United States
Trump re-tweets "Pizzagate" conspiracy kook. Wht? Because WMR helped uncoverhe real Pizzagate, Trump's sexual assault of a 12-year old girl abducted from in front of a Connecticut pizzeria in 1993.
UN Human Rights Council condemns Trump's reference to Haiti, El Salvador, and African nations as "shithole countries." Council calls remarks racist.
Missouri GOP governor unmasked in bizarre sexual blackmail scheme. For the information of the corporate media, some of which is painting Greitens as a "Christian family man," he's Jewish.
"Mama don't take my Kodakcoin away!" Kodak enters crypto-currency marketplace.
Former Idaho Republican state legilator kills himself after sexual abuse allegations. Hey, gun rights aren't so bad if all these Republican pedophiles just all commited suicide.
Toxiphobe leaders make for tyrannical despots. Paranoia goes along with the tyranny.
Kristol, the slimy neocon chameleon, supports an Oprah Winfrey POTUS candidacy. But, how about this "Trumprah" ticket in 2020:
Nikki Haley called "ambitious as Lucifer" by senior Whte House aide. Haley wants to succeed Trump as president.
Haley irritates the UN Security Council for her Iran interference. French envoy says if Iran is relevant to the council, Ferguson, Missoury should also have been.
Pennsylvania police chief arranged for sex with minor, arranged to meet 14-year old at Sheetz. His career has gone to sheetz.
"I, Neo-Con" - the Foreign Policy of Emperor Trump. Like Emperor Claudius, Trump is afraid of being poisoned, so he eats McDonald's food, which is a slow-acting poison. From the new book "Fire and Fury" -- "Trump, in fact, found the White House to be vexing and even a little scary. He retreated to his own bedroom — the first time since the Kennedy White House that a presidential couple had maintained separate rooms. In the first days, he ordered two television screens in addition to the one already there, and a lock on the door, precipitating a brief standoff with the Secret Service, who insisted they have access to the room. He ­reprimanded the housekeeping staff for picking up his shirt from the floor: “If my shirt is on the floor, it’s because I want it on the floor.” Then he imposed a set of new rules: Nobody touch anything, especially not his toothbrush. (He had a longtime fear of being poisoned, one reason why he liked to eat at McDonald’s — nobody knew he was coming and the food was safely premade.) Also, he would let housekeeping know when he wanted his sheets done, and he would strip his own bed." Trump likely pisses and shits his bed, the reason why he strips his own sheets. He is afraid of someone poisoning his food or his toothbrush. Trump actually makes Claudius appear rather sane.
Trump accuses Pakistan of "lies and deceit." Trump has now driven Pakistan into the Chinese orbit.

Former Haitian-Canadian Governor-General of Canada Michaelle Jean insulted by Trump's remarks. Jean is currently the secretary general of the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie, which includes Haiti and several African countries.
Sherman deaths remain unexplained. Family insists Big Pharma chief's death was not the result of a murder-suicide.
Canadian Agricultural Minister says NAFTA isn't broken, so don't fix it. Lawrence MacAulay seeks to calm troubled U.S. farmers.
Iran charges Canada with interfering in its internal affairs. Canada is a "Liberal" government in neocon clothing.

Latin America
Guatemalan legislator arrested for killing journalists. Julio Juarez is member of the FCN-Nacion party. And, in a related story, this propaganda from Fox News: "In Guatemala, the US and Israel share important values." Yes, like human rights abuses and killing journalists.
No American leaders named in release of Panama Papers. Only U.S. adversaries were ID'd. Has the whiff of the CIA using NGOs to carry its water.
Largest source of illegal guns in Brazil is U.S. They can thank the CIA for that.
Taiwan VP cancels attendance at Honduran president Juan Orlando Hernandez's inaugural. Hernandez re-election rife with fraud.
Tancítaro, Monterreу, and Ciudad Nezahualcóуotlall striving for independent city-state status in violence-torn Mexico. Secession support sweeps through Mexico.
Venezuela cuts air and maritime traffic with Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao over smuggling networks. Thieves stealing coltan and diamonds from Venezuela. Diamond? Now who might be doing that? Cue ♬♬♬"If I were a rich man." ♬♬♬
Mexico's new security law suspends basic rights. Personal data protection violated under law.
Pena Nieto PRI ally arrested for corruption. Alejandro Gutierrez was finance director for the PRI.
Manuel Zelaya vows to overthrow fascist Hernandez dictatorship in 2018. OAS Secretart General backs Zelaya's opposition.  

