and its Alabama arm of thieving shysters, the SPLC, they should be disbanded as foreign-supported intelligence operations and enemies of the American people. Rogers Waters, of Pink Floyd fame, is being targeted by anti-First Amendment Jews like Nassau County legislator Howard Kopel. Mr Kopel should get his kosher ass on the next El Al flight out of JFK and stay the hell in Israel.

Son of World Wrestling Entertainment CEO and Trump business partner Vince McMahon crashes into ocean off Long Island. Follows by a month similar helicopter incident reprtedly involving Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner at West Side helipad in Manhattan. The "Eurasian mob" has a way of eliminating witnesses.

Hastert released from prison. Headed to halfway house in Chicago. Maybe he can take time out and visit "Man's Country," for a change.

Minneapolis Somali cop Mohamed Noor shot and killed white Australian woman. Has the Islamic State penetrated America's police forces?

Return of the mercenaries. Trump administration bringing back the bad old days of Blackwater and Dyncorp.

Two former congressional staffers charged with trafficking in stolen nude photos of Virgin Islands Del. Stacey Plasket. Photos used as opposition research by primary opponent. Thank God the same tactic wasn't used against either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, which would have been nauseating, to say the least.

Trump visits Paris as political scandal swirls around him and his family. Trump going to Paris is reminiscent of Nixon going to Damascus, Cairo, and Israel just before he resigned in 1974, except Nixon was received by cheering crowds while Trump's visit to Paris is underscored by street protests.

Hobby Lobby's "Museum of the Bible" in DC should be called the "Museum of Stolen Artifacts." What happened to that commandment "Thou shalt not steal" bible thumpers?

Former James City County, Virginia GOP chair Charles Young gets 6 years for child porn. His wife is a member of the James City County-Williamsburg School Board. Good old GOP family values.
The newest exposed member of the Trump team: Rob Goldstone. The sleaze is strong with this one. Goldstone is a member of Kushner's Orthodox klan.
Goldstone’s father was a founding member of Hillock Hebrew Congregation, an Orthodox synaoguge in Manchester

Read more:

Goldstone’s father was a founding member of Hillock Hebrew Congregation, an Orthodox synaoguge in Manchester

Read more:

The rapid devolution of the United States. From California and Hawaii to Louisiana and Washington, states chart their own course.
Another Trumper politician commits a sex crime in Oklahoma. Sen. Bryce Marlatt (R.) sexually assaulted a female Uber driver. In March, Trumper state senator Ralph Shortey (R.) was charged with having sex with an underage boy in a motel room. Lock 'em up!
Trump statement calls Xi Jinping president of Republic of China -- Taiwan -- rather than the president of the People's Republic of China. And General McMaster and his team are supposed to be the "experts" in the White House? Flag rank officers are some of the dumbest people on the planet, bar none.
Trump failed to book a hotel in Hamburg for G20. Forced to stay in Hamburg Senate guest house. What was wrong with the YMCA? Trump could use a little religion in return for a free supper.
Trump complains at a news conference with Polish President that everyone is getting rich except for him. Oh, your family of grifters is doing quite well you orange marmalade blob. Why is Ivanka and her Jewish Mob boss husband tagging along? Answer: to cash in.
Trump fans decry NPR'S tweeting of Declaration of Independence. Low-intellect Trumpers accuse NPR of calling for revolution.
Peter Smith, GOP operative who worked with Trump campaign on Hillary's hacked emails, died suspiciously after he was in contact with reporter. Seth Rich, Seth Rich, blah, blah...where's the media on this?
TrumpCare to slash veterans' health care. Hey Trump: This veteran has a message for you: go fuck yourself you disgusting incestuous pedophile!
Infowars touts claim that their are child slaves on Mars. NASA refutes story. Waiting for Trump to fire the head of NASA in retaliation.
No clues in case of federal prosecutor found on Florida beach with gunshot wound to the head. Conspiracy theorists try to tie death to DNCer Seth Rich but this one occurred in the district that is investigating Trump's gangster business connections. Alex Jones toadies are, if nothing else, idiots savant.
Rabbi and Orthodox Jews arrested in defrauding New Jersey Medicaid. They face federal and state charges. Friends of Kushner caught up in the FBI financial investigation of Trump/Kushner syndicate? Right state, right time frame.
Political con-job Jason Kander being groomed for the presidency. If you like Jared Kushner, you'll just love Jason Kander.
World's policeman retires on disability. The "New Chinese Century" takes shape.
Zionist "Shillman" fellow calls U.S. states accepting Paris climate accord "treasonous Confederacy." Zionists are becoming stupid like their evangelical in-bred hillbilly political cousins.
Secession in the United States may be easier for Hawaii and North Dakota, but not for "purple" states like Illinois and Texas. Rural versus urban warfare will be inevitable.

Minnesota maintains its own close relationship with Cuba. Another sign that states are going it alone on climate change and foreign policy.
Alex Jones says "liberals" are stoking civil war. Whose "news" team brought a small arsenal of weapons and ammo to the political conventions in Cleveland and Philadelphia, Alex?
Rubio launches major investigation and a waste of taxpayer's money of "failed hug" with Ivanka Trump. Perhaps we should be investigating Rubio's successful "hugs" in South Beach.
Mueller prosecutor has experience in prosecuting the "Brooklyn mob," i.e., "Kosher Nostra," and witness-flipping. As WMR has been reporting, Trump's criminal activity has all been financial, not "national security."
Cruz issues "warning" to Mueller. Ted Cruz, the "booger-eater," will be lucky to keep his Senate seat after the 2016 election.
ICE arrests Iraqi Christian refugees in United States. Which proves that Trump suckered all those "Christians" who voted for him. Never trust a fast-talking NY shyster like Trump.
Corbyn and Sanders show the Left is coming back. Young people have had it with austerity and corporate control of everything.
Two mass shootings in one day in America. Welcome to Westworld.
Maryland and DC AGs sue trump for violating the emoluments clause of the U.S. Constitution. Trump is accepting payments from foreign governments, an impeachable offense.
Trump tells mayor of Tangier Island that the island is not sinking, when, in fact, it is. Trump fans will believe anything the goofball tells them.

Prosecutors begin piling on charges and innuendo against Reality Winner.
Says she planned more leaks. Of course, they wouldn't know that to be true but just conjure it up. Prosecutors also leak that she had names of
several Taliban and al Qaeda leaders, including Osama Bin Laden, in a notebook. Winner is fluent in Dari, Pashto, and Urdu and her job was to track terrorist leaders in south Asia. WMR's editor has notebooks with names of Bin Laden, al-Baghdadi, and Mullah Omar in them. That's apparently now a crime in Trumpelstiltskin's America.
Save for a few small and medium newspapers in the U.S. and some independent news websites, the 50th anniversary of the dastardly Israeli attack on the USS Liberty is being ignored by the media. This should show who owns the corporate media and why they own it.
Tribal nations support Paris climate accord. California signs climate accord with China. Hawaii enacts legislation to enforce Paris accord. The U.S. is thankfully breaking apart over Trump policies and the story isn't being covered by the corporate media.
Eric Trump says Democrats are "not even people." Typical Nazi talk coming from the mouth of a third generation Nazi.
Florida woman posts Facebook video of snake biting her baby daughter. Mother laughs as child cries. This is Marc Zuckerberg's idea of sick violence porn. He should have the snot sued out of him.
Greenwald and Intercept fail to protect identity of their NSA Georgia source on Russian hacking intelligence analysis report. Reality Winner -- that's her name, believe it or not -- arrested for divulging classified material. Document traced to Winner by Gmail account, printing dots, and folding creases on printout. WMR has either physically been passed sensitive material or had it sent by mail from remote locations. That's how you protect your sources Intercept. Perhaps, Pierre Omidyar sweetened Intercept's pot with a few more million to out an NSA source.
It's the 50th anniversary of Israel's deliberate attack on the USS Liberty. The "you-know-whos" will ensure that the truth about this attack will not see any airtime from the corporate media.

High school graduation requirements: get back to basics. The rest of the world's curricula ensures that America will never be great again.
On May 30, WMR reported this, dateline Hollywood: "In one of the most liberal environments in the country, production bosses now have to field employee complaints about the increasingly cavalier use of the "N-word," as well as slurs against Hispanics and women." Then, Bill Maher re-confirmed our story on HBO's Real Time.
California, Washington, and New York form US Climate Alliance, keeping their states within Paris climate accord. This is an official step toward U.S. disintegration. Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, and Rhode Island join Alliance in a step toward the de facto separation of "Red" and "Blue" America.  Oregon announces it is joining alliance.
Spanier, two other former Penn State officials get jail time for Sandusky cover-up. Will Spanier finally lose his top secret homeland security clearance?
Vili Fualaau files for divorce from Mary Lay Letourneau. Maybe Emmanuel Macron will take note.
Shooters hit Lexington Herald-Leader with spray of gunshots. Trump has turned America into a banana republic with his anti-press rhetoric.
John McCain conducting his own foreign policy in violation of the Logan Act. The McCains: from the Civil War to the present day, a family steeped in treasonous activities.
Montana newspapers yank endorsements of GOP's Greg Gianforte who was charged with assaulting a reporter. Trump, who calls the press the enemy of the people, recorded robocalls for Gianforte.
Double homicide scene in Tampa discovered to be neo-Nazi cell possessing explosives and radioactive materials. One neo-Nazi suspect in double murder had converted to Islam, while another cell member just returned from Army duty. Photo of Tim McVeigh found in apartment.
Trumpsters build database of anti-Trump activists, complete with personal information, including names, addresses, phone numbers, religion, and sexual orientation. Fascism is as fascism does.
Mr. McFeely declines FBI top job. There must be someone else in "Mr. Trump's Neighborhood." Image result for Mr McFeely
Anthony Weiner pleading guilty to federal charge of transferring obscene material to a minor. "Carlos Danger" surrenders to FBI in New York.
Erdogan's guards beat up protesters in Washington. They're just giving lessons to Trump's security guards.
Trump attorney Michael Cohen tweets photo of his college-age daughter in lingerie. There's something very sick about the Trump crowd.
U.S. Judge Avern Cohn reluctant to send Jewish camp counselor to prison for producing child porn. Perhaps Cohn should haver recused himself, since he is past president of the Jewish Welfare Federation of Metropolitan Detroit and an active member of the American Jewish Committee.
NSA and access to voting systems. NSA director tries to grab up a larger empire.

Trump claims to have invented the phrase "priming the pump." Trump also invented the phrase, "Step right up folks and see the three-headed bearded lady."
Reporter arrested for questioning HHS Secretary Price in West Virginia. Welcome to fascist Amerika.
Comey's quixotic quest to tie Russia to every anti-globalist politician and election result. Comey is a tool of the military-intelligence complex.

Virginia Roberts Giuffre civil suit against Jeffrey Epstein is another road that leads to Trump's sexual assault against underage girls. Case being heard in New York by US Judge Robert Sweet.
Jared Kushner has close ties to George Soros. Of course, Soros has bankrolled everyone from George W. Bush and Tony Blair to Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama.
FLOTUS Twitter "likes" a tweet about how much she hates her husband. Tweet quickly removed.
Commerce Secretary says US missile attack on Syria was "after-dinner entertainment" at Mar-a-Lago. Just like hanging Indians was entertainment for Trump's pal Andy Jackson.
Ros-Lehtinen retiring from the House. Good, and the gusano whore can take her 1960's Cuba policy with her.
Trump on the attack against President Carter. Trump doesn't want Carter engaging with North Korea tavoid war. Trump pressures Macri to rescind San Martin Award to Carter. Trump is a stupid, vicious, ignorant asshole.

Trump on the attack against President Carter. Trump doesn't want Carter engaging with North Korea tavoid war. Trump pressures Macri to rescind San Marin Award to Carter. Trump is a stupid, vicious, ignorant asshole.
Senate confirms Trump's Labor secretary nominee Alex Acosta. Acosta was the guy who signed off on the sweetheart federal non-prosecution agreement with Trump's fellow child sex abuser Jeffrey Epstein.
Feds raid offices of televangelist Benny Hinn. Trump figures there's room for only one huckster in the U.S. Watch out Pat Robertson, you may be next.
California's semi-secession. State resists Trump policies across the board.
Alaska, where Blockbuster Video still thrives. Going back in time . . . by visiting Alaska.
Blagojevich loses appeal on his long prison sentence. A political imprisonment, just like that of Siegelman.
Secret Service grabs northern part of the White House Ellipse as part of a new security zone. Führer Trump needs more protection.
Trump contemplates the unthinkable: nuclear warfare. Nuclear warfare talk becomes the norm among Trumpers.
Jared Kushner: Suspected gangster in charge of White House policy. Kushner's many ties to criminal operations spelled out.
White House denies Trump demanded a ride in Queen Elizabeth's royal carriage. He wants to ride in something? How about this?:Image result for manure wagon
Trump administration is a giant conflict-of-interests. Trumpism=Cronyism.

Anti-Defamation League of Blah Blah warns that criticism of Jared Kushner is anti-Semitic. For these pathetic and annoying jackasses, eating a ham sandwich in public is "anti-Semitic."
Donald Trump, Jr. mulls New York gubernatorial run. This dirt bag couldn't run for dog catcher and win.
Jared Kushner hires horror film publicist to run PR for his new White House office. Josh Raffel's credits include "The Purge: Election Year," a movie about wanton street murder being legal in Washington, DC one day out of the year. Lets us all know how sick these Trump bastards are.

Trump's environmental policies will put his Mar-a-Lago resort under water in short time. Brilliant businessman? Not!
America's fake news and fake TV expert plague. MS-NBC, CNN, Fox among the worst examples.
AP reporter takes on Washington Post for pushing a fake news story about Secretary of State. Making no eye contact with Tillerson is Post fake news.
Tennessee wants to name God as source of liberty. Which God? There are hundreds and hundreds of them.
Brexit movers now push for a California split into two states. The curse of what the CIA did to Yugoslavia comes back to haunt the U.S.
FIVE EYES allies do spy on each other. It's a work-around deal to handle pesky privacy laws.
Minnesotans seek to scrap "ugly" flag. We vote for the Nordic cross design that reflects the Scandinavian roots of the state.
The rupturing of diplomatic relations a warning sign of looming war. From Saudi Arabia and Iran to the U.S. and Philippines, a dark pall has set over the world of diplomacy.
U.S.-Israeli teen arrested in Israel for making most bomb threats against Jewish centers in U.S., Australia, and New Zealand. Looks like Trump was right, after all, about Jews doing this sort of thing to themselves. Schenectady man arrested for spray painting swastikas on his home and reporting it as a hate crime. Bad Jews. Watcha gon, Watcha gonna do, When they come for you?
Ivanka Trump's West Wing job is a national security nightmare. DOJ has given Trump a nepotism free pass. Meanwhile, son-in-law Kushner's family to build NYC phallic symbol tower.
The newest neocon hero: Ben Sasse. He wants a military confrontation with Russia but, like most neocons, never spent a day of his life in the military.
Former Alexandria, VA deputy police chief detained by CPB at JFK airport
. Hassan Aden is a U.S. citizen, the son of an Italian mother and Somali father. Good, let's see how he likes it. This guy was in charge of Alexandria PD when WMR editor was falsely arrested while reporting on the Allen Stanford case.
Three Democratic Senators want investigation of Trump aide's ties to Nazi organization. Sebastian Gorka has links to World War II Hungarian Nazi group.

John and Mrs. Lindsey McCain call for more U.S. troops in Afghanistan. Why not just two U.S. troops? Time to suit up Johnny Wet Start and Mrs. South Carolina.
Secret Service latop containing Trump Tower blueprints and evacuation plans stolen. Agent assignment lapel pins also stolen.
Trump Oklahoma campaign official and Donald Trump, Jr. pal, Sen. Ralph Shortey, arrested in Oklahoma motel room with underage boy. Funny how certain "alt-right" websites are ignoring this story. They must support pederasty and pedophilia.
A new geopolitical term: IPI -- International Political Insanity. Crazy political leaders threaten World War III.
Trumphumpers protest fictional Resistance Radio, a promotion for "The Man in the High Castle" dramatization series on Amazon Prime. Trumphumpers likely relate to John Smith, the New York Obergruppenfuhrer who works for Adolf Hitler. You can always tell a "rightard," but you can't tell him much.
For years, Bannon had no fixed address. That is enough to deny him a security clearance. Why did this homeless-looking guy push his way on to the National Security Council? He's not a Russian spy but he is an implant of the Fourth Reich.

Flynn represented Turkish businessman close to Erdogan while seeking to have Trump deport Fethulleh Gulen. Flynn never registered as a foreign agent while lobbying from inside the White House for a foreign power. Trump's ethical issues are not with Russia as much as Turkey and the UK.
Forget the "T" word -- treason -- against Trump. Treason only applies during a declared state of war, according to the U.S. Constitution. Too bad some Harvard Law professors don't understand the law!
Fake news from the left: Khizr Khan's statement that his foreign travel privileges were under review by U.S. government is bogus. Fake news from every angle these days.
Australia Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) director Nick Warner gets the Trump Treatment at LAX. Diplomatic passports mean nothing anymore. Warner gets the same treatment dished out to former Norwegian PM Kjell Magne Bondevik.
Scientology set to control all of downtown Clearwater. This is a good reason to yank the tax exempt status of religious groups. That exemption fosters con artists large and small.
West Palm Beach's top-end businesses going broke from Trump's frequent stays at Mar-A-Lago club. Road closures and security take their toll on local businesses.
Tillerson MIA? State Department staffers wonder what has happened to their boss.
A new global construct and realignment. Trump Doctrine ushers in new strategic relationships from Riyadh to Jakarta.
Welcome to Trumpistan: Nigerian software engineer given a programming test at JFK by CBP morons. Those agents would struggle to read "Dick and Jane." Afghan-Canadian doctor asked who his "tribal chief" was. CPB agents will likely soon ask the same question of Native Americans. Argentine who owns art gallery in NYC and is a legal resident denied entry into the U.S. All the Trump humpers who railed about such actions during Bush 43, now warmly embrace CPB and TSA under Trump. Rightards!
"America First" is a Trump slogan meaning unilateral American aggression. The slogan does not mean U.S. isolationism, as it has in the past.
Naval officer William Liebenow, who helped rescue John F. Kennedy in World War II, dies at 97. Imagine helping to save JFK's life and then see him assassinated in 1963.

Trump now wants to roll back the American Revolution. Plans are afoot to make the United States of America an associate member of the British Commonwealth. Trump should be called "Benedict Donald Trump."

Pentagon orders acronym of Islamic State changed from ISIL to ISIS. "ISIL" sounded too much like "Israel" for the White House Zio-Nazis.

Welcome to Trumpistan: Muhammad Ali, Jr., that is the son of the boxing great for all the Big Mac-laden immigration and customs officials who don't know him, detained at Fort Lauderdale airport for hours. Ali, Jr. was born in Philly. And in another outrage: 70-year old Australian children's book author Mem Fox detained for two hours at LAX. This comes after former Norwegian prime minister Kjell Magne Bondevik received similar treatment at Dulles. This crap is killing the U.S. tourism industry and that means American jobs. Mr. Trump, let's put this to you in words you can understand: "Fuck you, you fucking fuck!"

Pence tweets message of support for Israel showing the flag of Nicaragua instead of Israel. Which proves that America has two complete dullards as number 1 and 2.

Jersey shore pizzeria chain owner sentenced to federal prison for income tax evasion. This is the real Pizzagate, backed up by what are known as "facts."

The three Trump administrations. The executive branch now resembles a game of three-card monte.

Alan Colmes dies at 66. WMR editor appeared on Alan's Fox News show "Hannity & Colmes" and on his radio program. An all-around nice guy and a gentleman. RIP, Alan. And unlike what that fat and unfunny Al Franken did to Colmes in his lousy book, this reference to Alan Colmes is in a large type font.

Chicago ABC-7 suspends sportscaster Mark Giangreco for an anti-Trump tweet. And the transformation of America into a personality cult fascist state continues.

Leader of the "Fellowship," aka "The Family," Doug Coe dead at 88. And with him goes decades of secret control by a dangerous cult of politicians around the world.

ICE agents removed a brain tumor patient from a Texas hospital and bound her hands and ankles. There are many Trump humpers who support such brutality.

Pizza shop Peepergate in Pennsylvania. Ladies room "peeping Tom" caught at Luigi's. And the perp never worked for the Clinton campaign, but soon, some crazed Trump humpers will claim that he did.

British scientist convicted for taking hidden videos of women renters at his California home. Why does Trump permit British perverts to have work visas in the United States?

CPAC disinvites Steve Bannon replacement at Breitbart, Milo Yiannopoulos, after video surfaces of him praising pedophilia. As WMR contended from the beginning, "Pizzagate" was a diversion from GOP pedophilia networks that include Bannon, Trump, and the "Hastert and Sandusky wing" of the Republican Party. Milo also voiced his pedophile interests on the Joe Rogan radio show. Now, who recently appeared on that same program?

Russian ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin dies suddenly. Is this what the future of the CIA under Pompeo holds? A return to heart attack guns.
Nazi Baltimore before World War II. Then the Nazis landed in Arlington, VA. Now, they're in Alexandria, VA.
Trump White House ties to neo-Nazis evokes a shameful past in DC area. Richard Spencer and his "Steve Miller Band."
Trump erratic behavior puts world leaders in quandary. Trump changes his mind so often, his word can't be trusted.
Flynn resigns as National Security Adviser. David Petraeus under consideration as replacement.
Jeffrey Sandusky, son of Jerry Sandusky, arrested for child sex abuse. Just another day in Pennsylvania.
From New World Order to Hazy Global Disorder. The Chaos Politics of Donald Trump.
Trump threatens Nordstrom's after he makes threats against Iran, France, Australia, China, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and federal judges. Nordstrom's stock value skyrockets as a result. Mango Mussolini is such an idiot.
Remember the Brandon Massacre. Man yells "Allahu Akbar" in Brandon, Florida Home Depot. Perpetrator is a non-Muslim meth head who lives with his mother. But we must never forget those who never lost their lives on Aisle 14.
Spicer wants America to remember the Islamist terror massacre of Atlanta. Eric Rudolph, the 1996 Olympics bomber, was an anti-abortion Christian fundie terrorist and that was the last major terrorist attack in Atlanta. But, hey, "alternate facts."
Trump regrets hiring Spicer as press secretary. Saturday Night Live spoof of Spicer rattled Trump, irritated Bannon.
War hawks in Trump White House threaten war with Iran. Flynn falsely accused Iran of attacking a Saudi warship.
Trump's alt-right movement joins Soros in Russia-bashing. Trump's cadres suggest Putin is behind U.S. protests.

