United States

It's time for a universal basic income in America. Robotics and other high-tech will replace human workers. They require a subsistence allowance.

Trump refuses to lower flags to half-staff in honor of murdered journalists. That's because Trump supports the action of one of his supporters.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders complains about being refused service in a Virginia restaurant. 12VAC5-421-3310. Prohibiting Animals: live animals shall not be allowed on the premises of a food establishment. Includes pigs.

Trump threatens global trade war and crash of the world economy after threatening the EU and China with massive tariffs. American farmers and small industry burned by Trump's actions.

Move to create 51st state of South Georgia. Some external force is behind rash of secessonist movements in the U.S.

Dinesh D'Souza, pardoned by Trump for his past crimes, retweets posts with hashtags #BurnTheJews and #BringBackSlavery. Trump has ushered in the new Nazi era.

Rep. Maxine Waters forced to cancel two events. Death threats received after Trump's vicious tweets.

Trump plans to withdraw the US from the World Trade Organization (WTO). Action would create chaos.


BC Liberal Party leader writes: Trump supporters should be "rounded up and placed in camps away from public view . . . Their kids should be taken away from them for child abuse.” Bravo Mark Elyas. We agree with you!

Heavily-armed police storm Trump International Hotel & Tower in Vancouver. Incident shocks guests and on-lookers.

Hudson's Bay drops Ivanka Trump products. Canada increases boycott on U.S. products.

US Border Patrol boarded two Canadian fishing boats in Canadian waters. Military tensions now flare between US and Canada.

Canada's retaliatory tariffs on U.S. hit Florida citrus hard. Kentucky and Wisconsin also hard hit.

NDP urged to withdrawal from Canadian-Israeli parliamentary group. NDP asked to cut ties with Knesset.

Latin America

Russia to build nuclear research center in Bolivia. To be located in El Alto.

Duque packs Cabinet with Uribe loyalists. Uribe hack in charge of Finance Ministry.

Maduro backs Correa in showdown with Ecuador's President Moreno. Ecuador-Venezuela rift widening.

Autonomous indigenous communities spread across Mexico. Go it alone popular in Chiapas, Oaxaca, Guerrero, Morelos, Michoacán, and Jalisco.

Trump regime change in full swing. And it uses the Soros playbook and his operations.

Venezuelan foreign minister receives backing of Antigua and Barbuda, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and Saint Kitts and Nevis as Mike Pence tries to isolate Venezuela. Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza calls Pence a "viper." Actually, vipers are nicer and better looking.

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador wins in landslide election in Mexico. Mexico reverses Latin America's far-right tilt.

Trump applies visa bans on Nicaraguan officials. Trump's neocon regime change in full swing in Nicaragua.

Ivan Duque's campaign funded by former hitman for Pablo Escobar. Colombia is now ruled by a narco leader.

Plan Colombia Version 2.0. Ivan Duque is return to the dismal past in Colombia.