CARICOM condemns Trump's "repulsive" language. CARICOM represents 15 nations in Caribbean.
Haiti irate over Trump's calling the country a "shithole." Haitian Foreign Ministry summons US diplomat for explanation.
Belize ends oil operations in its ocean waters. Oil companies placed the Belize Barrier Reef under threat from seismic operations.
Justice Sandra Mason becomes Barbados Governor-General. She's nation's 8th GG.
Barbuda Land bill passed by Antigua-Barbuda parliament. Barbudans can own Barbuda land, Antiguans cannot.
Jamaica's UN vote on Jerusalem criticized. Jamaica charged with being pressured by US gunboat diplomacy acting in Israel's interests.

Hungary decries Romania's stance on autonomy for Szeklers. Ethnic Hungarian Szekelers in eastern Transylvania want to fly their own flag.
South Ossetian president attends banned Srpska Republic statehood celebration. Guests also include Serbian interior and defense ministers.
Tusk warns of Polish Brexit-style referendum. Poland may opt out of EU, like the UK.
Puigdemont re-nominated as Catalonia's president by Catalan coalition. Puigdemnt faces arrest by Madrid fascist regime if he returns to Catalonia.
European Council President Tusk kicks soccer ball into the face of his dog and then keeps on playing with the ball in the snow, not checking on the welfare of his dog. Sick globalist assholes. Please, someone smack Tusk in the face with a soccer ball at close range.
May re-arranging deck chairs in a sinking Tory Cabinet. Government re-shuffles again as Tories face electoral disaster.
Kosovo said it would have voted with U.S. and Israel on UNGA Jerusalem resolution if it was a UN member. Of course it would, it's the source for Israel's ghoulish trafficking in human organs.
Tory MP says Margaret Thatcher is her "living political hero." Thatcher died in 2013. Conservatives are generally stupid, but this one is extremely so.
Fictitious Tabarnia wants independence from Catalonia. Faux nation composed of Barcelona and Tarregon. Likely, this is a Spanish intelligence psy-op.
Austria to remain outside of Visegrad anti-EU alliance. Chancellor Sebastian Kurz tilting in favor of Brussels.
Catalonian vice president Oriol Junqueras ordered kept in Madrid prison. Rajoy's fascist regime incarcerates political prisoners and the EU and Council of Europe are silent.
Abkhazia and Sapmi prove that neither the International Olympic Committee or FIFA is needed for true international competition. Ellan Vannin, Padania, and County of Nice join independent football competition.
Transnistrian youth like their socialist lifestyle. Transnistria not caught up in Western European social problems.
EU opposes Israel's death penalty. Guess what Israel? The Israeli death penalty neuters the Zionist propaganda ("Never Again") permanently.
Puigdemont tells Rajoy to recognize Catalonia's pro-independence vote. Fascists like Rajoy reject the ballot box.

Middle East
Israel to close consulates in United States and Canada. Why have Mossad spy nests when Israel owns an American president and a Canadian prime minister?
Secret Saudi-Israeli military cooperation revealed. Saudis want to buy Israeli military equipment, including Iron Dome system.
Inquiry launched into Rafsanjani's death. Former Iranian president's body had abnormally-high radiation levels. Rafsanjani was the Iran end of the infamous Iran-contra scandal, which involved Israel. Now, who migght have wanted him dead?
Trump spurs Palestinian "state-minus" with his Zionist foreign policy. PLO thinking of a one-state solution that would, thankfully, spell the end of an apartheid "Jewish state" in the Middle East.
Netanyahu's son caught on video in front of strip club asking gas firm shareholder's son for money to pay a stripper. His father has gone to worse clubs.
Former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad arrested in Iran for "promoting violence." Ahmadinejad always represented the poor, rural, and working classes in Iran.
Islamic State goes to war against Hamas in Sinai. Islamic State equals Israel, so one Israeli creation [ISIL] has attacked another [Hamas], which broke from its Mossad masters some time ago.
Israel begins abandonment of two-state solution. The Judenstat's next move will be its "final solution" for the Palestinian people. Get ready to use the term "Muhraqa," Arabic for the upcoming Holocaust of Palestinians.