Iran-contra felon Elliott Abrams is Trump's choice as Deputy Secretary of State. Why not? The White House has turned into Rikers Island South.
Congress must curb Trump's killing off of environmental regulations. The planet cannot wait for Trump to leave office.
Gov. Rick Scott (R-Medicaid Fraud) threatens Florida ports that do business with Cuba. Trump's evil apprentice is costing Florida jobs.
Trump, who ran to defend Main Steet from Wall Street, kills Wall Street regulatory fiduciary rule that protects retirement accounts. Retirees of Florida and Arizona, you've been conned by Mango Mussolini.
Trump threatens to cancel UC Berkeley's federal funding after appearance by Breitbart editor canceled. Trump comes to the defense of editor who describes himself as a "dangerous faggot." Wow, a dangerous fascist comes to the aid of a dangerous faggot. Good morning America!
Trump visit to Harley-Davidson in Milwaukee canceled due to protests. Harley canceled the event.
Monday night massacre. Trump fires acting Attorney General Sally Yates for rejecting visa ban. Sixth federal judge nixes Trump power grab on entrance to the US.
Soros on the ropes. Global hedge fund troublemaker finds many doors now closed.
Five federal judges stay Trump's border ban on entrants from seven countries. Trump claims he will ignore the orders, setting the stage for a constitutional crisis.
Trump eliminates the Chairman of the JCS  and Director of National Intelligence from permanent membership on the National Security Council. But Trump adds Breitbart fascist fatso Steve Bannon as a permanent member. There is something very, very wrong in this country.
  • Three federal judges "trump" Trump on visa/green card holder entry ban. Certain websites call this a partisan Democrat attack on Trump by judiciary. That is an "alternative fact." Judge Donnelly (NY) appointed by Obama. Judge Brinkema (VA) by Clinton, Judge Zilly (WA) by Reagan. If you can't get your basic facts straight, you have no damned business in journalism or in the White House.
  • George H W Bush in hospital. The howls he hears are from the saliva-dripping Kerberos, the hound of Hades, anxiously awaiting his arrival.
Big Pharma chieftain Barry Sherman and his wife found dead in their Ontario mansion. Deaths termed "suspicious."
U.S. and Canada holding joint nuclear apocalypse drills. It's back to the Cold War. "Duck and cover!" Thanks Trump, you dangerous idiot.
Former Alberta premier Alison Redford takes job as adviser to Afghan government. That should work out well.
Canadian Jews complain about "Swastika Trail." Why are Jews so upset about a Sanskrit word? They are just being anti-Asiatic.
Wall Street jobs fleeing Wall Street for Canada. Great work on jobs Trump: for Canada.
Canadian immigration policy called out of control under Trudeau. Critic once headed Canadian Immigration Service.
Quebec National Assembly passes resolution supporting Catalonia. Statement blames Madrid for violence in Catalonia.
Native land claims in Canada include Parliament Hill. Parliament's land known as "unceded Algonquin territory."
It's now okay to say "fuck" on Canadian radio. Rule only applies to French-language stations. Well, fuck that!
Trudeau chief financier and Liberal Party Zionist puppetmaster Stephen Bronfman tied to offshore tax evasion firms.
Trudeau campaigned against tax havens.
Canada to admit nearly a milion immigrants over next three years. Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen says many will be from the Middle East.
Secession feelings remain alive in Newfoundland. And Quebecois remember how close they came to independence.
Head of Canadian Olympic Committee wants Russia expelled from 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea. Note to war-mongering Canada: that's not what the Olympics are for.
Vuntut Gwitchin chief in Yukon opposes drilling in Arctic National Wildlife Reserve. Chief presses Trudeau on issue.
Quebec bill outlaws face coverings in public sector. Wear a niqab or burqa, receive no public services and lose a public sector job.
Drone collides with passenger plane over Quebec airport. Drone violated airport safety zone.
Canada to buy fighter jets from Australia. Nixes deal with Boeing to buy FA-18 Hornets.
Trudeau to meet Trump at White House. No press conference afterward.
Sikh elected head of NDP. Sikh leadership unpopular in majority Roman Catholic Quebec.
Former astronaut to be sworn in as Canada's Governor General. Julie Payette will represent Queen Elizabeth in Canada.
Trudeau government gets failing grade on freedom of information. Harper's Tories were more open, which doesn't say much for Trudeau.
Venezuela criticizes Canadian sanctions against Caracas. Claims Canada is acting under Trump's orders.
Founder of Canada John Macdonald to be removed from Canadian $10 note. Macdonald's treatment of native Canadians earns him posthumous demotion. Foreign students opting for Canada over the U.S. America seen as too risky.
U.S. will not defend Canada from a North Korean missile attack. Canadian NORAD senior officer says North Korea considers Canada to be a "friendly country." Chinese tourists flock to Canada while avoiding the U.S. Trump's America is killing off foreign tourism.
Canadian Air Force delivers hurricane relief supplies to Texas. This comes after Texas GOP Secretary of State told Canada to only send prayers.
Pauline Marois recounts assassination attempt by man who wanted to kill as many separatists as possible. Marois probably hasn't bothered checking on who at CSIS hired and programmed the killer.
Trump attacks Canada over NAFTA talks. Quebec premier brushes aside Trump's temper tantrum.
Next head of NDP could be a Sikh. Forget the red jackets and hats of the RCMP, the new Canadian look could be a turban and dagger.
David Duke helped give rise to Canada's Aryan hate groups in 1980s. The groups continue to be active.
In Canada, neo-Nazi "Proud Boys" target Native Canadians. Group denies its Nazi underpinnings.
Sikh MP accused of sexual harassment. Darshan Kang is a Liberal who represents Calgary.
Canadian army builds tent city for Haitian refugees from the United States. Camp to house hundreds along Quebec border with U.S.
Opposition demands end to arms sales to Saudis. Canadian weapons used in assault on Shi'a villages in eastern Arabia.
Manitoba premier takes page from Trump's playbook. Records show Brian Pallister was incommunicado with his office during two vacations in Costa Rica totaling 20 days.
Wife of Kentucky coal baron confirmed as U.S. ambassador to Canada. Kelly Knight-Craft's expertise? Organizing inaugural events for the commonwealth's batshit crazy governor Matt Bevin.
Refugees from U.S. being housed in Montreal's Olympic Stadium. Most are Haitian refugees from super-quake.
Alberta Wildrose and Tory parties combine to form United Conservative Party of Alberta. Gay Tory Jason Kenney sees move as helping to propel him into prime minister's job.
Canadian Governor General violates royal protocol and touches the Queen. How many poofter royal butlers fainted at the sight?
Trudeau tells U.S. governors to reject "America First." Trudeau's speech was the first of a Canadian prime minister to gathered U.S. state governors.
Canadian astronaut Julie Payette to be Canada's next Governor General. Job lasts for seven years.
Trudeau to speak to National Governors Association, a first. Part of direct diplomacy by other nations with U.S. states, thus bypassing Trump.
Trudeau's dissing of Alberta creates a political firestorm. Trudeau failed to mention Alberta on Canada Day. In fairness to Trudeau, Trump probably couldn't name the original 13 states, let alone all 50.
Vancouver vacant residences hit with vacancy tax. Move drives down rents and makes more rental properties available.
Canada celebrates sesquicentennial. Now say: "Sesquicentennial in Saskatchewan."
U.S. imposes more tariffs on Canadian lumber. U.S. exempts Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island in what may be a Trump administration move to drive a wedge between some provinces and the Ottawa government.
Quebec sovereignty in deep freeze. Independence forces split.

Canadian Supreme Court sees its first turbaned woman. Parbinder Kaur Shergill is a Sikh immigrant from Punjab, India.
Canadian spies to be authorized to launch cyber-attacks. But CSEC has already done so under NSA umbrella.
Canada selling off diplomatic properties abroad. Canada co-locating embassies with Britain and Australia.
Quebec nationalists suffer from a three-way split. The CIA has been splitting the movement since the 1960s.
U.S. criticizes Canada for sale of Norsat to China. Norsat supplies satellite equipment to Pentagon and Taiwan. Trudeau accused of lying about deal.
Effort to revive the Haida language in Canada. First Haida language film released.
Canada increases defense spending by 70 percent. Response to Trump's criticism of NATO in Brussels.
Canadian woman killed in London terrorist attack. Worked in homeless shelter in BC.

NDP-Greens coalition government in BC will block new oil pipeline. When does Trump invade BC?
Nova Scotia Liberals score second straight win. But Tories win big in Cape Breton.
Trudeau wants Pope to apologize to Native Canadians. Catholic Church stripped Native children of their culture and language.
Canada invites the Ooni of Ife to 150th independence celebration in July. No word on whether the Sultan of Snot will depart the White House to attend.
Voters in Nova Scotia ignoring election campaign. Apathy likely to favor incumbent Liberals.
BC Greens hold balance of power trump card with Liberals a minority party. Greens negotiating with Liberals and NDP.
British Columbia could see its first minority government since 1953. Greens could hold political cards in May 9 election.
Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan exaggerates his role in 2006 Afghan offensive. Maybe he can get a job as an NBC anchor.
Trump trade war with Canada expands from dairy to lumber. Another wall in the making?
Trudeau and Italian PM unite against Trump protectionism. Justin Trudeau and
Paolo Gentiloni are globalist birds of a feather.
Trump declares war on Canadian dairy industry. Trump declines to give details on his opposition to Canadian dairy policies.
On the environment, there's no difference between Trudeau and Trump. Just call the Canadian PM, Justin Trumpdeau.
Neocon Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland applies sanctions on 27 Syrian government officials. Freeland is an agent-of-influence for Kiev regime.

Trudeau's vacation on Aga Khan's private Bahamian isle, Bell Island, cost taxpayers $133,000. Justin is trying to keep up with Trump over at Mar-a-Lago.
Trudeau reneges on Canadian disabled veterans pensions. Typical privileged kid from a political family: serving in the military was beneath Justin's dignity. He should get along well with the Trump kids.
Cell phone interception systems being used to target Canadian MPs. Forget the Russians and Chinese, the "Stingrays" fall within the electronic footprints of the U.S. and Canadian embassies in Ottawa.
Canada is no immigration panacea. Laws as tough as those in the U.S.
Nova Scotia town upset over rewriting of Canadian history. There's a lot of that going around lately. Canada to legalize marijuana by Jul. 1, 2018. The Great Green North.Canada pledges cyber-warriors for Latvia. But what will they do?
Canadian Tories purge 1,351 fake members from membership rolls. The Tories have been receiving training from their GOP pals in the U.S.
Canadian volunteer church group denied entry to the United States because they were believed to "steal jobs." Why does a guy like Trump hate Christians so much? Trump worships a different kind of cross: Nazi Swastika
Girl Guides of Canada cancel all trips to U.S. It's just too dangerous for Canadian girls to be subjected to the whims of drooling U.S. border guards and customs officers who want to emulate their commander-in-chief.
Escaping northward from America: a hazardous journey that often leads to death. Ivory Coast refugee recounts the ice cold trek.
Canadian senator charged with sexual affair with underage teen girl. Senators demand Don Meredith resign.

Families who aided Snowden's escape in Hong Kong want asylum in Canada. Who is threatening them? Speak up Fat Boy Pompeo.
"Stateless" American refugee escapes to Canada to avoid being deported to Lebanon. Refugee lived in U.S. for 39 years.
Canadian citizen of Indian descent refused entry to U.S. at Vermont border. Canadian was going to Vermont spa.
Canada extends military mission in Ukraine. The power of Canada's Ukrainian lobby in action.
Trudeau cabinet dealing with refugee crisis from the U.S. But many have U.S. visas issued in Saudi Arabia, a warning flag.
Peru's Kuczynski barely survives impeachment vote. President mired in Odebrecht scandal.
Ex-Israeli soldier expelled from Colombia for running a pedophile hotel. Israelis in village of Taganga intimidated locals. Expelled to Israel instead of being tried and imprisoned in Colombia? More Jewish exceptionalism on full display.
Pinera wins Chilean presidency. The ABC countries of Argentina, Brazil, and Chile are now under the neo-fascist yoke.
Peru moves to oust scandal-ridden President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski. President is a former international banker.
Venezuela launches the "petro" crypto-currency. U.S. will now be really gunning for Nicolas Maduro.
Nasralla was 5 points ahead in Honduran presidential vote count and is now 1 point behind. Nasralla points to election fraud. How many Israeli software programs are involved in counting the vote?
Bolivian Constitutional Court clears path for Evo Morales to run for re-election. It would be Morales's fourth presidential run.
Leftist Salvador Nasralla surges ahead in Honduras presidential vote count. Observers expect Hernandez and his CIA overseers to rig the election for Hernandez.
Fascist Hernandez set to win second term as Honduran president. Its back to banana republic status for Honduras.
Israeli expelled from Colombia for running child sex and drug parties. Only expelled? Wjy not castrated and executed? Taganga resident linked to Mossad network.
Iran to dispatch warships to Gulf of Mexico. Port visits to friendly countries on tap.
Martinique becomes associate member of CARICOM. Guadeloupe applies for membership.
Mercosur-Eurasian Economic Union ties touted by Lavrov. Free trade agreement being discussed.
Peru president Kuczynski denies Odebrecht bribe payments. President named in brbe scheme along with past presidents Ollanta Humala and Alejandro Toledo.
Cayman Islands highlighted as favorite location for hedge fund proceeds. Paradise Papers shine light on global secret finance.
Barbudans facing a land grab back home while they are hurricane refugees. Foreign buyers scooping up Barbudan communal property.
Suriname rejects any meddling Dutch ambassadors. Paramaribo rejected Dutch ambassador-designate.
Trump imposes harsh tourism sanctions on Cuba. Sanctions include Cuba's only five-star hotel. That's one way to destroy the competition to Trump's cheesy dumps.
Former President Kirchner says democracy at risk in Argentina. Argentina's caudillo, Macri, is an old friend of Trump. 'Nuff said.
Declassified CIA report: Adolf Hitler was seen in Colombia in 1954. This document, coupled with FBI report about Hitler's presence in Argentina, suggests Nazi Fuhrer survived World War II.
FARC's former leader "El Paisa" in hiding after threats to his safety. The CIA, under Pompous Pompeo, would like to bag another progressive leader as they did with Che Guevara.
Fears grow that imprisoned former President Alberto Fujimori will be pardoned. Fujimori's daughter leads powerful right-wing opposition.
Barbuda independence dreams die after Irma. Barbuda set to be sold off to the highest bidders.
The CIA's history of sonic weapon use in Latin America. Havana attacks look like false flags to freeze US-Cuban ties.
Nicaragua seen as moving toward diplomatic ties with China. Taiwan relations may be severed soon.
South Korea providing hurricane relief assistance to Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Antigua and Barbuda. If Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands were independent, they, too, would be receiving international aid.
Socialists win Venezuela regional vote. Ruling party wins 16 governorships.
China plans to build new town on Barbuda. Complete with hurricane-proof buildings and a church.
Trump threatens to pull out emergency responders from Puerto Rico. Trump cites Puerto Rico's "mismanagement." So much for the quisling governor of Puerto Rico acting as Trump's sideshow clown.
FARC registers as political party in Colombia. It's still known as FARC - but which now stands for Common Alternative Revolutionary Force.
Now for BRAXIT. Southern Brazil votes for secession in referendum.
El Salvador and Belize sign security agreement. Guatemala poses border security problems for both nations.
China donates $2.5 million for Barbuda hurricane relief. Perhaps they would be as generous if Puerto Rico were independent.
Anguilla expanding airport and rebuilding ferry terminal. Recovery from Irma fully underway.
Private NY medical group delivers much-needed medical supplies to Vieques. FEMA is no where to be found as Trump "Twitterbates" at his New Jersey country club.
OECD rules deny disaster aid to Barbuda, Anguilla, St. Kitts-Nevis, and Dominica. The OECD are centurions for the global bankers.
Barbudians returning home. Evacuation order lifted.
Cayman Islands sends second relief flight to Anguilla. The Caribbean colonies should face reality: declare independence and fend for themselves.
Puerto Rico is merely a U.S. colonial possession. Commonwealth status is a CIA-engineered fraud.
Trump won't waive Jones Act shipping restrictions to rush aid to Puerto Rico. A good reason for Puerto Rico to become independent.
BVI transfers 7 high-risk prisoners to St. Lucia. British have time to transfer out convicts but not food and water to stricken colonies.
Developers prepare to descend on Barbuda. Irma took the islanders off their island and now developers will take the island from its inhabitants.
Britain refuses to airlift Guyanese relief supplies to Antigua for distribution to hurricane-ravaged islands. Bloody English colonialists.
Antigua's PM Browne cries crocodile tears over Barbuda. Browne has called Barbudians "squatters" and he wants to sell Barbuda to the highest bidders, including the nasty Wahhabi Arabs from the UAE.
Nicaragua joins Paris climate accord. That leaves Trump's America and civil war-wracked Syria as the only nations outside the pact.
Maduro calls Trump the "new Hitler" after U.S. president's harangue at UN. Major difference: Hitler wrote a book, Trump can't read one.
Trump makes further threats against Venezuela. Trump sat alongside indicted president of Brazil. How fitting.
IMF demands loan payments from hurricane-ravaged Antigua and Barbuda. Another reason why politicians should be hanged with the entrails of the bankers.
Ecuadorian president claims predecessor planted spy cameras in presidential office. Lenin Moreno levels charge against Rafael Correa.
Venezuela dumps U.S. dollar in pricing oil. Opts for Chinese yuan.
Jost Van Dyke leveled by Irma. Churches and docks decimated.
CIA stooge Michel Temer criminally charged in Brazil. Temer hit with obstruction and racketeering charges. Take note, Mr. Trump.
Barbuda devoid of people. First time in 300 years. Will Barbudians end up like the Chagossians of Diego Garcia?
Neocolonialism and disaster relief: unholy duo. Colonial powers' aid to stricken Caribbean territories is too little and too late.
Chartered Marriott rescue ship left children and elderly survivors stranded at port in St. Thomas. Some American citizens are not considered full and worthy citizens by the Mormon-owned hotel chain.
Gold miners massacre uncontacted tribal members in Brazil's Amazon. Their blood is on the hands of CIA stooge Temer and his Israeli mining financial backers.
Venezuela sends aid to Antigua and Barbuda. But we're told by the CIA-fed media that Venezuelans are starving and have no food. Mierda!
Mexico expels North Korean ambassador. Retaliation against North Korean H-bomb test.
"Sonic attack" on U.S. diplomats in Havana is all in their heads. It's an unfounded conspiracy theory being advanced by the right-wing kooks in the Trump administration.
Martinelli fights extradition to Panama. Appeal by ex-president being filed with 11th Court of Appeals in Atlanta.
Cash found in home of Temer associate in Brazil. Likely, it's CIA cash.
Maduro to address UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. Venezuelan right-wing opposition on propaganda trip through Europe.
Venezuela's CITGO provides free gas to Harvey rescue teams. Meanwhile, Trump is trying to overthrow the Venezuelan government.
St. Eustatius airs grievances to Dutch minister over constraints on island's autonomy. The Netherlands, like Australia, Britain, France, and Denmark, has re-discovered colonialism.
Trump's threat against Venezuela mirrors those of Bush and Obama. Trump talks out of both sides of his mouth: says he is against nation building while trying to overthrow Venezuela's elected government. 
Lula a political target of Brazil's elite. And the elite, as always, has the backing of the CIA.
Puerto Rico population loss a sign of the economy's collapse. Puerto Rico only has Wall Street to blame for its ills.
Virgin Islands Governor cuts ties with Wall Street ratings agencies. Gov. Mapp tells Poor’s, Fitch, and Moody’s to stop telling the USVI what to do.
New York Times falsely claims the U.S. tried to restore Zelaya to Honduran presidency. The US assisted in the coup that ousted the Honduran leader.
Belize to decriminalize marijuana. The Rasta boys are overjoyed.
Pence received cold shouder in Colombia. Bogota to Pence: Don't let the plane door hit you on your ass on your way out.
Ex-President Kirchner back as political force. Kirchner a contender in run-off election for Senate seat.
Latin American leaders condemn Trump's threat of force against Venezuela. Former Argentine ambassador in Caracas calls Trump a "miser."
Six charged in assassination of former Chilean president Eduardo Frei Montalva. Frei was poisoned in a medical assassination. That makes two presidents -- the other Salvador Allende -- offed by Kissinger's man Pinochet. Too bad Kissinger is a member of a cult that doesn't believe in an afterlife, because his soul should be in flames for eternity.
Trump threatens Venezuela with military action. Just count the U.S. body bags coming back to Dover AFB, Delaware.
China on diplomatic move in Caribbean. Chinese Consul General pays visit to Curacao Parliament.
U.S. freezes assets of Adan Chavez, Hugo Chavez's brother. Pompous Pompeo's CIA in full regime change nide in targeting Venezuela.
Cuba accuses U.S. of cooking up charges that American embassy in Havana was subjected to "acoustic attacks." Trump right-wingers have dusted off a newspaper from the 1980s regarding US embassy in Moscow.
Bahamas opposition rails against U.S. ambassador-deisgnate's reference to Bahamas as "U.S. protectorate." Opposition sees a "new U.S. colonialism" at play.
Bahamas ambassador-designate from the U.S. Doug Manchester calls islands a "U.S. protectorate." Bahamas head of state Queen Elizabeth may have a different idea to shove up this Trumper's lily white arse.
China extends Silk Road development to Haiti. The days of Taiwan's embassy in Port-au-Prince are likely numbered.
First indigenous party formed in Paraguay. Party borrows from neighboring Bolivia in choosing the name Paraguayan Plurinational Indigenous Political Movement.
Venezuela's new Constituent Assembly takes seats. U.S. vows regime change. Trump is a neocon at heart.
Russia, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and and El Salvador voice support for Maduro government in Venezuela. Nation is facing a neocon "regime change" move from Trump administration.
Brazilian judge accused of practicing "lawfare" against former president Lula. Just like "constititional coups" -- its all what's new for breakfast at the CIA these days.
St. Kitts PM calls out army to deal with street violence. Governor General S W Tapley Seaton grants royal decree for decision.
State Department drops Cuba from its annual terrorism report. Cuba is more peaceful than Miami, where the riff-raff of Cuban society, including Marco Rubio, now live.
Hughes to build Argentina's ARSAT-3 satellite. Hughes also manufactures spy satellites, causing a furur in Argentina.
U.S. selling howitzers to Brazil. Trump is making America's arms sales to right-wing regimes great again.
Chile and Germany create commission to investigate Nazi pedophile horrors at Colonia Dignidad. Camp started by Paul Schäfer who fled Germany after World War II. Funny how the alt-right neo-Nazis aren't talking about this.
U.S. to destroy dangerous chemical weapons left in Panama. Mustard and phosgene gas bombs left on San Jose island.
Venezuelan helicopter pilot who attacked government buildings appears at opposition rally. So much for the CIA's disinformation campaign that Oscar Perez launched a false flag attack on behalf of President Maduro.
Lula sentenced to 10 years in prison in political trial. CIA-backed right-wing using dirty prosecutors and courts against Lula and Dilma Rousseff.
Peru recalls ambassador in Quito over border wall. These tensions are being promoted by Trump, who is a friend of Peru's banker president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski.
Israeli Pegasus computer hacking program used to spy on international human rights investigators in Mexico. Program manufactured by NSO Group of Israel. Is Israel one of the "other" countries Trump alleged hacked into U.S. election-related systems? If so, he needs to order Ivanka to dump Kushner or she and the kids will have to visit him in B'nai Butner in North Carolina.
St. Lucia signs maritime boundary agreements with Barbados and SVG. Boundaries established within overlapping Exclusive Economic Zones.
Costa Rica and Nicaragua battle over border claims before the International Court of Justice. Nicoya peninsula and Isla Calero are the newest international flashpoints with U.S. influence receding as rapidly as polar glaciers.
Paraguay president to visit Taiwan. Move comes as China is peeling away Taiwan's last allies in Latin America and Africa.