Caribbean China to supplant U.S. aluminum interests in Jamaica, Guyana, and Suriname. China filling void left by Trump tariffs.
Barbudans to take legal action to protect communal land rights. Antigua trying to abrogate the Barbuda Land Act.
Vincentian PM Ralph Gonsalves to visit Cuba. Latest in several visits to Cuba.
Fuel price increase triggers rioting in Haiti. Government may fall.
Taiwan-based telecom fraudsters arrested in Dominican Republic. In addition to Taiwanese, perpetrators include nationals from Thailand, Malaysia, and Slovenia.
St. Eustatius still under Dutch direct colonial rule. Local politcians fuming.
Europe Ingermanlanders demand recognition. Finnic people in Russia all but wiped out.
71 percent of Russians have negative view of Trump. They also have a negative view of mafia-controlled governments.
White House implies that Scotland is not part of the United Kingdom. Trump further enrages British government and Queen Elizabeth.
Irish PM tells Trump to not interfere in British or EU politics. Leo Varadkar makes comment at event in County Mayo.
Was Juncker drunk at NATO summit? Blames stumbling after drinking on nerve problem.
Macedonia invited to join NATO. Greece drops longstanding objection.
New Czech government backed by Communists. First time since 1989 that the Communists have held political influence.
Catalan president visits Scotland in show of solidarity between two aspirant nations. First Minister rolls out red carpet for Quim Torra but not Donald Trump, angering Scottish Tories.
Greece and Russia expelling each other's diplomats. Row emerges over Macedonia and its joining NATO.
Trump backs Boris Johnson in row with Theresa May. Says UK is in "turmoil."
Ireland to prohibit sale of goods from Israeli settlements. Control of Economic Activity (Occupied Territories) Bill results in the tired old refrain of anti-blah blah.
Israeii Black Cube caught worked on Hungarian election. Conducted smear campaign against pro-EU politicians.
P6 minus 1 meet in Vienna. Remaining Iran nuclear agreement nations stand firm against Trump.
Another "Euromaidan" uprising, this time in Moldova. And Trump's CIA is backing it.
Trump pressed Macron for France to withdraw from the EU. Dangled a bilateral trade deal in return.
US ambassador to Estonia resigns. Cites Trump as reason.
Denmark joins two non-NATO military alliances. Distrust of Trump lies at heart of decision.
Dutch parliament vetoes Albania's accession to EU. Albanian membership put off indefinitely.
VMRO-DPMNE protests Macedonia name change. Macedonian president refuses to sign name change accord.
Indian sub-continent UAE opening embassy in Maldives. UAE and Saudis have been on buying spree for islands, including Maldives.
Island councils controlled by opposition in Maldives stripped of power. Government targets councils in Male, Addu, and Fuvahmulah.
Indian politicians discovered with offshore companies. BJP and Chhattisgarh hit with scandal.
Bilawal Bhutto Zardari seeks Pakistan PM post. His mother was assassinated and grandfather executed by Pakistan's military-led deep state.
Middle East Erdogan re-elected with near-dictatorial powers. Turkish democracy is all but dead.
Cyber election-meddling? It's the Israeiis, stupid!
Israel set to launch moon lander. Will it claim the moon as Biblical-given territory and start lunar Jewish settlements?
Israel may establish ties with Syria's Assad. Lieberman doesn't rule out future relations with government it tried to topple.
Netanyahu forms alliance with neo-fascist central European governments. Zionists love their anti-Semitic neo-Nazis. Perfect together, just like the Haavara Agreement days of old.
Turkey abolishes post of prime minister. All powers now vested in Erdogan, the new Ottoman emperor.
Giuliani calls fore Iran regime change at meeting of the terrorist MEK. The MEK is a cult, just like the Trump Organization.
Syria seizes US and French equipment from ISIL. Includes advanced communications gear.
US readies sanctions against India and Turkey for buying Iranian oil. Secondary sanctions by Washington will further isolate the US.
Israel ambling for a naval base in Cyprus. The "cover" is a floating dock to supply Gaza.
UAE targeting Islah party leaders in Yemen for assassination. And Erik Prince is behind the UAE.
Central Asia Kyrgyz plan to loan helicopters to Uganda nixed. Shady deal involved the UAE Free Economic Zone.
UAE Foreign Minister in Tatarstan. Meets with President Rustam Minnikhanov.
Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic latest hotspot in Azeri-Armenian confiict. Exclave joins Nagorno-Karabakh as a conflict tinderbox.
Soybean Silk Road will kill US soybean exports to China. US soy industry will be all but dead, thanks to Trump.
Azerbaijan displays Turkish cruise missile in military parade. The SOM-B1 is Turkey's first domestically-produced cruise missile.
East & Southeast Asia
Tourists caught dancing at Sabah mosque. Government to take action.
Draft Philippines Constitution would give Duterte powers of all 3 branches of government. The world is increasingly under the control of dictators.
Malaysian ex-PM Najib arrested in major corruption probe. Billions missing from state fund.
Malaysian PM Mahathir calls Trump "mercurial." Urges caution in dealing with him.
Duterte calls God "stupid." Results in fierce backlash in strongly Catholic country.
Africa Somaliland king freed from prison. Osman Aw Mahmud Burmadow attended crowning of a monarch in Puntland.
Namibia charges members of Caprivi Concerned Groupwith subversion. Caprivi Strip wants independence.
Igbos unite for Sovereign State of Biafra. Biafran flag appears again in restive southeastern Nigerian region.
Seychelles military base agreement with india for Assumption Island and Agalega Island exposed. Scramble for bases in Indian Ocean.
Leaders of Ethiopia and Eritrea meet in peace summit. Ethiopian PM travels to Asmara.
Has Trump unshackled the CIA? Two attempted assassinations the same day against African leaders is reminiscent of the CIA of the past.
Togo Foreign Minister Robert Dussey says he will "do everything for Israel." Offers up Togo as an Israeli base of operations in Africa.
Polar & Remote Islands

Governor of Pitcairn visits island. Laura Clarke is resident in Wellington.

Christmas Island saved from phosphate miners. Nauru is an exaple of the devastatiom caused by such mining.

US warns of Chinese move on Northern Marianas. Cites Chinese-owned casino in Tinian as security threat.

Oceania Chinese influence in Vanuatu tops Vanuatu PM's talks in Canberra. Australia wants limits on Chinese activity in islands.
Nauru bars Australia's ABC from covering Pacific Islands Forum. Accuses network of "false reporting," i.e. "fake news." What else can one expect from "Birdshit Island?"
Push for Northern Territory to become an indigenous state. Possible splitting of territory between north and south possible.
Final Frontier 80 new exoplanets spotted. Some are relatively close to Earth.
Two exoplanets have Earth-like axial tilt. And that means seasons.
Igor Ashurbeyli becomes head of state of Asgardia. First "space nation" inaugurated in Vienna.

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