South Asia
China increases patrols along Sino-Indian border. Border flare-ups possible in Demchok, Chumar, Pangong Tso and Spanggur Gap in Ladakh, Kaurik in Himachal Pradesh, Barahoti in Uttarakhand, and Namkha Chu, Sumdorong Chu, Asaphila and Dibang Valley in Arunachal Pradesh, as well as Doklam Pass in Sikkim.
China to build naval base off port of Gwadar, Pakistan. Trump has handed Pakistan over to China.
Turkmenistan president bans black cars because he prefers white. Black cars matter!
A new secessionist movement in India. Demands for a separate Kolhan Estate in Jharkand.

East and Southeast Asia
Governor of Primorye region wants to keep 10,000 North Korean workers. Moscow has rejected renewal of North Korean work permits.
China attends second Lancang-Mekong Cooperation (LMC) summit in Phnom Penh. Summit also includes Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, and Vietnam.
North Korea to attend Winter Olympics in South Korea. Large North Korean delegation to participate in games.
Thai PM leaves reporters with cardboard cut-out to answer more questions. Trump has been such an inspiration for tin-pot dictators around the world.
Vietnam opens consular office in Macau. Caters to Vietnamese tourists and businesses in SAR.
China welcomes high-end talent with free 10-year visa. This, as Trump walls off America.
Taiwan denounces new Chinese flight routes near Taiwanese airpsace. Taiwan air force says it will intercept and repel Chinese flight incursions.
Malaysian PM imposes draconian "rights" on Sarawak. Najib demands end of notion of Sarawak secession.
Sabah wary of Mahathir's apology for past infractions of Sabah's special autonomous status. Eastern Malaysians cannot trust the Muslims from the western peninsula.
Anti-Beijing protests in Hong Kong. Marchers demand China end interference in Hong Kong affairs.

African leaders condemn Trump's racist remarks. Senegal's President and African Union call out Trump.
African Union alarmed by Trump's "shithole" comments about continent. South African media outlet: "Casual Friday at the White House is soon to include hoods and tiki torches at this rate."
Chilean Senate backs Morocco's control over Western Sahara. The Moroccans have learned from the Israelis how to buy off foreign politicians.
Algeria issues first official statement in Amazigh. Seen as attempt to deter the Kabylie Independence Movement.
Nigeria arrests Ambazonian secessionists from Cameroon. Nigeria fears cooperation between Ambazonians and secessionist Biafrans in Nigeria.
Somaiiland President makes official visit to Djibouti. Received with full diplomatic honors as a head of state.
Kilifi governor wants coastal secession from Kenya. He's ready to "offer his blood" for independence.
Ambazonia steps up fight for independence. Cameroon President calls secessionists "criminals." That argument hasn't worked for the Spanish facist Rajoy and it won't work for Paul Biya.
Demands grow for Kabila to step down in DRC. Kabila is backed by Rwanda and Israeli diamond interests.

New Zealand covered up plot to assassinate Queen Elizabeth. 17-year old teen almost killed the queen in Dunedin in 1981.
Samoa PM hits back at Australian criticism of its aid from China. Says Canberra's relations with Pacific states will be harmed.
Guam governor gets pranked by Russian comics. Did Calvo promise to recognize Binobo?
France re-commits to 2018 New Caledonia independence referendum. Paris bound by terms of Noumea Accord.
Fiji PM attacks negative influence of opposition politicians and unions. Trump is setting such a great example for every tinpot dictator in the world.
Nauru's grotesque detention center of rape and abuse. No wonder Birdshit Island loves Israel so much -- birds that flock together, shit together.

Polar Regions
Argentina repeats the mantra that Falkland Islands are illegally occupied. And where is the Belgrano now sitting?

The Final Frontier
Massive ice deposits found on Mars. May sustain human activity.
Neutron star near black hole is hitting Earth with radio waves. Source located in dwarf galaxy.
Proof of a fourth dimension discovered. So, the Twilight Zone actually exists.
Ancient Aztec map of universe discovered in dormant volcano. You mean he's right, after all: I-am-not-saying.
Are tube structures on Mars fossils? Rover may have spotted fossilized remains of life.
Massive black holes control star formation. Central galactic black holes found in large galaxies.
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