Canada cancels visa-free travel to Canada by Antiguans and Barbudans. Passport sales via Antigua's Citizenship by Investment Program the cause.
Temer to face additional criminal charges. Charges to include racketeering and obstruction of justice, the same that will eventually be leveled against Trump.
Cuba and Australia forge closer economic ties. Nations to coordinate on foreign policy issues.
Puerto Rico's historic buildings are decaying in Old San Juan. Bankrupt government cannot afford to repair them. Austerity=global bankers=need for an eradication of bankers on a mass scale.
Police helicopter attacks Venezuelan Supreme Court and Justice Ministry. Helicopter was stolen from air force base by coup plotters.
Temer criminally charged with corruption. Impeachment looms. Just desserts for the man behind the ouster of Dilma Rousseff.
U.S. lackeys in CARICOM vote with Washington against Venezuela in OAS. The "Dirty 6" are: Barbados, Bahamas, Belize, Guyana, Jamaica, and St Lucia.
Fujimori party pressures Peru's president to pardon imprisoned former president and human rights violator Alberto Fujimori. Fujimori's daughter Keiko Fujimori, the opposition leader, is behind move.
Cristina Fernández de Kirchner forms new party in Argentina, Citizen's Union. May run for Senate.
Mexican women try to save native Nahuatl, Maya, Tzeltal, Mixtec, Tsotsil and Zapotec languages. Many Americans, particularly Trumpers, don't understand that Mexicans speak Spanish because it is the language of their conquerors and that the native Mexicans' ancestors were in the Americas long before the Italians, Irish, English, Germans, and Jews.
Temer under Brazilian federal police investigation for receiving bribes. Things are getting dicey for the CIA's implant in Brasilia.
Macri signs secret agreement to train security personnel at new "School of the Americas" in El Salvador. Macri - another Trump pal.
Peru Finance Minister under pressure to resign. Alfredo Thorne charged with corruption.
Foreign sex tourists prey on Dominican Republic children. And why was Rush Limbaugh found with Viagra in his suitcase when coming back from the Dominican Republic?
Chilean police tear gas native Mapuche children. The genocide of Western Hemisphere indigenous peoples continues from Tierra de Fuego to the Dakotas.
CARICOM, led by Antigua and St. Vincent, back non-interference in Venezuela's internal affairs. Move represents a challenge to Trump administration.
Temer presidency shaky as scandals around him explode. The CIA's boy is not doing well.
U.S. military deploying to Honduras, Belize, El Salvador and Guatemala. Trump and Mattis playing gunboat diplomacy in Latin America.
Bolivia says it will not participate in U.S.-led military exercises in Amazonia. U.S. to join Brazil, Colombia, and Peru in drills.
Panama establishes formal diplomatic ties with China. Taiwan loses an important Central American ally.
Former Panamanian President and Trump pal Ricardo Martinelli arrested in Florida. Panama has extradition request.
Puerto Rico votes 97 percent for U.S. statehood in non-binding referendum. The referendum will fall on deaf ears in Washington.
Argentine security searches Macri's presidential mansion, the Pink House. Macri is Argentina's version of Trump: corrupt to the bone.
Opposition Morena accuses PRI of stealing Mexico State election. Cousin of president Enrique Peña Nieto declared winner of governor's race in dubious vote.
Morales slams U.S. for abandoning Paris accord. Bolivian president calls the U.S. the "main threat to Mother Earth and to life itself."
Argentine prosecutors seek account information from Meini Bank (Antigua) Ltd. Request is part of wider investigation of Odebrecht, SA, the hemisphere-wide corruption scandal.
Morales happy he expelled DEA and US military base in Chimoré from Bolivia. Too bad other Latin American leaders don't follow his lead.
Nicaragua didn't sign Paris climate accord. But, Nicaragua felt the accord didn't go far enough in combating climate change. Syria failed to sign because of its raging civil war. Which, makes the U.S. a complete outlier on the environment after Trump pulls out of Paris. Twitter reports that President Daniel Ortega will be asked to sign accord so that Nicaragua is not in the same embarrassing group as Trump.
Temer puts his corrupt pal in position to oversee corruption charges against president. Sounds like something Trump would do.
Manuel Noriega dead at 83. He was imprisoned by the U.S. and its allies to ensure that he would never spill the beans publicly about the Bush family, the CIA, cocaine, and murder.
CIA-backed demonstrators in Venezuela tearing down Hugo Chavez statues. The CIA just isn't content with the fact they assassinated Chavez with a bio-weapon. Protesters also burn down Chavez's childhood home.
Temer refuses to resign as president of Brazil. Dares to be ousted by Congress. The CIA must be having a sad-on over the fate of their boy.
Venezuelan opposition, which is supported by Trump, burns man alive in Caracas. Man also stabbed by anti-government rioters.
Secret recordings reveal bribes to the president -- of Brazil. Looks like Trump will have the presidential company of Michel Temer in impeachment.
Bolivia signs military agreement with Belarus. Bolivia looks to buy Belarusian military hardware.
Guyana upset at U.S. for listing it as a major money laundering state. Trump doesn't like cash-intensive economies. You hear that you dumb, stupid pro-Trump libertarians?
Chile's Bachelet attends One Belt One Road (OBOR) Summit in China. Argentina's Macri also in attendance.
U.S. troops in military exercise with Peru, Brazil, and Colombia in tri-border region of the three nations. Trump: just another annoying gringo for Latin America. Trump's point man on Venezuela: Peru's global banker and Zionist President Kuczynski. White House eyes sanctions on Venezuela.
Amazon Gamela tribe attacked by Brazilian right-wing landowners. Tribal people shot and mutilated.
Morales confident that World Court will restore Bolivia's sea access. Loss of Pacific territory was act of aggression by Chile in 1879.
Uruguayan ex-President Mujica criticizes his former foreign minister Almagro for destabilization of Venezuela. Almagro, Sec. Gen. of OAS, working with Venezuela's Zionist opposition leader Capriles.
Paraguay lawmakers reject another presidential term for CIA-installed stooge Cartes. Current term limit stays put.

General strike shuts down Brazil. Protesters demand ouster of CIA-installed Temer regime.
Trump and Macri meet in Washington. Two crooked real estate moguls have dodgy joint ventures.
Vatican declassifying documents on Uruguay dictatorship. Vatican was a partner in Operation Condor assassination alliance.
In Washington, Dilma Rousseff warns of a "Brazilian Trump." Sao Paulo mayor João Doria fits that description.

Guatemalan and U.S. forces in joint exercise. Billed as a "humanitarian" exercise.
CIA puppet Temer admits impeachment of Rousseff was based solely on revenge. WMR called this a plot while the corporate media was hammering Rousseff for unfounded charges of corruption.
One dead, one injured as car sprayed with bullets in Nevis. Assailant(s) remain unknown and at large.
Trump irritates Colombian government over his meeting with anti-peace deal former presidents Uribe and Pastrana. Trump only knows how to fuck things up.
US Court rules that Antigua & Barbuda not liable in Stanford International Bank lawsuits. Just another indication that Stanford bank was another CIA money laundering operation like BCCI and Nugan Hand.

Mass protests over price increases sweep into Suriname. The protests have jumped the border from French Guiana.
Colombian human rights abuser general was assigned to Colombian embassy in Washington. He must be getting along well with the Trump administration.
Macri to meet Trump at the White House. Fascist birds flock together.
OAS seeks to turn Haiti into a federal republic with decentralized states. Much easier for the banks to maintain as a neo-colony.
Home of former Curacao prime minister raided. Gerrit Schotte irritated the Dutch by calling for Curacao's independence. European neo-colonialists are as bad as their colonialist forebearers, as also seen with the British in Turks and Caicos and French in Guiana.

Anti-austerity general strike shuts down Argentina. Fascist Macri turning Argentina into another Greece, courtesy of the shyster bankers.
Protesters occupy French space launch station in French Guiana. Rocket launches suspended.
Lenin Moreno wins Ecuadorian presidential race. Rightists attempt an electoral putsch. Ecuador remains a bulwark against U.S. imperialism in the world.

Protesters burn Paraguayan Congress after move is made to change constitution and allow CIA-installed president to run for re-election. Other legislatures should take note.
El Chapo arrest leaves bloody turf war in its wake. Just like Qaddafi, Assad, and Mubarak, El Chapo served as a stabilizing influence, something the CIA decided it doesn't want.
Argentine deal to buy $2 billion in U.S. weapons. Is the target the Falkland Islands? Another U.S. dagger at NATO.
General strike hits French Guiana. "500 Brothers" vigilante group appears to be run covertly by French security forces to demoralize the opposition to arcane French colonial rule. Presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron calls French Guiana an "island." Il est un idiot.
Bolivia celebrates Che Guevara's first guerrilla battle. Che was killed by CIA agents and became an international martyr against fascism.
Trump pal and ex-Panamanian president Martinelli fights extradition to Panama from Miami. Is Trump pulling strings to help Martinelli?
Pro-Macri newspaper Clarin retracts fake news alleging former Spanish PM urged Macri to place ex-President Kirchner in prison. Paper makes up quote attributed to Felip Gonzalez. Macri and Trump are fellow travelers.
Guatemala presidential adviser ordered arrested. Funny man president Morales is not laughing now.
Dominica-Cuba ties grow closer. Cuba aids island nation in areas of climatic change, environment, and public health.
Mexican governor jailed for allowing his predecessor to escape justice by fleeing to Belize. Verzcruz state a lesson in narcotics smuggling and total corruption.
Bonaire government survives executive council vote. Coalition remains intact.

Guatemalan protesters demand Morales resign as president. Head of state called "incapable."
Venezuela foreign minister calls Peruvian president a "coward" and a "dog." Lima recalls ambassador in Caracas.
Peru news being broadcast in Quechua. The Spaniards and American-backed dictators tried to stamp it out.

Tijuana "shit tsunami" may have been intentional. Mexican sewage discharge fouled San Diego beaches.
Honduran environmental leader assassinated by U.S.-trained Honduran elite troops. John Negroponte's death squads are still alive and doing well.
Trump's vulgarity is contagious. Bahamian PM Perry Christie flips the bird.
Brazil's Carnival revelers protest against CIA stooge president Temer. They want Dilma back.
Argentine opposition moves to impeach corrupt Macri. Macri is the Trump of Argentina.
CARICOM leaders pledge support for Belize and Guyana in border disputes. St. Kitts-Nevis absent from summit.
Bolivia seizes U.S. weapons cache. This is Pompeo's CIA doing this.

Bolivia seizes U.S. weapons cache. This is Pompeo's CIA doing this.
Former Peruvian president Alejandro Toledo sought by Lima. Toledo's Israeli wife, Eliane Karp, gives him an insurance policy to escape justice.
Radio Marti continues broadcasting anti-Cuban government drivel. Neocon contrivances never seem to die.
Leftist Obrador favored as next Mexican president. That will set the stage for a potential military conflict with Trumpist America. Let's see how many Texas Trumpers will be willing to die for the moron-in-chief.
Antigua to issue list of diplomatic passport holders. Dip. passports have been on sale to highest bidders.
Cayman Islands visas no longer required for Chinese nationals. China expands influence in Western Hemisphere.
  • Trump threatens Mexican president with U.S. troops. Of course, there are denials about it because such an act would violate the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo of 1848 and invalidate the Rio Grande river as the U.S. Mexican border. Hey Mango Mussolini, your wall will have to be on the Texas-Oklahoma border!

  • El Chapo extradited to U.S. Be certain the CIA will prevent him from talking at his trial about his "special relationship" with Langley.
Catalan election results in victory for pro-independence parties. Fascist Spanish PM Rajoy and corrupt monarchy lost in many ways.
Austrian passports to be offered to German-speaking Italians. Developing rift between Vienna and Rome.
Nationalist Freedom Party joins Austrian government. Government commits to being pro-EU.
Catalonian leaders hauled before a Kafkaesque court in Madrid. Must pledge loyalty to the corrupt Borbon king to be released from prison.
Computer porn scandal envelops pro-Brexit British ministers. British deputy PM had thousands of porn images on his government computer.
Britain postpones Trump's January visit. Trump's racist re-tweets cause political furor.
Georgian president wants Lithuanian language to change name of the country to Sakartvelo or Georgia from Gruzija. The nerve of some people.
Hoyt Lee, the Soros plant in US State Department who engineered coup against Gruevski government, named U.S. ambassador to Skopje -- make that "viceroy." Way to "drain the swamp" Trump, you phony.
Irish Deputy PM resigns to avoid collapse of Irish government. Minority government of PM Leo Varadkar, Ireland's first gay PM, remains shaky.
Morgan Stanley interferes in British politics and next election against Labor and for the Tories. There should be an investigation of American interference in foreign elections.
Chechen leader Kadyrov says he's ready to resign. Moscow not ready for Kadyrov leaving political scene.
Sinn Fein wants special status for Northern Ireland in EU. Right-wing DUP opposes it.
French center-right forms new party: Agir. New party supports Macron.
Berlusconi takes political case to European human rights court. Can the world survive Trump, Duterte, and Berlusconi in power simultaneously?
Vatican engages in "art diplomacy" with Beijing. Art exchange first move toward establishing diplomatic ties.
FDP collapses Merkel's "Jamaica coalition." New elections loom.
Juncker the Drunker supports Rajoy over Catalonia. As if Juncker's opinion means anything.
Valencian protest confronts fascist Rajoy. Valencia demands more autonomy.
Philip May, husband of British PM, ensnared in Paradise Papers scandal. May's firm linked to Cayman Islands accounts.
Turkey withdraws from NATO exercise in Norway. Erdogan says he and Ataturk were cited as "enemies" on NATO enemies status board.
Nigel Farage flays George Soros before European Parliament. Questions Guy Verhofstadt's shilling for Soros against Hungarian PM.
Liviu Dragnea, leader of Romanian Social Democrats, under investigation for pocketing EU funds while head of Teleorman county. Dragnea already serving a suspended prison sentence.
Prince Charles blamed "foreign Jews" and the "Jewish lobby" in the U.S. for the turmoil in the Middle East in 1986 letter. He was right then and remains right today.
Protest at Spanish embassy in Riga over treatment of Catalonia. Catalonian leaders remain imprisoned in fascist Spain.
UK-Irish border stalls Brexit talks. Separate deal sought for Northern Ireland.
UK minister Patel resigns over secret meetings with Israelis. British Cabinet in turmoil.
UK International Development Minister under investigation for unauthorized contact with Israeli officials. Priti Patel met with Netanyahu, others without PM's approval.
Montenegro in border dispute with Kosovo. Montenegro rejects arbitration.
Puigdemont and his exiled Cabinet turns themselves in to Belgian police. This is not sitting well with either Catalan or Flemish nationalists and two worthless kings -- Philippe I and Felipe VI -- will pay a heavy price for the crimes of their pathetic potentates.
Massive Basque turnout for pro-Catalonia protest in Bilbao. They're coming for you Rajoy, just like they came for Franco's Luis Blanco.
Theresa May deputy Damian Green caught with "extreme porn" on his computer. Police verify allegations.
Los Angeles Times writes Spanish propaganda about Andalusia. The paper ignores Andalusia's active secessionist movement in its anti-Catalan screed.
Spanish fascist regime imprisons eight members of Catalonian government.
Britain prepares to impose direct rule on Northern Ireland. London and Madrid will both soon learn what happens when governments plant an iron boot on democracy.
News from fascist Spain: Spanish government wants 8 former members of Catalonia's Generalitat jailed. Caudillo Rajoy should be worried, very worried, for his own ass. Remember Señor Blanco.
British defense minister resigns over sexual harassment claims. Tories, always Tories.
Puigdemont and other Catalan ministers in Brussels. They may establish a de facto Catalan government-in-exile as Spanish fascist government threatens treason trials.
Europe will reap what Spain has sown in Catalonia. Aspirant nations rising up in protest against Spain in Corsica, Occitania, Scotland, Flanders and elsewhere.
Spanish fascist prosecutor to criminally charge deposed members of Catalonia's Generalitat government. Boycott Spain and all Spanish products as long as Franco's ghost rules the country.
Neo-Francoist Rajoy praises pro-Spain rally in Barcelona. News media fails to mention that most of the attendees were Spanish, many transported into the city from Spanish territory.
Anti-immigrant party enters Icelandic parliament for first time. Election results show no clerar winner.
UK International Trade Minister Mark Garnier for having his assistant buy sex toys. If anything, Tories are predictable. Predictably perverse.
Dispute in Finland over recognition of Catalonian independence. Helsinki moves fast to quash parliamentary support for Catalonia. Belgian prime minister condemns Spanish use of force in Catalonia.
Rajoy fires Catalonian government ministers and closes Catalonian diplomatic missions in France, the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, Austria, Italy, Morocco, Vatican, Portugal, Denmark, Poland, Croatia, and Switzerland. Rajoy is the new Franco.
President of the Corsican Assembly recognizes Catalonian independence. Occitania president calls for Catalan-Spanish peace talks.
Secession fever sweeps into Yorkshire. One Yorkshire movement gathers steam.
Call for abolishing Spanish Kingdom and replacing it with Third Spanish Republic. It's one way to avoid a civil war.
Liechtenstein's Prince Hans Adam now the richest monarch in Europe. He's ten times wealthier than Queen Elizabeth.
Lombardy and Veneto vote for more autonomy. Vote provides impetus for secessionists in Europe and abroad.
Scotland forms Catalan Defense Committee. UK Tories take aim at Scotland's government in response. This is a battle between fascism (May and Rajoy) and democracy (Catalonia and Scotland).
Autonomy referenda in Lombardy and Veneto regions of Italy. Secession is in vogue in Europe.
Spain to impose direct rule on Catalonia. Rajoy reprises the role of Franco. Second Spanish Civil War looms.
Spanish neo-fascists threaten Catalonia with direct rule. Memo to Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy: imposing direct rule on majority Sikh Punjab led to Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's assassination. Just a reminder.
Maltese cop expresses joy over journalist's assassination. Police sergeant was cited by late journalist for corruption.
Austrian Green President Van Der Bellen places constraints on new Chancellor Sebastian Kurz. Van Der Bellen may nix Austrian Freedom Party coalition government.
Austria elects anti-immigrant right-wing parties. "Black blue coalition" looms.
Communist parties down but not out. The best are the Italian Communists, whose Venice club has a bar. My kind of party!The Sette Martiri club of the PRC, in the Castello district of Venice.
Austrian election sees Israeli political dirty trickster's fingerprints. Tal Silberstein planted anti-Semitic Facebook postings designed to hurt Freedom Party on behalf of Social Democrats.
Rabbi delcares that Shi'a mosque in London Jewish neighborhood poses no threat, says rabbi. So, why is Shi'a Iran considered a big threat to Jews in general?
Juncker the drunkard opposes Catalonia's independence because others will do the same. Maybe Germany should just annex Luxembourg and then let's see if Juncker opposes secession.
BBC dusts off plans for nuclear war broadcasting. Wartime Broadcasting Service coming out of mothballs. Thanks Trump!
Catalan farmers trick hundreds of Spanish Guardia Civil who crossed border into France. Farmers then prevented the return of the police. The Guardia Civil are as dumb as their fascista leader, Caudillo Rajoy.
Spain threatens Catalonia with direct rule. It's what Franco would have done.
Erdogan visits Serbia. Erdogan visiting southern Muslim city of Novi Pazar, the capital of Sandjak region, a hotbed of low-profile Islamist extremism.
Consign kings and queens to decks of playing cards only. Royalty has no place in 21st century politics.
Madrid court bans Catalonian parliament session. The ghost of Franco is celebrating.
Trump offered ex-wife Ivana the ambassadorship to Czechia. Ivana Trump is originally from the former Czechoslovakia.
Mass demonstration against Spanish repression in Catalonia. Strikes and closures across region.
Spanish King Felipe, a Bourbon of the same family as King Louis XVI of France, threatens Catalonian independence. Like Louis XVI, King Felipe should be quickly separated at the neck. The only kings and queens in this world should be those found in any deck of playing cards.
Russia delivers six MiG-29s to Serbia. Planes free of charge.
Catalonians vote 90 percent for independence. Spain's fascist government determined to prevent move.
East Germany's rightward turn alarms Merkel. The former communist DDR is opting for the far-right.
Spanish police fire rubber bullets on peaceful Catalonian protesters. Generalissimo Francisco Franco is no longer dead. His new name is Mariano Rajoy. Scotland, Flanders, Italian Northern League, and Venezuela back Catalonian independence referendum.
Rajoy borrows a page from Kim Jong Un and turns out staged anti-Catalonia secession protest in Madrid central plaza. An example of the Cathtillian dictatorship.
Trump opposes Catalonia independence, supporting Madrid's proto-fascist regime. Trump's policy at odds with that of U.S. State Department.
JP Morgan Chase hires 3000 workers -- in Poland. How many jobs are you creating in the U.S., again, Herr Trump?
Merkel forced into a shaky coalition. AfD co-chair Frauke Petry will not join parliamentary AfD group.
Romanian-Ukrainian ties fractured over Ukrainian language law. Law will try to phase out Romanian language among Romanian minority in Ukraine.
Merkel says she wants to keep Spain together. That was also the goal of Adolf Hitler.
Rajoy government detaining Catalan leaders, threatens to seize finances. Madrid is using Israeli tactics on Palestinians against Catalonia. Rajoy is a tin-horn fascist, like his political godfather Franco. It's time for Catalonia to kick some "thithy Cathtillian" ass.
Neo-tribalism brings out long-repressed flags and symbols. Other "national" symbols become targets for removal and destruction.
Spain expels North Korean ambassador. Move comes after NK missile launches.
Political row in Bulgaria after government report concludes that Russia is a threat. Report issued before a prosecutors agreement is signed between Sofia and Moscow.
Tories seek Boris Johnson's ouster as Foreign Secretary. Johnson seen as leading inner party revolt against Theresa May.
Macedonians says the name "FYROM" is no different than a Klingon word. Why not call Greece "Cardassia" and call it even?
May tries to use Brexit to seize undemocratic powers. May and Tories copying Hitler's Enabling Act.
Russia-Belarus Zapad exercise heading off a possible NATO attempt to foment a separatisy rebellion in northwest Belarus. Russia caught win of a "color revolution" planned for Belarus.
Austrian Conservatives want sufficiency in German for migrant children. No German sufficiency=no admission to public schools.
Norway's Conservative government loses popular vote but wins election. U.S. Electoral College and Norway's Mandate System should be consigned to the trash heap of "fixed" election systems.
Spanish patrol boat acts aggressively toward U.S. and British warships in Gibraltar waters. Rajoy wants to be Franco in the worst way.
Catalonian parliament votes for independence referendum. Neo-Francoist Spanish prime minister wants to criminally charge Catalonian leadership. After all, it's what Franco would do.
English woman traps herself in window trying to retrieve her unflushable turd she threw out of the window but became lodged between panes. This could become a movie: "Turd Spotting."
Putin says "it’s difficult to conduct a dialogue with people who confuse Austria and Australia." Guess who that is? The orange shitgibbon in the White House.
Poland wants four African migrants who gang-raped Polish woman in Italy extradited to Poland. The rapists are from Congo, Morocco, and Nigeria.

Northern Europe's aspirant nations deserve independence. Aland, Faroes, and Flanders suffer under "colonialism with a happy face."
"Turks Only" beach opened in Turkish Cyprus. Erdogan proves that he is a Turkish Hitler.
Trump lied about Finland buying Boeing F-18 fighter jets. Finnish leader forced to correct record.
Noxious chemical cloud forces evacuations of beaches on Sussex coast. Source of cloud remains unknown.
Hungary recalls ambassador to the Netherlands. High-level contacts suspended between Hungary and the Netherlands.
Moldovan government rift over Russian peacekeepers in Transnistria. Moldovan government demands Russia withdraw troops but Moldovan president disagrees.
Barcelona attack widens gulf between Spain and Catalonia. Catalonia wants direct link to CIA.
Lithuania building border fence with Kaliningrad. Whose building walls now? NATO is.
European Green/Left bloc criticizes Estonia for lashing out at Communists. Greek SYRIZA members object to Estonian politicization of presidency.
Mossad assassinates Palestinian man in southern Sweden. Mohammed Tahsin al-Bazam
killed in Limmared. This is called Jewish terrorism, a phrase that never passes the lips of corporate media bobbleheads.
Spanish state uses Barcelona terrorist attack to shame Catalan independence supporters. Cui bono from the attack?
U.S. curtails non-immigrant visa applications and interviews in Russia. Russian travel to U.S. will be impacted.
ISIL terrorist attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils. Trump calls vehicle mowing down pedestrians in Spain a terrorist attack but fails to call a similar vehicular attack in Charlottesville an act of terrorism.
One-third of Bavarians want out of Germany and EU. Bayexit referendum demanded.
Man who drove car into French pizzeria was likely on drugs. But that didn't stop Islamophobes like Alex Jones from claiming it was a Muslim attack. And a pizzeria at that! Child sex torture chambers in the basement! Mon dieu!
SNP hits out at proposed temporary customs union between UK and EU. Tories looking at "EU-lite" membership.
Confederate flag spotted in Irish stadium during hurling semi-final. Crowd not happy about it.
Wales joins Scotland in opposing Brexit. Brexit is resulting in strong demand for Scottish and Welsh independence.
Tories rebel to oppose Brexit. Talks underway to form a new centrist party.
CIA think tank pushing for Kaliningrad separatism. Behind efforts to have Slavic population of oblast call it the old German name of Konigsberg.
Zoran Zaev willing to change Macedonia's name in order to join NATO; EU. Zaev was installed as prime minister by Soros-financed street forces.
Netherlands-born U.S. ambassador Pete Hoekstra not very welcomed in Amsterdam. Hoekstra's right-wing views out-of-step even with Dutch right leader Geert Wilders. 
Moldovan government bans Russian Deputy PM over objections of Moldovan president. There is a EU-Russia standoff in Moldova that could escalate over Transnistria.
Danish prince consort refuses to be buried next to Queen in pique over not being named "king consort." As the editor's Danish grandmother used to say, "the Danish monarch is the highest paid unemployed person in Denmark."
Former First Minister Alex Salmond call's Trump an "utter nincompoop." Trump opposes Scotland independence because he worries about the "British Open."
Ukrainian Finance Minister investigated for tax evasion. Ukraine: neo-Nazis, Zionists, and grifters.
Migrant terrorism wracks Germany. Nightclub shooting by Iraqi follows Hamburg stabbing spree by UAE migrant.
Polish President Duda vetoes laws changing Supreme Court to rubber stamp body. Move in reaction to threatened EU sanctions against Poland.
Arrogant African immigrant complains of racism about 70-year old "black boy" coffee shop logo in Danish cafe. Maybe Ivorian migrant Opawel Kore should find the next coffee boat back to Abidjan.
Trump selects Richard Grenell, the "flaming" former spokesman for UN ambassador John Bolton, to be ambassador to Germany. Well, the US embassy in Berlin probably does need some interior decorating. How do ya like that anti-gay Christian Right Trumpland?
Trump says Macron "loves holding my hand." A Trump likes holding females' glands. Trump is a sick pervert.
French military chief Gen. Pierre De Villiers quits in argument with Macron. Macron accused of "Erdoganism."
Donetsk leader proclaims Malorossiya (Little Russia) to replace Ukraine. Donetsk People's Republic and the Luhansk People's Republic join new state.
Hundreds of German choir boys in the Regensburger Domspatzen abused over decades. Choirmaster was Georg Ratzinger, elder brother of retired Pope Benedict XVI.
Catalonian police chief resigns ahead of independence referendum. Spanish "Deep State" caught between taking orders from Madrid and not running afoul of Catalonian government in Barcelona.
Estonia vies for UN Security Coouncil seat. Country would be a firm NATO supporter on council.
Serbia arrests Turk wanted for terrorism. Erdogan accuses Gulenists of being "terrorists" and has issued international arrest warrants for them.
Liechtenstein claims that Czechia illegally possesses forest land near Prague seized by Czech government after World War II. Case in hands of Czech Constitutional Court.
Netanyahu in Paris at same time as Trump. Where's Jared Kushner and his shiksa?
€100 antique "typewriter" bought at Romanian flea market is German Enigma crypto machine. "Antiques Roadshow" can't beat this deal.
Royal row in London as King of Spain brings up issue of control of Gibraltar. Tory MPs threaten walkout from King Felipe VI's speech. Game of Thrones.
US-led Saber Guardian 17 war exercise kicks off in Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania. Another shot by Washington war hawks across Russia's bow.
Moldovan police looking for former Transnistrian president who is on the lam in Moldova. Moldova and Transnistria have no extradition treaty.
Cypriot unity talks collapse over Turkish intransigence. Erdogan has a trust problem with Greek Cypriots.
Macron investigated for Las Vegas trip while he was a Socialist minister. Trip involved exorbitant expenses. Hey, hookers ain't cheap.
Scottish prisoners convert to Judaism to be served better kosher food. Next step for them will be running for Parliament as Tories.
Poland buses crowds into Warsaw to greet Trump. Just like the days when the Communist government forced crowds into Warsaw to greet visiting Soviet leaders. Except, the Soviet leaders were at least in favor of universal health care and guaranteed social security.
Ex-Macedonian PM Gruevski's passport ordered seized by court. Soros-installed government conducting witch hunt of opposition.
Proposal for UK to join European Economic Area. It would join Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway.
Russia, Belarus, and China hold military drills near Baltics' borders. Chinese naval ships to join drills in St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad.
Vandals destroy Norway's "troll dick" natural rock formation. Perpetrator likely someone like Trump having "small hands."
Pro-EU Albanian Socialist Prime Minister gets parliamentary majority. Albanian Socialists have designs on Macedonia and Greece.
Germany says Erdogan's security thugs not welcome at Hamburg G20. Bodyguards include those who have arrest warrants for punching protesters in Washington, DC.
Far-right DUP signs parliamentary pact with Tories. Theresa May's government will not last five years.
Czechia begins to catch on. Google Maps now calls the country Czechia.
Macron's new government hit with four resignations over corruption. So much for the "reformist" Emmanuel Macron.
NATO jet buzzes Russian Defense Minister's plane. F-16 made approach over neutral waters in Baltic.
A line in the steppes confronts NATO. An enlarged SCO stands as bulwark against NATO eastern expansion.
"Third Way" party wins solid majority in French parliament. "Third Way" is bad news and brings about a federalized Europe, continuing unchecked migration, and crippling austerity.
Estonia establishes first "data embassy" abroad. Data embassy in Luxembourg will have diplomatic immunity. Does that include from the NSA and Five Eyes?

Putin says U.S. meddled in Russian elections in 2000 and 2012. We all know how U.S. ambassador and MSNBC darling ex-U.S. ambassdor to Russia Michael McFaul hosted opposition planning sessions at the U.S. embassy in Moscow in 2012.
EU to sanction Czechia, Poland, and Hungary for refusing to take in jihadi migrants. Looks like these countries just want to keep their streets clean of human waste and rapists.
Finnish coalition collapses after True Finns Party names anti-immigrant Jussi Halla-aho as leader. Snap election may be called.
No more "manspreading" on public transit in Madrid. Close 'em up señors.
NATO a chunk of Swiss cheese. Military pact has its own program to externally influence elections in its prospective member states.
May loses Tory majority, forms hung parliament government with Northern Ireland Democratic Unionist Party. Labor takes 31 seats, mostly from Tories and Scottish Nationalists.
Catalonia sets Oct. 1 referendum on independence from Spain. Madrid vows to fight plan.
Orban says Soros's criticism of him is a declaration of war. Orban calls Soros "a financial speculator who has made a lot of money while ... plunging many into poverty." Orban is right, Soros is a fanged vampire who sucks the blood from entire economies.
Germany pulling troops from Incirlik base in Turkey. NATO is collapsing from its own dead weight and competing interests.
Lithuania erecting fence on border with Russia's Kaliningrad exclave. U.S. sending Patriot missile battery to Lithuania.
Corbyn lambastes May's cutting of police numbers. Corbyn cites May's slashing of 19,000 police while she was Home Secretary. Labor leader calls on May to resign as PM as Tories become defensive on domestic security issue.
New York Times does hit job on Jeremy Corbyn. Times airs its traditional CIA stench.
Berlin Kurier front page on Trump's decision to withdraw from Paris Accord:

Earth to Trump: Fuck you!
Soros accuses Viktor Orban of building a "mafia state" in Hungary. That's rich coming from one of the major dons of the Kosher Nostra.
Russia expels Estonian, Moldovan diplomats in reciprocal action. Moldova expelled Russian diplomats to embarrass its own pro-Russian president, Igor Dodon.
Montenegro PM disregards Trump's shove at NATO summit. Montenegro opposition incensed at Markovic and Trump's disrespect for nation's prime minister.
Nordic leaders mock Trump's "orb photo" with King of Saudi Arabia. Trump might nuke Bergen in response.
SNP leaders says that with Brexit comes Scottish independence. SNP remains dominant party in Scotland.

Moldovan pro-Russian president stops gay march. Igor Dodon says, "I have never promised to be the president of the gays, they should have elected their own president.”
Macedonian president in Moscow. Trip comes after president authorizes Geirge Soros- and CIA-supported Social Democrats of EU stooge Zoran Zaev to form government.
"Experts" claim Manchester Arena was a "soft target" for a terrorist attack. It is also a major train hub since Victoria Station is next to it. What happened to enhanced security for transport stations after the 7/1/05 London transit attacks. Very convenient to have a terrorist attack as Theresa May's opinion polls prior to election were plummeting. At least Netanyahu had an alibi this time -- he was with Trump in Jerusalem -- but where was Giuliani?
Map of Manchester Arena location
Turkey vetoes NATO partnership with Austria. Ankara and Vienna have strained relations. This does put a hold on Austrian membership in NATO, which is a good thing as NATO, aka the "Fourth Reich," tries to also absorb Finland and Sweden..
Khodorkovsky holds anti-Russia conference in Lithuania. Moscow calls Lithuania "openly adversarial."
Swedish prosecutors drop rape investigation of Julian Assange. WikiLeaks founder still fears extradition to U.S. and plans to stay put in Ecuadorian embassy in London.
Macron: An American Trojan horse inside the Elysee Palace. Macron has looked out for business: U.S. business.
Berlusconi says Macron has a "good-looking mother," referring to the 39-year old French president's senior citizen wife. Silvio is still a laugh a minute.
Merkel's party victors in SPD heartland of North Rhine-Westphalia. Martin Schulz humiliated with second defeat since taking over Social Democrats. Anti-immigrant AfD enters North-Rhine-Westphalia parliament.
Spanish parliament votes to move Franco's remains from mausoleum in central Madrid. And yes, "Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead."
Macron faces first revolt from Francois Bayrou Centrists in his coalition. Bayrou calls Macron's presidency a "Socialist recycling operation."
Wallonia-Brussels Federation sets up citizens' panels. Panels will mirror the federation parliament.
U.S. urges Kosovo to recognize current border with Montenegro. Kosovo lays claim to Montenegrin regions as part of Greater Albania plan.
Bilderberger, globalist, European federalist, and Rothschild banker Emmanuel Macron elected French president. What's there not to hate? Turnout was low and abstentions highest since 1969.
Martin Schulz's first test as SPD leader is an epic fail. SPD coalition tossed out by Merkel's party in Schleswig-Holstein.
Ukrainians begin to realize that the Donbass will not be re-united with Ukraine. It's the Ukrainian "new normal," which many Ukrainians recognize but the EU and NATO do not. Ukraine bans Steven Seagal as threat to national security. Whose next? Mel Gibson cause he's a threat to the Khazar Khanate?
Le Pen in debate with Rothschild Macron: France will be led by a woman, either me or Mrs. Merkel. Let's hope for France's sake it's not the German hausfrau.
For the Balkans, Trump is no different than Obama. U.S. interference rife in Macedonia and Serbia.
British gym ad has fat people up in arms. The ad: "Advance health warning! When the aliens come, they will eat the fatties first." It's obvious some fat people have no sense of humor, which means they have nothing, at all, going on for them.

False flag op exposed in Germany. German soldier masquerading as Syrian refugee planned terrorist attack.
Facebook's anti-"Fake News" effort tries to distance Macron from the Rothschilds. Facebook trying to alter Macron's history as a Rothschild investment banker. If Mark Zuckerberg is so proud of his religion, why does he try to hide the existence of the Rothschilds?
Le Pen sees boost in support from left. The left sees Macron as a bankers' tool, which he is.
EU defends Soros university in Budapest against Hungarian government. The EU: a contrivance owned and operated by Soros and his Rothschild overseers.
The Sovereigntist Movement isn't going anywhere. Globalists like Macron and Van Der Bellen will only steel the resolve of the anti-globalist forces.
Le Pen tops global banker Macron (who married his high school teacher, 24 years his senior) with well over 25 percent of the vote in many French regions, including northeast France. Macron shtuping his high school teacher and winning the presidency would be like the kid Mary Kay Letourneau was screwing winning the White House. Macron and the "ick" factor -- the corporate news won't report that.

63 percent of German Turks voted for Erdogan. Which is why they should all be deported back to their neo-Ottoman dictatorship and stop mucking up democratic European civilization.
Isle of Man concerned over Corbyn's call for direct UK rule over self-governing Crown dependencies. Brexit and UK election being eyed closely in Douglas.
Rajoy government has plan to deal with zombie apocalypse. But Spanish government will not answer opposition questions on realistic issues.
Belarus and Moldova cement ties. Leaders cite benefits to both countries from the Soviet era.
McCain meets with MEK terrorists in Albania. MEK was designated a terrorist organization by the US State Department. Now, the US has given Balkans Muslims another terrorist organization to join the Kosovo Liberation Army and the Islamic State.
Accusation of Baltic News Service "fake news" about US troops in Latvia being poisoned by mustard gas at the bottom of the Baltic. Fake news? It's likely true.

Denmark beefs up military forces against Russia. And here is the new Danish military logistics vehicle: Image result for tuborg truck
Uzbekistan warned Sweden of terrorist's links to ISIL. Sweden allowed a known terrorist to enter the country.
Estonian troops vacating their barracks for NATO troops. After patting NATO on the back, Trump is bringing NATO closer to war with Russia.
Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, responding to Andrea Mitchell's rude outbursts, asks who brought her up. Answer: Two loud-mouthed parents from New Rochelle.
Denmark recycles piss into beer. Budweiser thought of that a long time ago.
Trump says NATO is "no longer obsolete." No, Trump is obsolete.
Putin has chilly meeting with Tillerson. U.S.-Russian relaitons worse than under Obama, says Putin. Trump has morphed into a disgusting neocon.
Chief of Ukrainian Central Bank quits after being called a Russian "stooge" by neo-Nazi protesters. "Choco-shenko" loses an ally.
Thousands protest new Greek austerity measures. The only solution is to hang the bankers with the entrails of the members of the Greek Cabinet.

U.S. ambassador to Serbia continues to advance George Soros's agenda on behalf of Donald Trump. Kyle Scott is undermining re-elected president Aleksandar Vucic.
Dutch citizens of Turkish descent prevented from leaving Turkey by Erdogan. Dutch nationals are facing charges over criticizing Sultan Erdogan. The U.S. Tomahawks fired on Syria should have targeted Erdogan's presidential palace in Ankara.
Demands that Ken Livingstone be expelled from UK Labor because he cited documented proof of cooperation between Hitler's Nazis and Zionism before World War II. It's real and called the Transfer Agreement. But, instead of confronting historical facts, Zionists want to kill the messenger. This is an old tactic that people are growing tired of.
St. Petersburg Metro bomber was Kyrgyz national who became Russian citizen. Kyrgyzstan, the one-time home of the CIA-connected Tsarnaev family. Smirky Mike Pompeo should turn his director's diary over to the intelligence oversight committees, pronto!
Anglo-Spanish war looms over Gibraltar. Top British Toro suggests English war with Spain a possibility.
Erdogan calls EU a "crusader alliance" led by the Pope. "Make Istanbul Constantinople Again! MICA!

Spain puts pressure on Gibraltar in Brexit wake. Spain makes grab for British territory.
EU strips more flesh off Greece through austerity. SYRIZA plummets in opinion polls.
Juncker the Drunkard threatens to support secession of Ohio and Austin from U.S. This comes from someone who claimed to have spoken to the leaders of other planets.
British and French troops arrive in Estonia. Well, they can always show us again what Dunkirk was like.
Brexit Article 50 notification triggers Scotexit referendum. Scotland is on its way out of the UK.
German Left Party leader calls Erdogan terrorism "godfather" and likens his regime to Nazi Germany's. Sahra Wagenknecht shows that the left doesn't have to be lickspittles when it comes to Islamists like Erdogan and his ilk's beliefs.
Pro-EU party wins Bulgarian snap election. Socialists come in second.
Merkel party wins in Saarland. SPD under Euro-federalist Schulz has lackluster results.
Switzerland keeps invading Liechtenstein and getting away with it. In an age of GPS, how could Swiss troops not know where they are?
Russia accused of assassinating exiled Russian Communist MP in Ukraine. Ahem . . . Ukraine's Nazis, who are in power in Kiev, have killed Ukrainian Communists, so why not a Russian one?
Kamza, Albania names street after Trump. Albania also has a statute of George W. Bush. Where's Dennis Hastert Children's Park?
Stand by for another map change in Europe. Autonomous Mercia, Northumbria, and Wales. And don't forget Cornwall.
Croatia gets new weapons from the U.S. as Russia supplies Serbia receives new fighter jets from Russia. Balkans returns to war footing.
Bulgarian ambassador to Turkey recalled. Turkey accused of involvement in Bulgarian election campaign.
Turkish hackers post Nazi slurs on Twitter accounts in Germany and the Netherlands. So, why isn't the U.S. Justice Department criminally charging the Erdogan government with hacking?
Anti-immigrant party falls short in Netherlands election. PM Rutte declares victory.
Free book in Bulgaria details all those on payroll of Soros. "Political engineers" include prosecutors and judges.
Hungarian president Janos Ader defeats Soros-backed candidate. Defeated Laszlo Majtenyi jokingly said he did not extend his thanks to George Soros. As well he should, Soros now has a terrible track record in inserting his clones into power.
Dutch warn citizens about travel to Turkey. Also, Turkey detains Austrian citizens for criticizing Erdogan.
Bulgarian vigilantes patrol border to keep Muslim migrants out. Citizens armed with machetes, knives, and hatchets. Too bad one can't get close to Turkey's Erdogan and give him a "splitting headache."
Corbyn backs second Scottish independence referendum. Scottish Labor irate.
Islamist protesters attack Dutch consulate in Istanbul. Make Istanbul Great Again. Return it to Constantinople and restore the Holy See of Byzantium and rid the city of Sunnis unless they convert to Greek Orthodoxy. Two can play the Wahhabi game.

Scotland plans 2018 independence vote. There will be no President Obama to lobby against it this time around.
Hungary to detain all asylum seekers. UN agency throws a fit.
Erdogan likens Germany's policies to Nazi regime. Berlin-Ankara relations take another hit.
Poland dumps Tusk as candidate for EU Council President. European federalists want to keep Tusk.

May braces for second Scottish independence referendum. Scotland seeks to remain in EU.
EU may impose visas for U.S. citizens. That means a French visa to visit Paris and an Italian visa to fly to Rome.
Russia sticking with recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia independence. Moscow rejects claims by Georgian negotiator that Russia will abandon both states.
Pheasant Island: the island that is French for half a year and Spanish for the other half. It's a different kind of condominium.
Swedish security services busts agent spying on Tibetan refugees for a "foreign power." It's obvious what power it is.
ICE detains and threatens to deport French historian Henri Rousso. First they came for the Muslims, then the Jews, and then you! Nazi is as Nazi does.
Estonia reaches out to ethnic Russians and Russian-speakers. If Ukraine had done this, there would be no civil war.
Former CIA officer arrested in Portugal for kidnapping of Muslim cleric in Italy. Sabrina De Sousa to be extradited to Italy.
Montenegro, a virtual colony of the Rothschilds, accuses Russia of backing a coup. Too bad the coup report is not true, since ridding Montenegro of the Rothschilds would be a blessing.
Finland on used arms buying spree to replace Soviet-era weaponry. It bought used armor chassis from the Netherlands. And second-hand howitzers from South Korea. It's all in preparation for NATO membership.
Trump's "Sweden Massacre" joins the "Massacres of Bowling Green and Atlanta" in the White House "fake news" annals. Never forget what never happened in Sweden. Photo of the only thing that survived the Swedish massacre: Now we can enjoy those delicious meatballs, minus the schlep to IKEA.
"Fake news" copy of L'Osservatore Romano sent to Vatican cardinals. Sounds like the work of Cardinal Raymond Burke and his friend Steve Bannon.

"Fake news" copy of L'Osservatore Romano sent to Vatican cardinals. Sounds like the work of Cardinal Raymond Burke and his friend Steve Bannon.
Hamburg airport evacuated after foul smell wafts through terminal. Likely, an arriving passenger had availed himself of the free taco bar at the National Press Club in DC.
Former Shin Bet chief inolved in Volkswagen emission scandal. So, Israeli security officisls working closely with Adolf Hitler's favorite firm. No surprise.
Romanian Social Democratic leader blames Soros for nation's political unrest. Chalk up another loss for Trump's real estate investor.
Trump demanded that Hollande give U.S. back NATO money. Hollande should've responded:
"Es-tu fou?"
Belgium alarmed over spread of Wahhabism. And Trump just cleared the sale of advance missiles and fighters to two bastions of Wahhabism: Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Trump takes his orders from the same cabal, folks! You've been had.
German police round up Al Nusra targets in sweep. Al Nusra has been supported by the CIA.
Navalny guilty of fraud. He also hangs around neo-Nazis. Toss the key away.
Sarkozy on trial for corruption. Neocon is just a synonym for graft and corruption.
Bannon takes sides in Vatican internal battle. Bannon may have provoked Vatican rift with Order of Malta.
Republicans in Congress urge removal of meddling U.S. ambassador to Macedonia Jess Baily. Baily has been spending Soros money against the Macedonian government.           

Former Norwegian Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik detained pursuant to Trump's visa restrictions at Dulles International Airport en route to National Prayer Breakfast. Trump bans "Lutheran terrorists" from prayer breakfast where he prayed for Schwarzenegger's TV ratings. Trump needs to be placed in the "John Hinckley Suite" at St. Elizabeth's.
Putin says Ukraine President stoking violence in Donbass to curry favor with Trump. "Choco-shenko" is desperate without Obama.
Spanish EU official to Scotland: If Scotland tries to join EU alone, it will wait behind Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia, and Turkey.
U.S. deploying tanks to Estonia. So much for Trump's pulling back from confrontation with Russia.
Queen Elizabeth not keen on Trump state visit. Trump likened to Mugabe and Ceausescu. It should be recalled that Ceausescu left office in a firing squad.
Hamon wins French Socialist presidential primary. Valls, a right-wing Socialist, defeated.
Scottish First Minister tells London that Scotland is resolute on economic and political independence with Brexit. Wales will follow.                 
  • The world's second-smallest nation annexes the world's smallest nation. Vatican takes over the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. SMOM has separate diplomatic relations with over a hundred nations, is a UN observer, and issues its own passports. It is nowa de facto part of the Vatican. Where are the sanctions, visa bans, and asset freezes for the Vatican's illegal takeover?
  • Portugal's Mario Soares dead at 92. The corporate media won't report that Soares was a long-time CIA asset who steered European social democracy right into the hands of the bare-fanged bankers.
Translation: Christianity, Super-powerness, National identity
Palestinian Christian leaders condemn Trumps move on Jerusalem. Greek Orthodox archbishop of Jerusalem among those denouncing Trump, the Kosher Nostra implant in the White House.
U.S. Jerusalem policy desecrates 70 years of American stance on city holy to three, not just one, religion. America has no standing in Middle East peace talks.
Diplomatic row between Turkey and UAE over UAE foreign minister's tweet. Argument stems from past Ottoman rule over Medina.
U.S. vetoes UN Security Council resolution rejecting U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as Jewish state's capital. Nikki Haley proves she is nothing more than a shiksa whore for Zionism.
Beirut Uber driver murdered British diplomat. This one cannot be blamed on "terrorists." Sorry, neocons.
Palestinian billionaire arrested. Not by Israel, but by Saudi Arabia. Another indication that the House of Saud is an anteroom for the House of Zion.
Houthis reject U.S. charges over missiles. Houthis say Trump officials are manufacturing lies.
Houthis execute Saleh after he changes sides to support Saudis. This is a major defeat for new Saudi regime and its Israeli masters.
Saleh's bolt from Houthis to propose Yemen truce with Saudis a "coup." Saleh infuriates Houthis and Iran.
Putin wants Palestinian state with capital in East Jerusalem. Moscow carries more clout in Middle East after Assad's defeat of jihadists.
India wants a Palestinian state. Meanwhile, Trump threatens to close Palestinian mission in DC and move US embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
Flynn's "Turkey Project" exposed. WMR editor reveals details.
Erdogan says he's on "same wavelength" as Trump. Well, they're both insane dictators.
Saudis use Nazi hunger weapon against Yemen. That's fine with Trump, who comes from a Nazi family.
Turkey and Iran aid Qatar in the face of Saudi-led economic blockade. New alignments appearing in Middle East.
Jihadists targeted Sufi mosque in massacre of 300 worshipers in Sinai. Wahhabists continuously massacre Sufis in Libya, Syria, and Pakistan.
Britain secretly training Saudi troops for Yemen combat. Operation Crossways details released by mistake.
Saudi-led military alliance meets in Riyadh. Includes Turkey, Pakistan, Malaysia, and Egypt. Alliance has nothing to do with "anti-terrorism" but is anti-Iran, anti-Hezbollah, anti-Assad, anti-Iraq, and anti-Qatar.
Israelis arrested for assaulting Cypriot police officers at Larnaca airport. Israelis: the worst tourists in the world; hotel thieves, shoplifters, and troublemakers.
Israeli deputy foreign minister says American Jews do not want to fight for their country, the United States. Tzipi Hotovely says American Jews are  not like their Israeli counterparts when it comes to serving in the military. Well, isn't she the anti-Semite? Hotovely must have heard the "war stories" from neo-con warhawks like Perle, Wolfowitz, Feith, and Kristol.
Saudi authorities arrest Mohammed Hussein Al-Amoudi, second richest man in Saudi Arabia and richest in Ethiopia. He threatened to sue WMR editor years ago after 9/11 for a story he didn't like. Counterpunch sided with al-Amoudi and issued this retraction. WMR told al-Amoudi to bugger off. Looks like some "counterpuches" are sissy slaps.



We published an article entitled “A Saudiless Arabia” by Wayne Madsen dated October 22, 2002 (the “Article”), on the website of the Institute for the Advancement of Journalistic Clarity, CounterPunch, (the “Website”).

Although it was not our intention, counsel for Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi has advised us the Article suggests, or could be read as suggesting, that Mr Al Amoudi has funded, supported, or is in some way associated with, the terrorist activities of Osama bin Laden and the Al Qaeda terrorist network.

We do not have any evidence connecting Mr Al Amoudi with terrorism.

As a result of an exchange of communications with Mr Al Amoudi’s lawyers, we have removed the Article from the Website.

We are pleased to clarify the position.

August 17, 2005"

Egypt detains 29 accused Turkish spies. All are members of the Muslim Brotherhood.
Filipino inmates in Sharjah prison convert to Islam. Sure, it was voluntary.
Distant member of Qatari royal family leads rebellion from Saudi soil. Sheikh Sultan bin Suhaim says he intends to "purify" Qatar.
Turkey opens probe of former and current US Attorneys in New York. Erdogan is threatening U.S. officials while receiving backing of Trump.
Saudis want to freeze Lebanon's membership in Arab League. More Saudi water-carrying for the Zionists.
Lebanese President Aoun says Saudi Arabia is holding PM Hariri hostage. Calls it an act of aggression by Riyadh.
U.S. House declares U.S. involvement in Yemen war is unauthorized. Pentagon partly responsible for humanitarian crisis in Yemen.
Israel considers itself to have free hand in Syria. Until Russian MiGs splash those pesky Israeli pilots into the Mediterranean.
UAE and Kuwait follow Saudi orders and instructs nationals to not travel to Lebanon. Bahrain also joins in Lebanon travel ban. Saudi Arabia only knows how to boss around small countries like Qatar and Lebanon. It will soon pay the piper.
Israel and Saudi Arabia secretly conspire to seize control over the Middle East. Secret Israeli cables, Saudi-Kushner late night meetings, and Saudi kidnaping of Hariri all point to Zionist-Saudi extreme subterfuge, all supported by Trump.
Saudis exert pressure on UAE to open bank accounts on detained Saudi princes and businessmen. The Saudi internal coup extends abroad.
Israel behind Saudi internal coup and Lebanese PM resignation. Secret Israeli cable released document Jewish state's alliance with Saudi Crown Prince.
Trump tweets support for Saudi internal coup, arrests of princes and ministers. This is what Trump has in mind for the United States, including arrests of members of Congress, Cabinet secretaries, and murder of those in line of presidential succession. Make no mistake about it, Trump is a dangerous fascist who wants to be a dictator.
Following lead of Spain, Iraqi supreme court rules Kurdistan's independence bid unconstitutional and moves to limit Kurdish autonomy. The era of neo-fascism has dawned globally. Direct Rule is now the favorite weapon for crumbling governments. Northern Ireland also a target.
Saudi Prince Prince Mansour bin Muqrin, the son of ousted Saudi Crown Prince, dies in air crash in Asir province along with other Saudi officials. Crash occurs after Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman arrests 11 Saudi princes. There is a royal civil war taking place in Saudi Arabia, one that is being totally ignored by the international media.
Saudis arrest 11 princes, including Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. Alwaleed, who owns percentage of News Corp and Twitter, has been haranghued by Trump, who called him a "dopey prince."
Lebanese PM Saad Hariri resigns his post while in Saudi Arabia. Proving that Hariri is a Saudi puppet.
British International Development Secretary Priti Patel held secret meetings in Israel. British embassy in Tel Aviv unaware of meetings. This British Minister, Canada's Defense Minister, Canada's NDP chief, U.S. ambassador to UN, and head of the U.S. FCC have something in common: all of Indian ethnicity and all lacking fundamental trust.
Lebanon receives two A-29 Super Tucano aircraft from US. They're nothing compared to what warplanes the US has given to Israel.
Kushner made secret trip to Saudu Arabia. Doing the dirty work of the Houses of Bibi and Saud.
Barzani steps down as Kurdish leader after independence bid fails. Free Kurdistan goes the way of free Catalonia and free Scotland.
Steve "Goering" Bannon bashes Qatar at neocon meeting. An alcoholic and meth-cooking pedophile enabler like Bannon should not be at seminars but in prison.
Iran looks to expand econmic ties with the Philippines. U.S./Israeli efforts to isolate Tehran fall flat.
Bahrain restricting sale of oil and textile products to North Korea. Nation first to file sanctions report to UN.
Trump seen as mediator between Arab states and Qatar. Quartet of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, and Egypt tried to stage a coup in Qatar.
U.S. denies deadly attacks on Syrian town held by Syrian forces. Several civilians killed in U.S. air strikes.
South Yemen preparing to re-declare independence with UAE backing. Saudis oppose move.
Kuwait parliament speaker leads International Parliamentary Union delegations' moves to expel Knesset members from conference. Kuwaiti called Israelis "murderers of children."
Trump administration meddles in Palestinian reconciliation efforts. Trump and Kushner turn Washington into a suburb of Jerusalem.
Syrian troops storm Deir ez-Zour. ISIL loses control of strategic town.
U.S. troops back rival sides in Iraqi-Kurdish conflict. Another mess that Trump's incompetence has plunged America into.
UAE, Qatar, and Kuwait suspend relations with North Korea. UAE closing embassy in Pyongyang.
Turkey boycotts U.S. ambassador's farewell reception. John Bass accused of harboring Gulen agents in U.S. diplomatic posts.
U.S. puts bounty on heads of two Lebanese Hezbollah officials. Trump acting as the Riyadh-Tel Aviv axis's little poodle.
Omani Air Force chief meets with Iranian defense minister. The Riyadh-Tel Aviv axis will not be pleased.
What was behind the boycott of Qatar: UAE wants Qatar to give up World Cup 2022. Of course, the UAE would be more than happy to host it and line their own pockets. The UAE was once called the Pirate Coast, and it shows.
Erdogan visits Iran. The fate of Kurdistan will be on the agenda.
Palestinian Prime Minister visits Gaza. Efforts to reconcile Fatah and Hamas.
Cambodian-flagged vessel nabbed by Egypt carrying North Korean weapons -- to Egypt. Ship claimed Phnom Penh as his home port.
Iranian Foreign Minister visiting Oman. Oman, like Qatar, is breaking from the anti-Iran Saudi axis.
Erdogan holds U.S. pastor hostage. Salafist Turk leader wants to trade pastor for exiled Turkish cleric Fethullah Gulen.
Palestine joins Interpol. Israelis whine, as is usual.
Iraq orders Kurdistan to hand over to Baghdad all border crossings and airports. Sounds like Saddam is back in charge in Baghdad.
Erdogan threatens to invade Iraqi Kurdistan. Send Turkish military forces to border.
Northern Ireland police training Omani special forces. Royal Navy building new naval base in Duqm, Oman.
Turkish schools are phasing out Darwin and Ataturk and promoting jihad. Turkey has fallen under a Salafist dictatorship.
First U.S. military base established in Israel. Located near Beersheba.
Greek Orthodox, Catholic, Armenian, Coptic, Lutheran, and Anglican churches battle against Jewish occupiers who want to seize church property in Jerusalem. Christians get a taste of what the perfidious Jewish occupiers have been doing to Muslims for decades.
Lebanon mulls Russian arms purchases. That should send Israel into more convulsions.

Iran rejects Arab claims to Greater Tunb, Lesser Tunb and Abu Musa. Islands claimed by UAE.

Saudis arrest more "liberal" Wahhabi dissident clerics. Radical alliance forming between Saudi and Abu Dhabi crown princes.

Row between Baghdad and Erbil over Kurdish presence in Kirkuk. Kurdish control of Kirkuk is sticking point ahead of Kurdish independence referendum.

Israel backs Kurdish independence. Israel also does not consider PKK a terrorist organization.

Turkey procures S-400 air defense system from Russia. Major breech in NATO members buying NATO military hardware.

Trump considers military aggression against Iran and Shi'as in Middle East. Nothing else should be expected from the Zio-Nazi Trump.

Qatar and Saudis feud again after emir's phone call with Saudi crown prince. The crown prince is a petulent Wahhabist bully.

Sara Netanyahu to be indicted. She committed fraud by falsifying documents. A member of the Netanyahu family a crook? Say it ain't so Shlomo!

As Syria wipes up ISIL, ISIL's ally -- Israel -- bombs Syrian factory. There is a reason Barack Obama favored the term "ISIL." It sounds like its major benefactor.

UAE bans Yemeni president Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi from entering Aden. UAE also colonizing Socotra and nearby Abd al-Kuri island.

Azerbaijani cash laundromat in UK paid off European politicians. Did Trump receive any of the cash?

Syrian army readies retaking of Deir al-Zour from ISIL. City under ISIL occupation for three years.

U.S.-led coalition frets about women and children of ISIL terrorists trapped in desert convoy. Who cares if animals procreate? Show them as much mercy as they displayed to their women and children victims: kill them all with air-to-ground rockets.

Syrian Kurds establish school system in Rojava. Classes will be taught in Kurdish up to high school.

Lebanon defeats ISIL with help of Syria. Hezbollah celebrates.

Qatar orders Chadian embassy closed. Qatar accuses Chad of blackmail.

Qatar and Iran restore diplomatic ties. Saudis now involved with ousted Qatari royal.

Split between Houthis and Saleh forces in Yemen. That can only benefit the Saudis and Emiratis who want to turn Yemen into their colony.

Qatar files complaint with ICAO over Saudi terrorist threat to Qatar Airways planes in flight. Saudis threaten to shoot down Qatari passenger planes. Put a cruise missile up King Solomon's (Salman's) arse and these threats will stop.

Jihadist rocket targets Syrian trade fair. At least four dead.

A nearly-triumphant Assad says no security or diplomatic ties with West until it stops aiding jihadist groups in Syria. Assad praises Russia, Iran, China, and Lebanese Hezbollah for their support.

Netanyahu government rather silent on Charlottesville. That's because they are every bit as Nazi as Trump and his supporters.

Saudi Arabia threatens to blow up a Qatar Airways passenger plane. They had plenty of practice helping to destroy passenger planes on 9/11. Time for Riyadh and Jeddah to be turned into glass salad bowls.

Lebanon receives 8 Bradley fighting vehicles. First in a major US military shipment.

Iran threatens to quit nuclear agreement over Trump's sanctions. Trump and his Likud son-in-law Kushner want to get their war on.

Abu Dhabi royal among those injured in UAE chopper crash in Yemen. UAE blames "technical failure." More like good aiming by the Yemeni resistance forces.

Portraits of UAE royals at Yemeni military camp spark outrage among Yemenis. The UAE is now a colonizer.

Bahrain backs Saudi "cleansing" of Shi'as in Awamiya. Wahhabist genocide of Shi'as complements that of Zionist genocide of Palestinians.

Qatar drops visa requirements for some 80 countries. No visas required for Russians, Chinese, Cubans, Lebanese, and Venezuelans.

Trump's knowledge of Lebanon: Nil. Trump comments on Hezbollah may have been intended to cause a Lebanese political crisis.

Israel to join its Wahhabist allies in the Gulf and ban Al Jazeera. Wahhabism is being exposed as the kissing cousin of Zionism.

Hezbollah battles ISIL on border with support of the Lebanese government. Trump totally under influence of Kushner's Zionist propaganda on the anti-jihadist role played by Hezbollah in Lebanon and Syria.

U.S. troops in Yemen fighting "Al Qaeda." That, of course, is poppycock, They are fighting Houthis and South Yemeni independence forces on behalf of Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Netanyahu's son refuses to pick up dog poop and lashes out at critics. Sounds like the Trump boys.

Israeli police ready bribery and fraud charges against Netanyahu. Netanyahu took bribes from Hollywood producer. 

Qatar buying 7 warships from Italy. Deal worth $ 6 billion.

Saudi/UAE campaign against Qatar backfires. Saudis and Abu Dhabi now exposed for concocting crisis by hacking Qatar computers.

Houthi navy attacks UAE warship. Houthis are on the move against genocidal Saudi-led coalition.

Kuwait expels Iranian diplomats. Freezes military and cultural contacts with Tehran.

Trump ends covert CIA support for Syrian rebels. Decision is a blow to the neocons and Israel.

Syrian jihadists break cease fire and attack Latakia. Jihadists are backed by the U.S. and Saudis.

UAE was behind hacking Qatar News Agency website and planted story that triggered blockade of Qatar. A classic cyber flag attack. And Israel is behind the UAE, as seen by this backing of Israel by UAE foreign minister.

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov says if there are gay men in Chechnya, which he says there are not, they should be deported to Canada. Kadyrov also said he will "put the world on its knees and screw it from behind." Hey, isn't that kind of gay?

Erdogan vows to behead his opponents. How very Wahhabi of him.

Trump administration run by Zionists for Zionists. Kushner and pals attempted a shakedown of Qatar for $500 million. When it failed, they backed Saudis in blockade of Qatar.

UAE claims to UN that Al Jazeera is "anti-Semitic." Nice to see that Israel now has Arab company in using the old anti-Semitic canard.

Israel's dues is past due at the UN. May lose voting rights in General Assembly. So, what does the scofflaw Jewish state do? It wants a non-permanent seat on the Security Council. Now, that take a lot of gall.

Trump sends US ambassador to Israel Friedman and special envoy Greenblatt to negotiate with Palestinians. Let's see here, Trump has two smarmy New York Zionists, Friedman and Greenblatt, supposedly as neutral negotiators? These two schmucks will demand: "What's ours' is ours' and what's yours' will be ours'."

Kushner tried to shake down Qatar for $500 million to invest in Kushner's 666 Fifth Avenue albatross. After Qatar refused, Trump backed a Gulf state blockade of Qatar.

Qatar wants compensation for blockade. Settlement claims sought from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, and Bahrain.

South Yemenis rally for secession in Aden. South Yemen was once an independent secular and socialist Arab nation and should be again.

Saudi-backed Salafists targeting South Yemeni secular activists with assassination. Aden has turned into a killing field thanks to Salafist extremists.

Schengen visas may be lifted by EU for nationals of GCC countries. That would include Saudi Arabia and UAE, two of the countries supplying the 9/11 terrorists.

At Trump 2020 campaign fundraiser at Trump Hotel, Trump makes fun of the name "Qatar." Trump again accuses Qatar of funding terrorism. More proof that Trump has the mind of a 12-year old juvenile delinquent and is unfit for office.

Narendra Modi to be first Indian Prime Minister to visit Israel. Right-wing religious nuts like Modi and Netanyahu band together.

Nikki Haley becomes an Israeli tool at the UN. Haley joins Israel in applying pressure to the UN peacekeeping force in Lebanon. It's a fact: Sikhs and those who grew up Sikhs hate Muslims. Haley has no business at the UN representing the U.S. Let her represent her native Khalistan.

Kushner's "mediation" was to deliver Netanyahu's demands to Palestinians. U.S. Zionists -- Kushner and Greenblatt -- have no damned business as US "special envoys" in the Middle East.

Saudis, allies want Qatar to cut ties with Iran and shut down Al Jazeera. Not asking for much, are they?

Macron says Assad can stay and that France will cooperate with Russia against ISIL. Macron will now face the "Soros music," which is wailing condemnation to the tunes of klezmers.

UAE says it will end intelligence cooperation with U.S. unless Washington kills off JASTA bill. Qatari ambassador in Washington states: "Emiratis, not Qataris, were among the hijackers who flew planes into the Twin Towers."

Palace coup in Riyadh. King Salman dumps crown prince in favor of his son, Mohammed bin Salman. New crown prince wants war with Iran, Qatar, and Yemen.

Bahrain plans mega-investment in Hawar Islands. The islands have been claimed by Qatar in a border dispute.

Trump sends Jared Kushner to Israel and West Bank to discuss peace. That's like Hitler sending Heinrich Himmler to Jerusalem to discuss peace between the Grand Mufti and the Haganah.
Yemeni snipers kill four Saudi troops in Asir. Sympathy for genocidal Saudis is hard to come by in southern Arabia.

Rivlin wants world to recognize Israeli sovereignty of Golan. Maybe Trump can move the US embassy there, so the CIA can be closer to its ISIL and Al Qaeda pals.

U.S. Navy ships take part in exercise with Qatari Navy. Does the U.S. have two foreign policies? One Trump's and the other Tillerson's?

After calling Qatar a sponsor of terrorism, Trump sells emirate $12 billion worth of F-15 fighter jets. The "art of the deal?"

U.S. Senate narrowly approves sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia. Rand Paul, who opposed sale, said, "Today I stand for the millions of voiceless children in Yemen who will be killed by the Saudi blockade."
UAE ambassador in Washington says U.S. should move its airbase in Qatar. Suggests moving military assets to other bases in region. Meanwhile, U.S. ambassador to Qatar quits after expressing displeasure with Trump policies.
Chad recalls ambassador to Qatar. Chad is in the pocket of the Saudis.
U.S. using white phosphorus on civilians in Mosul. Another report has U.S. employing white phosphorus on civilians in Syria. Trump and "Mad Dog" Mattis are now officially war criminals.
Turkey deploying troops to Qatar. Gulf spat could become a wider regional war.
UAE closes airspace to all Doha-bound and departing flights. Banking sanctions may be next.
Trump's tweet justifies ISIL terrorist attack in Iran. Iran calls it repugnant. Well, Repugnant Trump is in full ISIL-support mode with his tweets on Iran attack, launching attack on pro-Assad forces in Syria, and Saudi pressure on Qatar.
Iraq National Assembly speaker supports better ties with Qatar. Iraq staying neutral in Qatar-Saudi feud.
Maldives joins Arab states in severing ties with Qatar. Follows Maldives cutting ties to Iran. Maldives is turning into a Saudi base in the Indian Ocean.
Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Egypt, and the puppet governments of Yemen and eastern Libya sever ties with Qatar. Trump's "Arab NATO" looks like its a dead issue.
Pro-Israeli think tank FDD and UAE discovered lobbying against Qatar and its U.S.-controlled Al-Udeid airbase in Washington, DC. Evidence discovered in leaked emails of UAE ambassador to Washington.

Trump not moving U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Another indication that Steven Bannon holds sway on White House policy over Jared Kushner.
South Yemeni forces seize Aden airport from Saudi-backed forces. South Yemen on its way to independence with support from the UAE. So much for Trump's "Arab NATO."
Trump's "Arab NATO" falls apart with infighting over Iran, other issues. Way to go Trump. You screwed up another one of your grand plans.
Qatar and Saudi-UAE split widening. Qatar government accused of being a Muslim Brotherhood-backed regime. 
Shaikh Donald of Araby backs radical Wahhabism over moderate Shi'ism. Trump supports "radical Islamic terrorism" practiced by Wahhabis.
Qatar claims hackers planted fake story in Qatar News Agency computer system. Story claims Qatari emir called Iran a great Islamic power and said Qatar and Israel had good relations. Saudi Arabia and UAE block Qatari media, including Al Jazeera.
Bahrain, after receiving Trump's praise, storms Shi'a cleric's home village, killing one and arresting others. Trump now has Shi'a blood on his hands after declaring in Riyadh a Wahhabist-backed American "jihad" against the Islamic sect.
Trump, Salman, and Al-Sissi open Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology. Attention Alex Jones: It's a ruse! They are signaling the alien battle fleet that the U.S. and much of the Middle East are now under the control of the lizard people.

Erdogan declares indefinite state of emergency. In other words. Turkey is now a full-fledged dictatorship.
Reformists sweep Tehran municipal election. Pro-Rouhani bloc wins all 21 municipal council seats.
Rouhani wins landslide re-election in Iran. Iran just sent the West a huge message, which Trump will ignore by continuing to side with the radical Sunnis is their war with the Shi'as.
Yemeni rebels fire ballistic missile near Riyadh ahead of Trump's touchdown. Trump will probably award himself a Silver Star for bravery in combat.
Turks paid Michael Flynn a half million dollar retainer to reverse U.S. course on backing Syrian Kurds. That only benefited ISIL and the Saudis.
Independent South Yemen government proclaimed in Aden. Yemen now has a three-way civil war.
Iran changes land corridor used to reach Mediterranean. Iran avoiding U.S. troops in northern Syria.
Lebanon hacked into Lebanon's telecom network. Israelis delivered fake messages to WhatsApp users.
Saudi cleric calls Trump, whose first foreign visit as president is to Saudi Arabia, a "servant of Allah." Remarks touch off firestorm from Muslims on social media.
Deputy leader of Russian nationalist party dies after swimming in the Dead Sea in Israel. The Israeli government is mum on details.
In Israel, it's not "Pizzagate" but "Pizza Hut-gate." Pizza chain under fire for mocking Palestinian hunger strike in ad.
Turkey fumes over U.S. arming of Syrian Kurds. Imperial Turks call Kurds "terrorists."
Erdogan wants to stop the "judaization" of Jerusalem. At least, that's one laudable goal.
Qatar opens mega-mosque in Malmo, Sweden. Where are the church steeples in Doha? Of course, it's a Wahhabist mosque, which will be training tomorrow's jihadists today.
Lebanon threatened by Israel and jihadists says Lebanese security chief. More proof of the alliance between ISIL and Israel. Former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon said ISIL apologized to Israel for November clash with IDF in Golan Heights. Funny, Israel never apologized for its 9/11 attack on the U.S. Both entities should be wiped out as existential threats to the human race.

Turks bomb U.S. Kurdish allies in Syria and Iraq. So, Trump, where are the Tomahawks targeting Ankara?

NATO's outsourced eastern flank. NATO's eastern associate membership is dominated by the truly radical Islamist states of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Bahrain.

Iraqi PM wants delay of Kurdistan independence referendum. Cites the ill-fated Republic of Mahabad as precedent.

85 potential successors to Oman's Sultan Qabus adds to intrigue in what is now a stable nation. That could change with ailing sultan's death.

Trump congratulates Erdogan on referendum that will turn Turkey into an Islamist recreation of the Ottoman Empire. Trump has aided and abetted a "radical Islamic terrorist."

U.S. bombed Syrian mosque and denied it. Nice to see the U.S. military knows how to lie as good as their commander-in-chief.
Erdogan ekes out narrow win in referendum on new constitution. The Ottoman Empire is back with Erdogan as Emperor.
Islamic State in Sinai Province (ISSP) targeting Christians in Sinai and in Egypt proper. ISIL has more franchises than a fast-food chain.

Duterte to meet King Hamad in Bahrain. These two mass murderers should get along well together.
Kurdistan steaming ahead for independence. Turkey wants Kurdish flags lowered in northern Iraq.
Saudi king praises Trump for air strike on Syria. Meet Trump -- Obama 2.0.

Trump's UN ambassador goes full-neocon. Russia-bashing is no different than that of Susan Rice and Samantha Power.
Russia suspends agreement with U.S. on air operations in Syrian airspace. That was an Obama-era agreement, which makes Obama more of a neocon administration than the last.
Two former Shin Bet chiefs say Israel has sunk into tyranny. Well, they must be "anti-Semites" too.
Trump launches 60 cruise missiles against Syrian airbase at Shayrat, Homs. According to Reuters, Dec. 3, 2015, Russian forces moved into Shayrat with technicians and installations. Way to go Trump, you orange-faced shitgibbon war monger.
Don't doubt for a minute that ISIL and their Wahhabist and Israeli financiers wouldn't stage a chemical weapons attack to blame Assad and Russia. CIA's "White Helmets" at center of false flag attack. Turn over your diaries, Mr. Pompeo.
Israel and UAE in joint military training exercises in Greece. Wahhabism and Zionism are two sides of the same coin.

U.S. lifting arms export restrictions on Bahrain. The Bahrain regime is a blood thirsty dictatorship that likes killing Shi'as.
Russia has "case by case" access to Iranian military bases. Military base agreement has its critics in Iran.
Israel set to illegally annex Lebanese maritime zone. Israel only exists because of stolen territory.
UAE summons Swiss ambassador over Swiss statement at UN criticizing human rights situation in Bahrain. Go ahead Mercedes-driving shaikh monkeys, see what will happen to your secret Swiss bank accounts.
UN official forced out over report stating Israel is an "apartheid state." Secretary General Antonio Guterres shows that he is a Zionist tool.
Erdogan attacks Netherlands over 1995 Srebenica massacre. Dutch call comment repugnant.
Ancient Assyrian artifacts discovered in ISIL tunnels in Mosul. ISIL was just waiting to fence them to Israeli antiquities poachers.

Erdogan on rants, calls Dutch and Germans "Nazis." And Erdogan is a jihadist monstrosity.
Israel bars entry to foreign critics of country. Middle East's only "democratic" nation?
Israeli Defense Minister Lieberman says Trump administration warned Israel against any West Bank sovereignty grab. If true, Trump deserves some credit for this stance.

India expands influence in Kurdistan. Delhi-Erbil diplomatic contacts increasing.
Turkey pressuring Trump administration to abandon Syrian Kurds. The typical American double-cross for the Kurds. First, it was Woodrow Wilson, then Richard Nixon, and soon, Donald Trump. 
Le Pen refused to wear head scarf in meeting with Lebanese Muslim leaders. Good for her. No religion has the right to impose its antiquated beliefs and rituals on others.
Azerbaijani president names his wife as first vice president. Nepotism from Washington, DC to Baku now rules.
Trump team ignores human rights outrages in Bahrain. For Trump, it's all about weapons sales and oil.

UAE to set up military base in Berbera, Somaiiland to fight Houthis in Yemen. That base will be run by Betsy De Vos's brother Erik Prince, the chief of UAE's mercenary army.
Pompeo gives Saudi crown prince "George Tenet Award" for counter-terrorism. That includes Saudi support for Al Qaeda and ISIL.
Israel lashes out at Belgian prime minister for meeting with Israeli liberal groups. Netanyahu and Trump are two bullies who need to go.
Trump praises Erdogan's handling of coup. That included arresting journalists, politicians, police and military officers, and college professors. Trump admires that! CIA's Pompeo to visit Turkey in first overseas trip.
Trump approved deadly Yemen raid with insufficient intelligence. Main Al Qaeda target missed completely but 8-year old girl killed. Trump is making George W. Bush look like Churchill.
Yemeni ballistic missile strikes Riyadh. It's always good when the Saudis get a taste of their own medicine.

Modi allies attacking celebration of Christmas in India. What does Trump's sorority bitch, Nikki Haley, have to say about her kinfolk?
U.S. apology to North Korea for germ warfare use could advance dialogue. U.S. used banned biological weapons on North Korea in the early 1950s.
Tillerson tries to re-create the UN Korean Command's "Sending States" coalition. Back to the future for Trump foreign policy. Cue "Mr. Sandman."
Modi party ekes out wins in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. Opposition did better than expected in Gujarat.
Iran to join Eurasian Economic Union. Trading bloc includes Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, and Russia.
South Korean president visits China. Moon pledges support for China's Belt and Road Initiative.
Emperor Akihito of Japan to abdicate on April 30, 2019
. First abdication in 200 years.
Russian Marines deploy near North Korean border. Coincides with major military exercise in Primorye and Kamchatka.
Gay American couple arrested for baring their asses at sacred Thai temple. Lots of asses getting arrested in Asia recently.
Indian police arrest donkeys. Why don't they arrest that ass Modi?
Malaysian PM Najib Razak visits jailed opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim in hospital. Shifting sands in Malaysian politics.
North Korea bans amusement activities, including drinking and singing parties. But, this is according to South Korean intelligence agency, so it's llikely propaganda bunkum.
Drunk US Marine kills motorist in Okinawa. Another reason why the US should pull its military rapists and drunks out of Okinawa and leave Okinawa to the Okinawans.
Two Radio Free Asia journalists charged with espionage in Cambodia. Radio Free Asia is a project of the CIA.
Cambodian Supreme Court dissolves Cambodian opposition party. Cambodia becomes a one-party state. More fallout from the visit to Vietnam and Philippines of authoritarian Trump.
On Veterans Day, Trump urges Vietnam to buy U.S. missiles. The word "idiot" does not fully describe Trump.
Donald Gump can't figure out arm link for photo op. He's actually dumber than he looks.
ASEAN considers East Timor's membership. Bid backed by Indonesia.
India rounds up beggars in advance of "Princess Ivanka's" visit. Pathetic country that honors a grifter.
Surfing North Korea's Internet has its limits. This is what Trump may have in mind for America.
Trump heeding advice from Kissinger to make Taiwan a bargaining chip in talks with China over North Korea. Trump and Kissinger - two demons from the pit of hell who deserve one another.
Duterte ceases construction on islands in South China Sea. Move seen as gesture to China.
Trump says Japan, a country with samurai warriors, should have shot down North Korean missiles. Trump, once again, proving that he's an utter imbecile.
Move over Chairman Mao's Little Red Book. It's now "Thoughts of President Xi."
China to extend its national anthem and flag laws to Hong Kong and Macao. Law makes it a crime to disrespect either.
Proposed bridge between Labuan and Sabah receives budget allocation. China's proposed One Belt/One Road taking shape.
Taiwan president visiting Marshall and Solomon Islands, as well as Tuvalu. Transit through Hawaii and Guam irks China. Guam Governor visits Taiwan.
Thai King Bhumibol's funeral draws royal mourners from few remaining monarchies in the world. Kings of Bhutan, Tonga, and Lesotho in attendance.
Xi Jinping outlines a new Chinese-led global governance program. China is asserting a global role as Trump plunges the United States into second-rate status.
"Xi Jingping Thought" eclipses Maoist thought in China. Xi Thought now part of Communist Party doctrine.
Communist Party internal plot to overthrow Xi Jinping exposed in China. Three arrests made so far.
Jakarta governor enters office using racist language. Anies Baswedan pushing native Indonesian agenda.
Bhutan King and Queen to attend funeral of late Thai king in Bangkok. Buddhism ties two monarchies together.
Elephant kill Rohingya refugees. Soros will likely demand the elephant be charged with war crimes in The Hague.
Hindu nationalist leader claims Rohingya influx is a conspiracy to spread Islamist numbers in India. Says Myanmar expelled them because they were causing problems there.
Duterte walks back threat to expel European ambassadors. The upcoming meeting between Duterte and Trump will be like the first meeting between Mussolini and Hitler.
Ahmadis sentenced to death for blasphemy in Pakistan. The Muslim Ahmadis also revere Jesus.
North Korea claims CIA tried to assassinate Kim Jong Un. Weapon was chemical or biological.
Push for sharia law in Sabah and Sarawak. If Malaysia pushes sharia in eastern Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak will declare independence.
Taj Mahal no longer considered tourist attraction by Hindu nationalist Uttar Pradesh government. Taj Mahal is a Muslim shrine.
Cambodia's Hun Sen accuses opposition of trying to overthrow his government. Says opposition trying to launch "color revolution."
North Korean ambassador to Italy expelled. Portugal breaks relations with Pyongyang.
Laos shopping for new military equipment from Indonesia. Indonesian military sales in Southeast Asia growing.
Foreigners banned from travel to Tibet. Ban will continue through National People's Congress.
Philippines presidential security guard shot dead. No foul play, says Manila? We seriously doubt that.
CNN and NBC glom onto the South Korean secret nuclear weapons program story. This story was broken by WMR in October 2010.
Trump fails to understand North Korea's existential fears. The history of the country is one of threatened sell-outs and double-crosses.
Gilgit-Baltistan opposes efforts by Pakistan to declare it the fifth province of Pakistan. Gilgit-Baltistan says it's being left out of economic development projects.
Indian UN delegate calls Pakistan "Terroristan." Insult follows Pakistani PM's speech to UNGA, in which he referred to Indian occupation of Kashmir.
Kim Jong Un calls Trump a "mentally deranged U.S. dotard." Definition of a dotard: "a person, especially an old person, exhibiting a decline in mental faculties; a weak-minded or foolish old person." Kim's got that one right.
Actress Priyanka Chopra trolled on social media for speaking of insurgency in Sikkim. While not an armed insurgency, there is a peaceful insurgency in Sikkim among those who want the monarchy and independence, snuffed out by Indian aggression, restored. Copra has a valid point about the "insurgency."
UN ban on Taiwan in WHO, ICAO, and INTERPOL creating an international security and safety nightmare. Taiwanese nationals banned from entering UN properties without a PRC travel permit.
NATO extends influence in Mongolia. Wants Mongolian officers to speak English, a step toward Mongolian membership in the "North Atlantic" military pact.
Crocodile attacked and killed British journalist in Sri Lanka after the journo took a shit in the croc's lagoon. Can't really blame the croc.
China and Laos boost military cooperation. Links include joint military patrols.
Nepal is now almost completely in China's sphere. Indian agitation of Madhesi in Terai responsible for anti-Indian sentiment.
China refers to "Sino-Sikkim border." India refers to Beijing as "Peking." It's back to the 1960s in Asia.
Singapore's new president is first female Malay to hold office. Halimah Yacob has been parliamentary speaker.
More Australian troops head to Philippines to combat jihadists. War zone is in Marawi in southern Philippines.
Putin meets with Japanese and South Korean prime ministers at summit in Vladivostok. Putin warns U.S. against "playing along" with North Korea.
Indonesia says no Islamist protests over Myanmar at Borobudur Buddhist temple in central Java. There is not such thing as "peaceful" Islamist protests in Indonesia, since the Islamists are bankrolled by Saudi Arabia.
Washington Post comes to defense of closed Cambodian newspaper, the Cambodia Daily, which was started by a notorious American pedophile, with a nod from the CIA. May Bernie Krisher and his newspaper holdings rot in hell.
Trump says he will cut off all trade with countries doing business with North Korea. That would include total trade sanctions against China, Russia, India, Pakistan, Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, Germany, Portugal, France, Mozambique, Turkey, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Brazil, Chile, Taiwan, Zambia, and Burkina Faso. Trump's sanctions would lead to the closure of Wal-Mart, Aldi, Target, and other large retailers, as well as shortages in the U.S. of produce and meats.
Musharraf a fugitive in Bhutto assassination case. Taliban found not guilty of assassiantion.
Former Pakistani envoy to Delhi calls current Pakistani ambassador to Washington the "worst foreign secretary ever." Trump has ushered in an era of airing grievances and insults publicly.
India withdraws troops from Doklam region of Himalayas. Tensions ease, for the time being.
Former Thai PM Yingluck flees country after kangaroo court guilty verdict. Likely, she will join her brother ex-PM Thaksin, who is already in exile.
A way to diffuse Sino-Indian border tensions. Create more buffer states.
India consolidating naval ties with Bangladesh, Kenya, Oman, Tanzania, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. Countering China is now India's top priority.
China threatens retaliation against US for sanctions on Chinese companies. China warns Washington against regime change in North Korea.
China blames India for Ladakh border clash. Indian and Chinese troops threw stones at each other.
Sikkim CM calls Sikkimese people "unpaid soldiers" of India. Accuses West Bengal of blockading Sikkim by suppressing Gorkhaland movement in Darjeeling.
Japan backs India and Bhutan in standoff with China. Not surpising to see Japan back another Buddhist country, Bhutan.
Indian and Chinese troops clash at Pagong Lake in Ladakh. Two nations are BRICS and SCO partners.
India denies China is building a bridge in "no man's land" in Ladakh. War rumors running high.
China and India vie for influence in Nepal. Plans underway for a Kathmandu-Lhasa railway.
China attempts to spur on a more independent foreign policy by Bhutan. Beijing hopes Thimphu distances itself from Delhi.
Laos withdraws troops from border area after Cambodia threatens military action. Without U.S. diplomatic leadership, dormant border disputes everywhere are heating up.
Cyber-war in India? Bhutan suspects India blocked access from India to its New Delhi embassy's website.
North Korea purging consular staff in China. If there were ever intelligence targets-of-opportunity, they are the North Korean diplomatic corps in China.
Unexploded "World War II bomb" discovered at Fukushima nuclear site. Nonsense, workers likely found a casing for one of Japan's quick turnaround nuclear bombs that relied on nuclear material at Fukushima reactor site.
Taiwan tired of competing in international sports venues as "Chinese Taipei." Taiwan athletes must adhere to rules dictated by Beijing.
Russian, Brunei foreign ministers hold talks at ASEAN meeting in Manila. Ministers agree on a number of global issues.
Cambodia resists ASEAN statement on North Korea. Cambodia has enjoyed close relations with North Korea, as attested to by the amount of North Korean-made counterfeit U.S. cigarettes on sale on Cambodia streets.
First Hindu minister in twenty years named to Pakistani Cabinet. Darshan Lal in charge of inter-provincial relations.
East Timor prepares for ASEAN membership. At issue: its ability to host international summits.
China tells India to withdraw troops from Doklam or "face consequences." Tensions flare at Sikkim-Tibet-Bhutan tri-junction.
Nawaz Sharif tossed out as Pakistani PM after verdict and Panama Papers case. Imram Khan stands to benefit.
Liberian-Guinean couple arrested in Jakarta for distributing fake President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo re-election letters. The letters requested 51 companies to support Jokowi's re-election bid in 2019.
Pakistan delegation off to Bhutan to attend SARCC meeting. China's One Belt, One Road high on agenda.
Akie Abe, wife of Japanese prime minister, pretends to not know English during Hamburg G20 dinner. Ruse was designed so she didn't have to speak to the fat orange turd sitting next to her.
Ram Nath Kovind becomes India's first "Untouchable" president. Kovind is former governor of Bihar. Emanuel Macron wishes he was an "untouchable" president.
China questions India's control over Ladakh in Kashmir. Claims Ladakh is disputed between China, Pakistan, and India.
Singapore alarmed by Islamic State recruits in city-state. One tried to assassinate Singapore's president and prime minister.
Chinese media calls for Sikkim's independence. China claims specter of Indian invasion of Sikkim haunts Bhutan's own sovereignty.
India tries to compete with China's One Belt, One Road initiative in Myanmar. India comes up short.
Indonesia renames part of South China Sea the "North Natuna Sea." China protests move.
Calibri font lies at heart of Panama Papers scandal surrounding daughter of Pakistan's Nawaz Sharif. Fontgate could expose document forgery.
Mossad's covert operations in Sri Lanka detailed. When it comes to civil wars, Israel sees only opportunities to make money.
Bhutan wants a separate border deal with China without Indian interference. China wants an embassy in Thimphu, something Delhi opposes.
Trump White House not only referred to the People's Republic of China as the "Republic of China," which is on Taiwan, but Japan's Shinzo Abe as "President of Japan," a monarchy with an emperor. No wonder "Joe Trudeau" laughs at the mention of Trump. Sean Spicer referred to Trudeau as "Joe." Save America from the stupidity.
Khaltmaa Battulga becomes new president of Mongolia. Populist former judo star and real estate tycoon has been called the "Donald Trump" of Mongolia. Not another one!
China threatens to back "pro-independence appeals" in Sikkim. Border dispute could re-ignite drive for former indpendent kingdom's sovereignty from India.
China accuses India or militarizing border of Sikkim and Tibet. India's side has always been heavily militarized.
Turkmenistan and Gagauzia reps discuss bilateral ties. Gagauzia is an autonomous territorial unit of Moldova.
Conflict danger stop the "roof of the world." Military confrontation between India/Bhutan and China could intensify and widen.
Tokyoites First party in landslide win over scandal-ridden LDP in Tokyo regional election. Japan could soon have its first female prime minister, Yuriko Koike.
China building new military facilities on Fiery Cross, Mischief, and Subi Reefs in Spratleys. Join several other Chinese military facilities on islands.
Taiwan president tweets thanks to Trump for $1.42 billion arms deal from U.S. Will Trump soon start talking about Quemoy and Matsu?
Indonesia slaps travel ban on Trump's Indonesian business partner, politician Hary Tanoesoedibjo. Businessman has been called the "Indonesian Trump."
Border incident on China-Sikkim border. China accuses Indian troops of crossing into Tibet at the Nathu-La pass.
Shans want right of secession in new Burmese constitution. Bamars want to maintain principle of non-secession.
UN votes to send Chagos Islands dispute to The Hague court. Neo-colonialist regimes -- U.S., UK., Australia, Israel, and New Zealand -- voted no.
China wants Nigeria, Bahrain, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, and Ecuador to remove "Republic of China" from Taiwan trade offices. Taiwan trade mission in Nigeria recalled home.
Northern Laos dominated by China. Ton Pheung and other border towns have become virtual Chinese "sin city" enclaves in Laos.
Land offered for new Andhra state capital at Amravati. The new capital joins other new capital projects, including Burma's Naypyidaw, Tanzania's Dodoma, and Ivory Coast's Yamoussoukro.
Mad Dog Mattis sending 4000 more U.S. troops to Afghanistan. America's longest war and Trump is keeping it going.
Foreign embassies in Taipei are so few in number, they are all housed in the same building. Taiwan's International Cooperation and Development Fund, not coincidentally, is in the same building.
British Council, a "soft power" arm of Britain, signs deal with Sikkim government. Sikkim still yearns for a degree of restoration of its former independence.
India and Pakistan formally join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). A line against NATO has been drawn on the Eurasian continent. Turkey and Iran are next in line.

Mongolian presidential candidate emulates Trump. Battulga Khaltmaa adopts populist policies.
U.S.-India rift opens over Trump's charges about Indian receipt of billions of dollars from Paris climate accord. Indian foreign minister claims Trump is lying about deal.
India rejects Malabar war games invitation from Australia. Naval war games being held by Australia, Japan, and U.S.

North Korea ratified the Paris climate accord. Which makes the U.S. an outlier compared to North Korea. Pyongyang cut greenhouse gas emissions by 37 percent.
Lone gunman/arsonist kills 37 while trying to rob Manila casino. Trump calls it "terrorism" before all the facts were in. Gunman spoke English, looked Caucasian.
Trump meets with Vietnamese PM Phuc in Washington. Let's hope Trump spells his last name as "Phuc" and not "Fuck."
Duterte in war of words with Chelsea Clinton. Philippines president asks her, "When your father, the president of the United States, was screwing Lewinsky ... the girl there in White House, how did you feel? Did you slam your father?" What does Webb Hubbell have to do with it?
U.S. covertly brought THAAD missile units into South Korea without the knowledge of the South Korean president. Washington bypassed Moon Jae-in in decision, this fraying relations with the U.S.
ISIL suicide bomb in Jakarta kills three policemen at bus station. But the 24x7 cable wastelands focus only on Manchester. It's called cultural imperialism.
Duterte cut short Moscow visit to deal with ISIL taking over Marawi City in Mindanao and seizing Christian hostages. Duterte declares martial law in the south. These Muslim radicals certainly answered Trump's call in Riyadh for pro-Wahhabist Muslims to "drive out" the non-believers from their lands.
Philippines President Duterte visits Russia. Philippines declares de facto independence from U.S. military sphere.
At Silk Road summit in Beijing, the U.S. is an irrelevant afterthought. Leaders gather to plan major world infrastructure projects.
Cabotage policy ended for Sabah, Sarawak, and Labuan. Non-Malaysian flag vessels can now deliver goods to states.
Laotian and Cambodian troops face off on border. Cambodian PM plays down dispute.
Nepal joins One Belt One Road initiative. Plans for Kathmandu-Lhasa highway. 

U.S. tries to pressure China to disinvite North Korea from the China-hosted Silk Road summit. China, in effect, tells neocons in Trump administration they'll invite whoever they please.
Duterte appoints erotic dancer and blogger on masturbation techniques as his assistant presidential communications secretary. She ought to be a draw at the next ASEAN summit.
Jakarta's Christian Governor Ahok sentenced to 2 years in prison for blasphemy against Islam. Yes, such a wonderful and tolerant Wahhabism the Saudis have extended to Indonesia.
South Korea's new president, Moon Jae-in, favors closer ties with North Korea. Trump will have to pack up his war toys and head home.
New church dominates skyline in Changsha, China. Changsha, ironically, is the city where Mao grew up and joined the Communist Party.
North Korea claims CIA/South Korean intelligence plot to assassinate Kim Jong Un with "biochemical" substance. Now, the CIA would never think of doing such a thing, except to Castro, Lumumba, Chavez, Nasser, Sukarno, and countless others.
Mahadhdhoo Island in Gaafu Alifu Atoll in Maldives is up for sale. The Indian Ocean island-buying Saudis or Emiratis will likely scoop it up to spread the Wahhabist death cult throughout the Indian Ocean littoral.
Erdogan extends his influence into Kashmir. India troubled by Turkish dictator's mediation offer.
Nepal's first female chief justice suspended while facing impeachment. Justice clashed with government over police policies.

Trump applies pressure on <drum roll> South Korea. Wants Seoul to scrap trade treaty and pay for U.S. missile defense against North.
Mongolia asks Russia for air defense assistance. Northeast Asia beefing up military readiness in face of Korea tensions.
China renames parts of Arunachal Pradesh with Chinese names. Arunachal Pradesh chief minister protests.

Trump makes false claim about Xi Jinping. Claims Chinese president told him that Korea was once part of China. It was not and Xi would never claim such a thing. Advice for Trump: keep your dumb trap shut, you orange-faced shitgibbon.
Jakarta's Christian governor loses re-election to Muslim backed by radical Islamist parties. It's past time to stem the flow of Saudi and Qatari funds to Southeast Asian jihadist groups.
Trump has absolutely no idea about the identity of the North Korean leader. Trump combines three North Korean leaders as "this gentleman." Trump is beginning to make George W. Bush look like Socrates.
Chinese allies and friends to gather for "Silk Road" summit in Beijing. An international political bloc against Trump, who will not be in attendance, is forming.
Ex-President of Afghanistan Karzai denounces MOAB attack by Trump. Says Pentagon is using Afghanistan as a weapons lab.

Border tensions flare between Laos and Cambodia. Cambodian border area road stirs tensions.
China provides free military equipment to Laos. Hardware masked as "office equipment."
North Korean issue will not be settled on America's terms only. Best scenario is a post-Kim strictly non-aligned leader. Forget U.S. and South Korean troops on the Yalu River.

10-to-12 year old girl raised by monkeys in northern India. That's better off than being raised by Donald Trump.
Duterte orders Philippines military to occupy all Philippines-claimed islands in the South China Sea. Speed up the countdown clock to World War III.
China livid over Dalai Lama's visit to Arunachal Pradesh. China claims Indian state as its territory.
Montagnards flee to Thailand from Cambodia. Like the Hmong of Laos, the Montagnards of South Vietnam are the victims of the CIA's secret wars in Indochina.

Kazakh second satellite suffers failure. First satellite was hit with computer malfunction. US Cyber Command playing games with Russian-built satellites?
Chinese buying up land in Sabah. At least that will help keep the Islamists at bay.
Sarawak fights against attempt to Islamicize largely non-Muslim Malaysian state. Sarawak and Sabah independence from Saudi-influenced Malaya is the only answer.
North Korea suspected in cyber-heist of $81 million in Bangladesh funds held at Federal Reserve Bank in NY. Which means the North Koreans can hack into SWIFT.
Shinzo Abe mired in land sale scam involving his family. Does that also explain why Abe was the first leader to meet real estate scam baron Trump after his election in November?
South Korea concerned about safety of athletes in wake of attack on Kim Jong-nam. Hunan province in China is of particular concern.
Yogi Adityanath appointment as Uttar Pradesh chief minister portends Hindu extremism at expense of minorities. A return to Hindu-Muslim violence is a real threat.
Taiwan in talks over establishing diplomatic relations with Order of Malta. Move comes as Vatican-China ties may be imminent.

Taiwan accuses China of stepped-up espionage on island. Claims Chinese agents are masquerading as academics and businessmen.
Cambodia remains one of North Korea's closest allies in Asia. A leftover from the brotherly ties between Norodom Sihanouk and Kim Il Sung.
Philippines Vice President Leni Robredo criticizes Duterte's drug war. Calls for UN to investigate Duterte's crimes against humanity.
Violence after Indian troops cross into Nepal and shoot Nepali protester. Indians laying claim to Nepali territory.

Maldives denies it is selling the 26 islands of Faafu atoll to Saudi Arabia. Such a deal would represent a dangerous expansion of Wahhabi influence in Indian Ocean.
Duterte protests U.S. television show depicting a misogynist Philippines president. Duterte is competing with Trump as far as being a boor and Duterte is winning.
Chinese prime minister criticizes calls for Hong Kong independence. First time the issue has been raised publicly by a Chinese PM.

Saudi Arabia buying more influence in Indonesia as King Salman visits. Saudis move as Indonesia is becoming more Islamist.
Sindh's "CIA" -- Crime Investigation Agency is as corrupt as America's CIA -- and more dangerous. Sindhi agency a nest of corruption.
Maldives bans sex toys. Which means that Donald Trump is banned from visiting Maldives, since he is a giant dildo.
Kim Jong-nam assassinated by VX nerve agent. North Korea refuses to accept Malaysian police investigation.
Feline Pizzagate in Japan. Pizza Hut runs entirely by cats!
Senator calls Duterte "sociopathic serial killer." Senator was previously charged with drug crimes.
Singapore PM backs two-state solution in meeting with Netanyahu. First Israeli PM visit to Singapore.
Tunisia, Algeria, and Egypt oppose Gen. Hifter's power grab in Libya. Hifter is a CIA acolyte.
Muse Bihi Abdi sworn in as new president of Somaliland. East African officials attend inauguration.
Sudan leader discusses setting up Russian military base on Sudan's Red Sea coast. Omar al-Bashir says US has plan to divide Sudan into five states.
White farmers to be compensated for their farms in Zimbabwe. Major reversal of Mugabe policy.
Sweden gearing up to recognize Somaliland's independence. Sweden would break ranks with the UN, which has given Somaliland the cold shoulder.
Mugabe officially resigns. And Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.
All but three Cabinet ministers abandon Mugabe. VP tells Mugabe to resign.
Ex-Zambian President Kaunda flies to Zimbabwe to convince Mugabe to resign. Kaunda is one of the elder statesmen of southern Africa.
U.S. increasing troop levels in Somalia. U.S. troops now based in Puntland.
ZANU-PF recalls Mugabe as leader. Grace Mugabe ejected as leader of ZANU-PF's womens' league.
Trump reverses ban on elephant and lion trophy imports to U.S. from Zimbabwe and Zambia. Disgusting.
Indian proclaims himself King of Dixit. Claims contested Egyptian-Sudanese region as his kingdom.
Obama's Legacy: The failed state of Libya. Two rival governments and plenty of lawless brigands and warlords.
Human rights lawyers want ICC to prosecute Gen. Khalifa Haftar for war crimes. Haftar is a one-time asset of the CIA.
"Gucci Grace" Mugabe seeking to succeed her husband as dictator of Zimbabwe. Vice President sacked in preparation.
Ruling party to maintain grip on power in Equatorial Guinea. PDGE now holds 99 percent of parliamentary seats.
Glencore, a Swiss firm that reeks of gefilte fish, financially raped Burkina Faso. Glencore created shell corporations and dodged Burkinabe taxes.
Mugabe fires vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa. Power struggle in Zimbabwe with rumors of a military coup in the offing.
Western Sahara is Morocco's "Catalonia." Both colonies want to separate from two corrupt monarchies on both sides of the Strait of Gibraltar.
Protesters demand closure of Israeli embassy in South Africa. They know what Israelis represent in their nation: diamonds, gold, and influence-peddling.
Niger is key to AFRICOM success. It's all about oil and uranium.
SEAL Team 6 members investigated for murdering a Green Beret in Mali. This puts a new wrinkle on the deaths of four Green Berets in Niger.
Proposal for Zimbabwe to be split into two federal states: Mashonaland and Mthwakazi. Secession fever spreading through Africa.
Nikki Haley chased away from South Sudan refugee camp. Good riddance to her.
Fight for Ambazonian independence led by exiled president in the United States. A secessionist TV network operates from South Africa.
Djibouti hosts six foreign armies. U.S. and Chinese forces now found in same country.
Kenyan opposition pushes a "People's Republic of Kenya." Calls for secession from Kenya.
Chad added to US visa ban because it ran out of special passport paper. More stupidity from Trump administration.
Saif al-Islam Qadaffi returns to Libyan political scene. Expect a showdown between Qaddafi and the CIA's General Khalifa Hifter.
Panama Papers expose Africa's elites. Corruption rampant in Togo, DRC, Botswana, Rwanda, and Burundi.
Protesters demand answers on 30th anniversary of Thomas Sankara's assassination. Protesters hit Burkina Faso's streets.
Kentucky Fried Chicken delivery man in South Africa arrested for exposing himself to customer. Suggested new KFC ad motto: "Keep the cock in the bucket."
African nations severing relations with North Korea. Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Mozambique, Botswana, Benin, and Zambia join growing list.
Egypt building new capital. Location is 28 miles east of Cairo.
Arson attack on Somaliland embassy in Addis Ababa. One suspect held.
3 US Army Green Berets killed in Niger. Questions arise over U.S. presence in nation.
KPMG oversaw biggest accounting scandal in Botswana's history. The "Big 4" accountancy companies are actually fraud legitimacy firms.
Grenades thrown as homes of Ugandan opposition leaders. Both oppose Museveni's plans to be president-for-life.
Cameroon troops shoot to kill Ambazonian independence protesters. From Barcelona to Kumbo, it's open season on independence movements.
Casamance rebel group warns Australian miners. Rebels say Australians plan to loot secessionist region's natural resources.
Lesotho King ready to assume more political power. Country is currently a constitutional monarchy.
African leaders attend presidential inauguration in Angola. Putin, May, Sisi, and Modi were invited, but, apparently, Trump was not. Africa doesn't much care for white supremacists.
Kroll auditors demand access to Mozambique's economic data. If Kroll does to Mozambique what it did to the World Trade Center on 9/11, there won't be a Mozambique.
Swazi King misleads UN on freedom in Swaziland. Critics of King Mswati face two years in jail.
Nigerian army's "Operation Python Dance," obviously the work of AFRICOM, targets Biafran secessonists. Greater demands for secession in eastern Nigeria.
Abaluhya secessionists in court to demand independence from Kenya. Abaluhya was once called Eastern Uganda.
Ambazonians stage pro-independence protests across English-speaking regions of Cameroon. Yaounde cuts off Internet to region.
Mugabe family on shopping spree in Manhattan. Mugabe's son spotted in McDonald's near UN Plaza.
Japan conducts military drill at its base in Djibouti. Drill mimics a hostage situation involving Japanese nationals.
Oromo-Somali clashes in Ethiopia. Ethiopian troops sent in to quell riots.
Why all the Guineas? Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, and Equatorial Guinea are but a few.

Chad president Idriss Deby claims his forces are holding capital against advancing rebel forces. United Front for Change (FUC) says its forces are approaching the presidential palace in Ndjamena. Israel-Africa summit canceled over protests in Togo. Protesters demand no further rule by Eyadema family.
Peace Corps evacuated from Burkina Faso. ISIL, Al Qaeda threat cited.
Chad, a cipher for the Saudis, backs Muslim ex-Seleka troops battling Christians in Central African Republic. CAR is another failed state.
Zanzibar and Kuwait establish closer ties. Kuwait keen to exploit gas and oil reserves discovered in Zanzibar territory.
Zambia's forgotten political prisoner is a Barotseland independence activist. Alumba Mombotwa is being subjected to psychological torture.
Kenyan Supreme Court nullifies presidential election results. Orders new election.
Time to scrap Africa's anachronistic colonial borders. Historical nations should no longer be denied self-determination.
U.S. anthropologist deported from Algeria after she was charged with espionage. Anthropologists as CIA spies? Ask Barack Obama about his mother.
Swaziland police spy on pensioners. All public meetings monitored by Swazil government agents.
Russia providing Burkina Faso with military choppers. Russian air-launched weapons also going to country.
Comoros admitted to SADC. Burundi's application on hold.
Matabeleland pushes independence. But civil war would be outcome in Zimbabwe.
Buhari says Biafra secession talk crosses "red line." Social media criticized.
First Lady of Zimbabwe Grace Mugabe evades South African police. She escapes back to Harare on diplomatic passport.
South Africa to boycott Africa-Israel summit in Togo. Joins Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Mauritania.
Dalai Lama cancels Botswana visit. Strong Chinese pressure exerted on Gaborone.
In Ivory Coast, there is a battle of the beers. A worthy fight, indeed.
Post-election violence flares in Kenya as opposition rejects re-election of Uhuru Kenyatta. Will Trump now threaten to invade Kenya?
Spain shuts Ceuta-Morocco border crossing. Spain blames EU for influx of migrants.
In rigged election, Mauritania votes to abolish Senate and change flag. President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz to abolish term limit.
Mozambique had Kroll Associates, a firm with strong CIA ties, conduct major audits of Mozambican companies on behalf of Abu Dhabi. The CIA continues to be a wilderness of mirrors.
Kagame "wins" re-election in Rwanda with 98.66 percent of vote. Why not do like Kim Jong Un and round it off to 100 percent?
Botswana to host Dalai Lama over Chinese protests. Trade ties with Beijing .could be affected.
Cambridge Analytica is working for Kenyatta in election in Kenya. Kenyatta's opponent Raila Odinga is a distant cousin of Barack Obama.

VP William Ruto's house entered by potential assassin. Ruto and his family were away at the time.
DR Congo opposition readies plan to oust Kabila. Strikes and civil disobedience part of action plan.
Cashgate scandal involving procurement of weapons for UN peacekeeping troops in DRC rocks Malawi. Agriculture Minister Joseph Mwanamvekha implicated in theft of $30 million.
Tanzania and Kenya locked in trade embargo war. Odd, considering the old East African Community ties between the two nations.
Eritea's military ties to Saudi Arabia/UAE worry Ethiopia. Eritrea is another country where Israeli and Saudi interests converge.
Islamic State fighters head to remote southeast Libya after defeats along coast. They may find sanctuary in remote Libya, Sudan, and Chad.
UN eyeing peacekeeping base in South Sudan's Yei region. South Sudan independence was a pet project of Susan Rice and idiots like George Clooney and John Prendergast, who should all be sent to the country to do housekeeping and peacekeeping.
Chinese troops depart for first Chinese overseas military base in Djibouti. Chinese troops will share Djibouti territory with U.S. and French troops.
India spars with Malawi over Indian protection for dodgy Indian businessman. Chandrasaker More, a con-artist and racist, sounds like a Donald Trump kind of guy.
Obiang, Bongo, and Sassou-Nguesso form alliance of kleptocrats. Call it "Kleptocrats International." They should send application forms to Donald Trump, Mauricio Macri, and Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
Chinese vice foreign minister visits Comoros. China's Belt and Road initiative discussed.
Mauritania suspends Qatari-funded housing projects. Other humanitarian and charitable work funded by Qatar face similar action.
Israel involves itself in Lesotho's internal politics. Israeli ambassador to Lesotho gives "advice" to Lesotho politicians. Why? Lesotho doesn't practice Israeli-style apartheid and never has.
Renewed calls for Zuma to quit over links to billionaire Gupta family. All told, Trump makes Zuma look like Albert Schweitzer in comparison.
Concerned about losing one of its last diplomatic allies in Africa, Taiwan gives Swaziland $2.8 million in development aid. It's back to "checkbook diplomacy" between Taipei and Beijing.
Nigerian Muslim leader opposes secession of Nigerian states on religious grounds. Saudi influence at play south of the Sahara.
Dreaming of an independent Western Cape. There is some support for what would become the gem of Africa.

Convicted for GOP lobbyist Jack Abramoff lobbied Trump administration on behalf of Congo's Denis Sassou-Nguesso. Dana Rohrabacher was middleman.
New ZANU-PF slogan in Zimbabwe: "Support Mugabe or die!" Mugabe may give Trump some ideas.
Eritrean soldiers occupy Dumeira Mountain, claimed by Djibouti, after Qatari peacekeepers left. Eritrea supports Saudi-led bloc against Qatar.
New jihadist franchise, Jamaat Nusrat al-Islam wal-Muslimee, attacks resort in Mali. How many of Qaddafi's weapons were handed tlo tghis group by the CIA?
Clashes in Rif region of Morocco. Protesters demand jobs and end to corruption, backing new organization Al-Hirak al-Shaabi.
China wants Nigeria, Bahrain, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, and Ecuador to remove "Republic of China" from Taiwan trade offices. Taiwan trade mission in Nigeria recalled home.
Northern Laos dominated by China. Ton Pheung and other border towns have become virtual Chinese "sin city" enclaves in Laos.
Land offered for new Andhra state capital at Amravati. The new capital joins other new capital projects, including Burma's Naypyidaw, Tanzania's Dodoma, and Ivory Coast's Yamoussoukro.
Chinese show interest in Cabo Verde. China makes play for influence in Lusophone Africa.
Secession fever sweeps Nigeria. Get ready for Biafra, Oodua, Niger Delta State, and Kaduna.
Botswana plans electrified fence along border with Zimbabwe. Everyone wants their own "Trump wall" now.
Somaliland backs Saudis/UAE against Qatar. Somalia remains neutral, antagonizing Riyadh.
Djibouti downgrades relations with Qatar. Senegal recalls ambassador to Doha.
Togo president cancels meeting with Netanyahu after Israeli security personnel punched and shoved Togolese security guards. Typical Israeli Jews: pushy and arrogant.
Mauritanian opposition parties urge government to reverse cut-off in relations with Qatar. Criticize Mauritania's subservience to "foreign agendas." That would be Saudi and Israeli agendas.
Sudan offers to mediate Saudi-Qatar rift. Sudan opposes cutting of ties with Qatar.
Mauritania cuts ties with Qatar. Gabon may follows suit.
Israel looking for allies in Africa. Africans are no fools, they know Israeli supported apartheid regimes in South Africa and Rhodesia and bantustans in southern Africa and continues to enact apartheid in the West Bank.

Camouflage clothing banned for civilians and security agencies by Gambian government. Camouflage only authorized for members of armed forces.
Rwandan government limits presidential candidates' use of social media. Typical move for Kagame's dictatorship.
Jacob Zuma survives rape trial, corruption trial, and efforts to eject him from office. Zuma may have even survived an assassination-by-poison attempt.
Algerian president names Abdelmadjid Tebboune prime minister after ruling party's election win on May 4. National Liberation Front has governed Algeria since independence.
Burkina Faso backs Taiwan at World Health Assembly. JOins Britain, Germany, Australia, and U.S.
Djibouti Prime Minister to visit Somaliland. Somaliland hopes visit might lead to its first diplomatic recognition.
Niger opposition leader to be tried on sedition charges. Niger is one of Mad Dog Mattis's West African "allies." It figures.
Ethiopian opposition leader convicted on "terrorism" charge. Anyone opposed to the regime is a "terrorist."
Ivory Coast troops end mutiny. Soldiers will receive bonuses.
Sudan's Omar al-Bashir to meet with Trump at Islamic Summit in Saudi Arabia. Bashir is under indictment by the International Criminal Court.
Serbian ambassador to Libya dies in car crash. Few details are offered by Libyans.
Trial of Blaise Compaore's ex-ministers begins in Burkina Faso. Will the trial expose Compaore's role in the assassination of predecessor Thomas Sankara? That's the big question in Burkina Faso today.
Another Nigerian president heading to a hospital. Mohammadu Buhari heading to London after serious illness rumors. When they leave, it is usually in a coffin.
Benin's Egungung secret society. Members believe they can kill with one touch. Sounds like the Skull and Bones.
Egypt denies plan for military base in Eritrea. Saudis, UAE, and Israel already have bases in Eritrea.
Seychelles opens embassy in Havana. Mission opened by President Danny Faure.

Uganda's Punishment Island: It's where pregnant girls are sent to die. Nice to know AFRICOM is there to protect places like Punishment Island.
U.S. blocks Namibian arms deal with China. The long reach of AFRICOM.
New Chinese ambassador to Guinea-Bissau speaks fluent Portuguese. Envoy previously served in Angola.
Swazi king wants to ban divorce. And King Mswati has 13 wives.
Erik Prince's sordid involvement with Kenyan mercenary leader and Seychelles coup plotters. Prince is merely an adjunct of the CIA.

Soros sued by Israel mining tycoon Benny Steinmetz over failed Guinea mining deal.When Zionists fight, it's always in court.
Tunisia moves closer to NATO membership. NATO opening "Tunisian Intelligence Fusion Center" in country. Mr. "America First" Trump overseeing expansion of NATO into Africa.
Senegal shows off new military hardware in parades. As if it has nothing else to spend money on.
Saudi Arabia and Sudan hold joint air force drill. Jointly form an anti-Iran axis.

Erik Prince held secret meeting in Seychelles on behalf of Trump administration to steer Russia away from Iran support. WMR reported on UAE use of Seychelles last month.
Chinese ambassador to Liberia warns of underground Taiwanese channels in country. Says presidential candidates are targets of Taiwan's "dollar diplomacy."
Swaziland wants to annex large portions of Mozambique and South Africa, including Pretoria. A new term to reckon with: Pan-Swazism.
Attempt to write Kwame Nkrumah out of Ghanaian history. The CIA never gives up on these foolish quests.
Anglophone leaders on trial in Cameroon. English-speaking Cameroon wants freedom as the Republic of Ambazonia.
U.S.-Africa trade meeting in Los Angeles was missing key attendees: Africans. Trump regime denied visas to invited guests from
Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and South Africa.
Benin considers single 6-year presidential term. Move supported by President Patrice Talon.
Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation and TBC1 radio station fall for fake news. False news story about Trump praising Tanzanian president aired.
Equatorial Guinea's Teodoro Obiang Nguema promotes vigilante killings. Obiang is one of Africa's longest-serving dictators.

Botswana and Palestine establish diplomatic relations. Israel's influence in a diplomatic ally curtailed.
Mugabe racking up more frequent flyer miles than Trump. 93-year old despot is called the "nomad president."
South African security minister takes on fake news and social media. David Mahlobo wants new regulations imposed on social media.

Trump moving to seize control of land in three Pacific nations for military use. Palau to feel the brunt, along with Yap and Marshall Islands.
Tongan PM removed by king returned in election. Tongan legislature shows there are limits to royal rule.
NZ Prime Minister's father, Ross Ardern, to become administrator of Tokelau. Nepotism everywhere.
Bougainville President says PNG is undermining his government. John Monis claims interference is timed to affect 2019 independence referendum.
American Samoa wants to set up an office in Samoa but Washington resists. Eastern Samoa, not "American Samoa," should be independent of Washington and unite with its sister island nation.
West Papuan United Liberation Movement Summit held in Port-Vila, Vanuatu. West Papuan flag flying in Port-Vila.
NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern backtracks on her comments about the stupidity of Donald Trump. Did Trump think she was the wife of Justin Trudeau?
Rohingya and Bangladeshi refugees killing themselves in motorcycle accidents in Nauru. Are motorcycles part of the refugee aid packages these days?
NZ PM Ardern responded to Trump's insult at East Asia summit dinner. Trump claimed the "lady caused a lot of upset in her country." Ardern responded: "No one marched when I was elected." Resignation of Tasmanian senator latest in OZ "birther" issue. Turnbull government teetering on brink after resignations.
Turnbull loses majority with MP resignation. Australia has an actual "birther" issue.
China delivers aircraft to Micronesia. Plane to be used for cargo and medical services.
Paradise Papers highlights shell corporations in Cook Islands, Marshall Islands, Samoa and Vanuatu. It's how the 1 percent do their business.
France sets 2018 date for New Caledonia independence referendum. Macron says colony would do best as part of France. Bretagne and Corsica would do better apart from France, "Monsieur Colon."
American Samoa fears abandonment like Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands. "Eastern Samoa" should re-unite with independent Samoa and kick out the American colonizers.
Taiwan grants visa waivers to Marshall Islands, Kiribati, Nauru, the Solomon Islands, Palau, and Tuvalu. Taiwan trying to maintain Pacific bulwark against Chinese diplomatic ties with island states.
New Zealand says no home purchases for foreigners, except Australians. Law primarily aimed at Chinese.
Fijian mercenaries for Paladin Solutions head to PNG's Manus Island for Australian detention center closure. Mercenaries now active in the "Pacific" Ocean.
Five Australian parliamentary members resign over dual citizen status. The US Congress and Trump's Cabinet could use a rule like that.
Australian police raid union offices in Sydney and Melbourne. Fascism is as fascism does.
US ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa Scott Brown makes "inappropriate comments" to women at reception in Samoa. It's in keeping with Trump to have a boor represent him abroad.
Winston Peters becomes New Zealand deputy prime minister. Coalition government focused on climate change.
Jacinda Ardern becomes New Zealand prime minister. Labor heads three-party coalition of nationalists and Greens.
Malaysian-Australian senator calls for closer ties with China. Penny Wong is Labor's foreign affairs spokesperson.
Bitcoin can buy Vanuatu citizenship. 42 Bitcoins = $200,000.
PNG reneging on Bougainville independence referendum. The once-colonized play colonialists.
Australian Senator Nick Xenophon resigns over UK dual citizenship. If similar rules were applied to a certain group in the U.S. Congress, scores would have to resign.
UN gears up to monitor New Caledonian independence referendum. Native Kanaks don't want French mainland carpetbaggers voting.
Vanuatu foreign policy rift over prime minister's support for West Papuan independence. Former prime minister exposed as Indonesian lackey.
Tuvalu buys rock from Nauru to combat sea erosion. Rock transported by Vanuatu landing craft.
Cook Islands to be declared a developed country in 2018. International aid to cease upon declaration by OECD.
Samoa acting PM reacts to North Korean threat to detonate H-bomb over Pacific. Says, "We have God by our side and I am confident Samoa is safe from harm.” 
New Zealand PM English ahead of Labor in vote count. Coalition talks begin.
World's newest and growing "micronation" - the Trash Isles. First citizen: Al Gore.
Lost to rising seas due to global climate change: Laiap, Nahtik, Ros, Kepidau en Pehleng, and Nahlapenlohd. "Chinese hoax," according to Trump.
Fiji-flagged ships probed for North Korean links. North accused of using falsely-flagged Fiji ships for evading sanctions.
Polynesian Leaders Group largest in South Pacific Forum. Includes Wallis and Futuna, French Polynesia, Tonga, Tuvalu, the Cook Islands, Niue, Samoa, American Samoa and Tokelau, with Easter Island and Hawai'ias observers. A future independent Polynesian Union in the making?
Pauline Hanson in reimbursement row after she visited Norfolk Island in support of the Norfolk autonomy party. Any politician supporting the Norfolk Island People for Democracy will run afoul of the Australian Deep State and The Guardian, which is one of the Five Eyes outlets.
Grand Chief Sir Bob Bofeng Dadae become Governor-General of Papua New Guinea. First Morobean to hold post.
Right-wing French politician in New Caledonia wants independence referendum question altered. French "colon" Sonia Backes doesn't want a sovreignty option.
Former Kiribati President Teburoro Tito takes up reins as Kiribati's ambassador to the UN. Tito resigns from parliament.
Vanuatu, Nauru, Tonga, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, the Marshall Islands, and Palau want UN to take action on Indonesian human rights abuses in West Papua. They are supported by Papuan advocacy groups in Australia and New Zealand.
Tongan government dismissed by king. ‘Akilisi Pohiva was the first "commoner" to hold post of prime minister.
New South Wales Assemblyman claims he was victim of "massage" scam in New York. Two underage males attempted to shake down Gareth Ward in blackmail scheme. That may be true, but "naughty, naughty" Mr. Ward for booking a massage from a male masseuse outfit and not from the Intercontinental Hotel concierge desk.
Attacker of Cook Islands teen permitted to fly out of islands. Cover-up suspected. Pretty good chances the attacker carried an Israeli passport.
Turaga Nation leader on trial in Vanuatu. Tribal leader wants a country for his people on Pentecost Island.
Former Norfolk CM calls for free association of island with New Zealand. Move to break from Australian colonial control gains steam.
Norfolk Island could transfer to New Zealand administration. Australia has bungled its neo-colonial administration of the former self-governing territory.
NZ minority party leader refers to Labor leader Jacinda Ardern as "lipstick on a pig." Gareth Morgan accused of misogyny.
Australia signs security pact with Solomon Islands. Agreement turns Solomons into a de facto colony. Australia is on a neo-colonial march: first, Norfolk Island, second, the Solomons, next ???
Growing rift between Australia and New Zealand over Jones's citizenship status. Australian Foreign Minister attacks New Zealand Labor Party.
NZ confirms Australian Deputy PM Barnaby Jones is a dual Aussie-Kiwi citizen. Australian law bars Jones from serving in office.
NZ Post accused of secretly recording conversations between mail deliverers and homeowners. FIVE EYES in action.
Trump foresees 10-fold increase in tourism for Guam amid North Korean missile threat. Guam's GOP governor agrees like a wagging dog.
New Zealand will not commit to militarily helping the U.S. if North Korea attacks Guam. ANZUS is now "AUS" sans New Zealand.
Effort underway to protect Cook Isladnds languages. Languages include Cook Maori.
Tuvalu looks at reclamation of lost land from sea. Netherlands experience could prove useful.
Australian neo-colonialism stifles Norfolk Island business. Australia's "reach out and grab something" harms Norfolk feed importer.
Kuwaiti diplomat expelled from New Zealand. Assault incident involving Kuwaiti follows one in which a Malaysian diplomat broke into a New Zealand woman's home and shat outside her house.
Turnbull in political trouble over leaked phone call with Trump. Trump praised Turnbull for being "worse" on refugees than himself.
Ban on alcohol sale on Vanuatu's Mystery Island. Tourists are out of luck.
Niue institutes new user fees, including doubling the departure tax. Government wants to maintain debt-free status.
Sorcery charges delay Papua New Guinea vote count. So, that's how Trump won in the US.
Two Australian Green Party senators forced to resign over their dual citizen status with Canada and New Zealand, respectively. Now, how many dual Australian-Israelis remain in office untouched?
Australian foreign minister taken aback at Trump's comments to Madame Macron about her appearance. Julie Bishop said Trump should look at his own appearance.
Tonga joins the Chinese-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). The days of U.S. dominance over the Pacific are over.
I-Kiribati prepare for climate change refugee status as Pacific waters inundate crops and fresh water supplies on islands. Tuvaluans in same boat.
New Zealand calls on Nauru to lift ban on journalists covering Pacific Islands Forum meeting. Journalists forced to pay a non-refundable $6089 visa application fee that would likely be rejected. Don't let Trump hear about this.
Australian troops train on jamming WiFi signals as part of electronic warfare regimen. Troops recently used their jamming skills in Iraq, Afghanistan and East Timor.
Republican US House cuts off funding for Palau. China ready to step in and become former U.S. territory's chief sponsor.
Major rift in New Zealand-Tokelau relations. New Zealand upset over Tokelau desire to control air service to and from islands.
U.S. relations with Micronesia and Marshall Islands go into freeze over U.S. police shooting deaths of Micronesian and Marshallese citizens. Compacts of Free Association jeopardized.
Vatican cardinal George Pell charged by Australia with child sex abuse crimes. Pell serves as Pope Francis's chief financial adviser in the Vatican.
Palau and Vanuatu join Cook Islands on maritime flag of convenience black list. Pacific states represent a quarter of the black list.
Beijing Airlines opens direct route to Saipan. Northern Marianas gets a head start on the "New Chinese Century." PNAC ands the New American Century died long ago.
Romanian arrested in Samoa for trying to scam funds from local bank. Did the police find his Israeli passport?
ISIL can't gain a foothold in predominantly Christian West Papua. But the Islamists in Indonesia will try and change that.
Kiwi Prime Minister has cultural problems in Niue. Island state wants to become a UN member against New Zealand's wishes.
Vanuatu President Baldwin Lonsdale dies from heart attack. Lonsdale was 67.

Australian PM Turnbull mocks Trump in leaked audio recording. Will Trump now nuke Canberra?
In Israel, Nauru President Baron Waqa claims Nauruans are descendants of the "lost tribes of Israel." From southern Africa and northeastern India to Japan and Mexico, Israel is pushing the nonsensical theme that there are lost "Jewish tribes" around the world. And there are unicorns, leprechauns, and tooth fairies, too.
Samoa to formally become a Christian state. Constitutional Amendment Act passed unanimously by parliament.
Former Kiribati president Anote Tong says Trump is like a "classroom bully." Also says Trump is selfish. All true, but it's not like someone can just "depants"or give a wedgie to the bullying asshole. But it's a nice visual anyway.
Somali refugee who was under police surveillance carried out terrorist attack at the Melbourne area apartment of a sex escort. Yacqub Khayre had violent criminal past.
New Zealanders give Tillerson the finger over climate pact withdrawal. New Zealand proud of standing up to the U.S. over nukes, climate.
Trump gives the finger to Palau and Solomon Islands. Both existentially threatened by climate change. The islanders' forebearers helped U.S. troops defeat the Japanese. But Trump's father supported the Axis in that war. Like father, like son.

Tuvalu PM Enele Sopoaga orders government to cancel all cooperation with United States over Trump's climate accord withdrawal. Tuvalu is the most affected from rising sea levels.
Vanuatu president Baldwin Lonsdale recognizes Jerusalem as capital of Israel. Israeli "checkbook diplomacy" in action.
Australia to ban convicted pedophiles from traveling abroad. There goes the Sydney-Bangkok air express.
Australian indigenous leaders meet in historic first summit. First Nations Convention meets at Uluru, formerly known as Ayer's Rock.
Norfolk Island: rebels in paradise. The more Australia leans on formerly self-governing island, the more defiant the islanders become. Colonialists never learn their lessons.

No Macron party parliamentary candidates in French Pacific territories. Macron barely edged out Le Pen in New Caledonia in second-round presidential election.
Trump sanctions Nauru because it recognizes Abkhazia and South Ossetia as independent. Trump's anti-Russia diplomatic policy is the same as that of Obama.
Henderson Island has highest percentage of plastic waste than anywhere in the world. Uninhabited nature preserve has become a garbage dump.
Samoa admitted to China's Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). Move extends Chinese clout in South Pacific.
West Papuan independence leader seeks Maori assistance. Benny Wenda meeting with Maori and Pacific Islander MPs in New Zealand.
New Zealand protest involves inflatable poo emojis floating on lake. Environmentalists blame government for "more poo and wee in the water." Be quiet! Coca Cola will start bottling it!

Turnbull tells Trump to stop focusing on media. Turnbull's relationship with Trump can only go south from here.
Australian foreign minister denies U.S. has delayed interviewing refugees in Nauru. Refugee deal may still be in question.
Former Vanuatu MPs to be retried on conspiracy charges. Appeals court quashed original convictions.
Pence boosts troops' "morale" in American Samoa. Yes, it's tough duty ensuring fealty from a U.S. colonial Pacific island group and Dan Quayle's "happy campers."
THAAD operational in Guam. Primary defense against a North Korean missile attack.
Detainee on Manus Island claims Australian guards started riots. Guards had been transferred from the Nauru detention center.
Guam mobilizes for showdown with North Korea. Guam residents urged to remain "vigilant" as fighter jets arrive from Singapore.
Nauru will soon be recognizing Alania. South Ossetia to change name.
Turnbull interferes in Papua New Guinea election by praising incumbent prime minister. Neo-colonialism still runs strong in Canberra and Wellington.

Chinese company to upgrade Vanuatu airport runway. Bauerfield International runway's present condition resulted in canceled flights by Air New Zealand and Qantas.
Solomons and Indonesia to exchange police intelligence on terrorists. Beware of Saudi Wahhabist designs on the South Pacific via Indonesia.
FBI raids office of Saipan casino. Louis Freeh, Ed Rendell, James Woolsey, and Haley Barbour sit on casino's board.
Micronesia a player in China's Belt and Road Initiative. Project comprises Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road.
Low turnout in Vanuatu provincial elections. Vote held in Malampa, Penama, Shefa and Tafea.
More powers devolved to Bougainville government. Bougainville president expects financing also.
New Zealand expels U.S. diplomat who left country with a black eye and broken nose. Looks like Trump has himself a new deputy Secretary of State. Colin White is an NSA technician who worked with NSA's NZ counterpart, GCSB.
U.S. fingerprinting refugees on Nauru and Manus Island prior to transfer to U.S. 1500 refugees undergoing extreme vetting per Trump's order.

U.S. to abandon Quad fishing surveillance agreement in Pacific. Pacific states refuse to share information about their waters with Washington.
Labor sweeps away Liberal-Nationals in Western Australia.
New premier vows to stop privatization schemes.
Visa-free agreement in works between Russia and Micronesia. The South Pacific is no longer an "American lake."
Children as young as 7 employed as laborers in Samoa. ILO demands Saoman government take corrective action.
Anton Bakov wanted to buy three Kiribati islands to revive the Romanov dynasty. Bakov wanted to buy Malden Island and two other Southern Line isles for resort complex. Kiribati rejected the offer.
3200 Phaethon to skirt past Earth. Asteroid is a civilization killer.
Is Oumuamua an inter-stellar planet seeder? Alien asteroid is unique.
Leaders of Anguilla, Ascension Island, Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Falkland Islands, Gibraltar, Montserrat, Pitcairn Islands, St Helena, and Turks and Caicos meeting with May in London. Britain trying to maintain what's left of its empire.
Progressives win seats in Falkland Islands Legislative Assembly. Five of the eight members are new.
Tristan da Cunha claims one of the world's remotest bars: The Albatross. The Faraday Bar in Antarctica features donated ladies' undies.
Raytheon initiates new Common Ground System at radar stations in Antarctica and Svalbard. There is little done by Raytheon that does not have a military component.
British Overseas Territories leaders hold summit in Miami. This is a sign that Britain is willing to allow the United States to intervene between London and Anguilla, Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Gibraltar, Montserrat and the Turks and Caicos Islands. Trump would have his eyes set on all these territories for hotel and resort expansion.
Chinese company will build new airport terminal in Bermuda. China's "One Belt, One Road" taking shape.
Iceland to choose between conservatives embroiled in financial and sex scandals and a Red-Green alliance committed to expanded social services. The choice is obvious.
St. Helena airport opens. Island that was once Napoleon's prison is now a tourst destination.
Norway nixes Finnish air link to Svalbard. Norway is violating the Svalbard Treaty on orders from NATO.
Icelandic PM sold bank shares prior to financial collapse. Benediktsson's father involved in scandal surrounding child sex offender.
Falklands welcomes students from Uruguay, Chile, and Brazil. But no Argentinians.
China eyes former U.S. air base in Azores. A deal could provide China with new U.S.-built housing and an operational runway for "scientific research."
Icelandic government falls over pedophile scandal involving father of prime minister. Independence Party forces to call snap election.
While Syrian migrants have been located in Orkney and Western Isles, resistance to them in the Shetlands is weakening. Some Shetlanders want Syrian migrants resettled in Shetlands. British tried to wipe out tiny Heligoland with the biggest non-nuclear explosion in history. Heligolanders rebuilt the island after returning from exile.
Ascension Island now as remote as Tristan da Cunha. Without air link, only way to reach island is by mail boat from South Africa.
Nunavut Alaska Constitutional Convention meets. 56 Yukon-Kuskokwim tribal villages prepare for autonomy.
NASA's laser system in Svalbard represents more militarization of the territory that by treaty is to be military free. Laser designed to track orbiting satellites.
New ship provides cargo service between Isles of Scilly and Cornwall. That means more beer for the Isles.
Falklands to suffer without millions of euros in development aid. Brexit not popular on islands.
Pyramiden: the abandoned Soviet city in Svalbard. It's the "Pompeii of Soviet Communism."
Chinese intelligence collection ship spied on THAAD missile test off Alaska. China has 6 such vessels.
Shetland, Orkney, and Western Isles chart their own course. Scottish bill to grant more decision making to island governments.
Tristan da Cunha, St. Helena, and Falklands reps to discuss Brexit with House of Lords committee. Economic impact on islands at top of agenda.

Ascension islanders stranded by flight stoppage of Royal Air Force. Economy of island threatened.
Nigel Phillips becomes new governor of Falkland Islands. Phillips speaks Russian, an indication that Britain foresees issues with Russia regarding the Antarctic since Phillips is also commissioner of South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands.
South Africa's Airlink will operate first commercial air service to St. Helena. Island will be serviced from Cape Town.
U.S. Coast Guard wants armed icebreakers. "Knee-deep navy" wants to clash with Russia and China in Arctic.
Jan Mayen and Svalbard shorelines polluted with plastic waste. Trash carried by Gulf Stream.
Argentine diplomat: Falkland Islands destined for independence in 2033. Calls for Argentine recognition of islanders' sovereignty wishes.
Faroes-Russia seafood trade bypassing EU sanctions. Brussels's tentacles don't reach the islands.
Greenland former foreign minister forced out of government after complaining to UN about U.S. and Danish human rights violations over military waste left on island
. Denmark shows its true colonialist colors in its support for Washington.
Azores hosts Sargasso Sea conference. Delegates attend from Azores, Bahamas, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Canada, Cayman Islands, Monaco, U.K. and the U.S.
Brazil allowing British RAF cargo planes to refuel in Porto Alegre and Sao Paulo. Argentina complains.
Tillerson signs Arctic Council declaration that recognizes climate change. Signals a rift between State Department and climate change non-believer Scott Pruitt at EPA.
Arctic Council nations meet in Alaska. Meeting comes amid military buildup in Arctic region.
No drunks allowed in Westman Islands pub. They're usually found wandering the streets, though.
Labor manifesto to declare support for Falkland Islands sovereignty under Britain. No deal with Argentina in document.

Hotbed of support for Scottish independence in Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha. Which begs the question. Are these colonies of England or would they be overseas territories of an independent Scotland? If the inhabitants identify as Scottish, they are Scottish territories.
U.S. Northern Edge military exercise threatens Alaskan environment. Critical commercial salmon season and migrating animals under threat. But, animals and fishing boats make great targets to Herr Trump!
Doomsday data vault joins the doomsday seed vault in Svalbard. Copies of the Brazilian Constitution and Incan period documents are being stored. Why?
Argentina keeps calling the "Malvinas" the Falkland Islands. Cartography isn't Argentina's strong suit. Stick to the tango.
Arctic coast guards sign protocol on cooperation. But Russia is frozen out of information shared between NATO members and NATO hopefuls Sweden and Finland.
Argentine billionaire with close ties to Israel seeks to buy Falkland Islands largest land owner. UK Prime Minister May could block deal as not being in UK's national interest.
Chinese investors interested in Murmansk. Every major power is interested in the Arctic these days.
WASP-18b determind to be a hot Jupiter. No water and not hospitable for life.
3200 Phaethon to pass near Earth before Christmas. Phaethon is the Greek demi-god who tried to set Earth on fire.
Alien bugs may have arrived on Earth in space dust. The cicadas, with their long and unearthly hibernation periods, probably arrived in meteorites.
55 Cancri e may be a double-sized Earth. But it is too hot on its solar side and too cold on its dark side.
Fireballs streak across skies of Europe and U.S. Better hope they're not these:
Planet 9 said to be ice planet four times larger than Earth. Planet temperature is -375 degrees Fahrenheit. That's almost as cold as Buffalo in the winter.
A repeating super-nova is discovered. Some stars enjoy life after death.
Scientists puzzled over giant planet or failed star. Body is 13 times the size of Jupiter.
Most ancient spiral galaxy to date discovered. A1689B11 formed just 2.6 billion years after Big Bang.
NGTS-1b, largest planet ever discovered, defies science. Gas giant is 600 light years away.
Levitating sand on Mars. Caused by boiling water. But, we were told there is no water on Mars.
Interstellar asteroid entered solar system. It's the first such detection of an exo-asteroid. Martian moon Phobos is a high-voltage hazard. Astronauts may have to steer clear.
Lava tubes discovered in the moon. Could house future habitats.
Haumea has a ring. Dwarf planet joins Saturn with feature.
Mapping the dark side of the Milky Way. It's 66,000 light years away.
Strange Mars pits baffle scientists. May be remnants of hge ice fields.
Proxima B's aurora may be detectable. It's the closest exoplanet to Earth.
Mars colony may turn out to be a nightmare. Is Elon Musk a sociopath?
Tabby's Star continues to confound scientists. Strong belief that a Dyson Sphere has been constructed around the star.
LHC searching for Higgs-Boson's dark sector twin. Who regulates what the LHC is doing?
Solar storm causes planet-wide auroras on Mars. Martian surface radiation levels double.
Gravitational wave from collision of two black holes reach Earth. Wave given name of GW170814.
Giant ice blades found on Pluto. Some are the size of skyscrapers. Maybe we can send Trump to one, so he will feel at home.
Scientists discover a brainless animal that sleeps. As opposed to Trump, a brainless animal who tweets.
Cosmic rays originate in exo-galaxies. Discovery made by Pierre Auger Observatory in Argentina.
Binary asteroid behaves like a comet. 288P discovered by Hubble.
Three new "Super-Earth" exoplanets discovered. They are 100 light-years away.
"Planet 9" did not come from another solar system. Planet created in our own backyard.
New exopolanet is almost completely black. WASP-12b is a gas giant with no clouds.
Massive solar flares continue. Flares originating from same region on sun, AR2673.
Massive sunspots and solar flares have scientists worried about the sun. Sudden solar activity is unusual.
New Horizons to fly-by Kuiper Belt object. 2014 MU69 is 4 billion miles from Earth.
Massive solar flare released by sun. Strongest in a decade.
Massive black hole found at center of Milky Way galaxy. It's 25,000 light years from Earth.
Hidden pockets of gas fuel stars. Does that mean the "Big Bang" was just one gigantic fart?
Mysterious signals intercepted from dwarf galaxy 3 billion light years away. Could be from extragalactic alien propulsion system.
Cassini transmits images of Saturn's strange vortex before crashing into gas giant. Nothing ever seen like the hexagon vortex.
It's raining diamonds on Neptune. Israel is likely working on the launch of a collection vessel bound for Neptune.

Best image ever captured of another sun. Antares is 620 light-years from Earth.
Animals are smarter than some humans. Animals don't stare into the sun, eclipse or no eclipse.
Voyager 1 now 13 billion miles from Earth. Carrying “Johnny B. Goode" into inter-stellar space.
Designer of NASA's space maps to Earth regrets move. Says they could pinpoint Earth to alien invaders.
TRAPPIST-1 twice as old as our solar system. Chances for evolved life, therefore, increases.
Four Earth-like planets, two in habitable zone, found orbiting nearby sun. Tau Ceti is only 12 light-years from Earth.
Fossil of largest dinosaur ever discovered in Argentina. Patagotitan weighed over 70 tons.
Hubble spots expolanet with a hot water atmosphere. Can't NASA come up with a better name than WASP 121b? How about Minerva?
Storm rages on Neptune. Storm is about the size of Earth.
First exo-moon possibly detected. That means other planets also have lunatics.
NASA hiring planetary protection officer to protect us from alien species
. Species are considered alien microbes. We have just the guy:
Image result for dr bornstein
Facebook shuts down AI after it invents its own language, not decipherable by humans.  SkyNet is operational.
Membrane-forming chemicals found in Titan. Could have spawned basic life forms.
Scientists building Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE) outside of Chicago. If it does anything like the LHC at CERN, some Chicagoans may wake up to an entirely different Chicago.
New exo-planet hunting telescopes operational in Chile and Canary Islands. Humans have to find a new home because the corporate pigs have turned this planet into a sty.
Strange radio signals received from nearby Ross 28 red dwarf system. "ET phone home."
In search of planets orbiting Barnard's Star. Super-Earth may orbit star.
GIF of a horse stored in DNA of e.Coli bacteria. That missing computer file could soon be found in your common cold germ.
Smallest star ever discovered. Scientists call it EBLM J0555-57Ab. Why not just call it "Donald's Dick."
LHC discovers a "charming" particle. God only knows what CERN has in mind for the Ksī-CC plus-plus particle. A "charming" weapon, perhaps?
Milky Way hosts runaway stars from other galaxies. They must have been abused by their original galaxies.
Archaeologists discover secret square underneath Avesbury stone circle. And it's not Paul Lynde?
NASA denies it has made contact with aliens. News peg on this story: it is the 70th anniversary of the Roswell incident.
Beyond Planet 9, there may be a Planet 10. But Pluto will always be Planet 9.

NASA wants a close-up mission to Uranus. Nope, nope. We're not going there!
10 new "Earth-like" planets discovered. Trump wants to find some way to pollute them.
China launches Hard X-ray Modulation Telescope (HXMT). Move over America, China is dominating in space.
Discovery that all stars are born in pairs. So where is our sun's twin?

The mysterious pit on Mars. Scientists scratch heads.

Exoplanet discovered with clouds of rubies and sapphires. Israel and the Saudis will probably now jointly launch a space freighter to Wasp 12b.
Ancient Martian lake may have teemed with life. But scientists say life was limited to microbes, not Martian trout.
Snowing on Jupiter. Ski Jupiter!
Mars was a water planet longer than believed. Gale Crater was once a lake.

Proof of parallel universe discovered. Cold spot has scientists excited about evidence of a multiverse.
Tabby's Star dips in brightness. Possibility of proving existence of a Dyson's Sphere.
Warm Neptune-like exoplanet discovered. Water vapor in atmosphere.

Photos taken by Curiosity of black sand dunes on Mars. In Hawaii, the black sand is from volcanic activity.
Saturn's hexagonal vortex is bright blue. And it's weird, just weird.

Cassini discovers "big empty" gap between Saturn and its rings. Not as big as the empty gap between Trump's ears.
Martian soil well-suited for making bricks. Maybe the first Martian city will look like colonial Boston.
Earth-mass ice world discovered. But the temperature is -400 F.
Formation "stumps" Mars observers. Is it a tree stump or a rock?
New Earth-like exoplanet discovered. Only 40 light years away.
First images of a black hole captured. Image includes the dreaded event horizon.
First image of dark matter captured? We thought we already captured a photo of dark matter:
Image result for trump hair piece

NASA's planned voyage to Mars, by way of lunar orbiting space station. Trip planned for the 2030s.

First exoplanet atmosphere discovered. It's found on GJ 1132b, an Earth-size planet.
Aged fish thrive on shit from young fish. That explains why Henry Kissinger, George Soros, and Prince Philip are still alive and why David Rockefeller lived so long. They all eat baby shit.
Extinct Tasmanian tiger sightings increase in Tasmania. Last of species captured in 1933.
Milky Way satellite galaxies coexist with dark matter. There could be invisible galaxies made from the dark stuff.
On the drawing board: a skyscraper suspended from an asteroid in orbit. Waht a target for the jihadi terrorists financed by the UAE.
Europa is best place to find alien life in our solar system. NASA gears up for to missions to oceanic planet.
Cirrus clouds seen on Mars. But, but, we were told that was impossible on a totally arid planet.
Dinosaurs may have originated in Britain. And their mother is named Camilla Bowles.
Move to restore Pluto to planetary status. Pluto wants some R-E-S-P-E-C-T.
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