United States

Ex-House Speaker Boehner joins marijuana firm's advisory board. How's that weed go with the merlot, Mr. Speaker?

Summing up John Kelly's neighborhood of Oak Square, Boston. Traditional racism and utter hypocrisy.

Census citizenship question presents opportunity for abuse. Just as Arab-Americans and Japanese-Americans.

Trump called only victim of Trump Tower fire a "crazy Jew." Perhaps, instead of Robert Mueller interviewing Trump, he should be paid a visit by NYPD homicide detectives and NYFD arson investigators.

DHS compiling database of journalists and bloggers. Hello Big Brother! Good-bye First Amendment.


Toronto police announces Project Mercury, an international anti-pedophile investigation. Operation also involves, Homeland Security Investigations in Ottawa, the U.K.’s National Crime Agency, the Ottawa Police Service, and the RCMP’s Saskatchewan I.C.E. Unit.

Trudeau nixes Canadian air strikes against Syria. Cites Canadian military commitments in Latvia and Mali.

Latin America

Uruguayan Communist Party condemns Brazil's move the jail ex-President Lula. El Popular writes it is a "coup within the coup."
Bolivia's Evo Morales condemns tripartite miltary attack on Syria. Says, "yesterday, they claimed the presence of fake weapons of mass destruction for invading Iraq and today they are firing their missiles under the same pretext."
Kushner and Ivanka, along with VP Pence, representing Trump at Summit of the Americas in Peru. Kushner should join the Israeli observer delegation. WMR's mascot is also "Lula" --->

Over 60 opposition party members in Brazilian Congress adopt Lula's name in support of imprisoned ex-president and current presidential candidate Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.
Sessions up to his usual no good in indicting FARC senator in Colombia. Jesus Santrich, a former FARC peace negotiator, faces extradition to Trump America on drug charges. Right-wingers won't rest until the entire FARC leadership is sitting in U.S. prisons.
Panamanian President won't help Trump recover Ocean Club tower in Panama City. Trump has likely ordered John Bolton to draw up war plans on Panama.
Colombia applies for OECD membership. Hopes to join the developed nations club.
Barbados Consul General dies in Miami. Colin Mayers was a graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach.
Caribbean Sánchez Ramírez province in DR demands Barrick royalty payment from central government. Barrick's Pueblo Viejo gold mining complex is located in province.
Three arrested in assassination plot against Guyanese President David Granger. Trio made threatening calls by phone.
Puerto Rico closing a third of its schools. More post-hurricane disruption caused by depopulation.
Caribbean Movement for Peace and Integration in Barbados calls for Lula's release from Brazilian prison. Lula imprisoned in Curitiba.
Europe Massive opposition in Britain to bombing Syria. Opposition demands Commons vote on such action.
Cyprus government not aware of British plans to use island to bomb Syria. Says it hopes further military operation won't take place.
Spanish fascist regime targeting Catalonian grass roots committees. Madrid junta likens Catalan activists to "terrorists." An old fascist game.
Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich says international relations should not depend on the mood of one person when he wakes up in the morning. Yes, the future of the world "depends" on how much crap is in Trump's adult undergarment when he stirs in the morning.
Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox offices in London raided by EU investigators. Between Michael Cohen and Rupert Murdoch, law enforcement's experiencing its golden years.

Rajoy junta arrests Catalan activist and charges her with terrorism. Rajoy, the useless King, and their fellow fascistas have crossed a red line.
United Nations Human Rights Committee warns Spain on Jordi Sanchez's right to be Catalan president.
Orban wins sweeping vistory in Hungary. Soros's operations are in sights.
Middle East Israelis shoot Palestinian journalist wearing vest emblazoned with PRESS. Netanyahu is giving Trump ideas.
Three Muslim Crown Princes stake their claims. Crown Princes of Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, and Johor flexing political muscle.
Israel hoping for breakup of Jordan into Palestinian and Bedouin states. Then, the Zionists can forcibly move West Bank Palestinians across the Jordan River into the new Palestinian Jordan state. It's called "lebensraum," which is as much as Yiddish word, as it is German.
Turkey holding two Greek soldiers hostage. Ankara wants to exchange them for 8 Turkish soldiers who sought asylum in Greece.
Saudis threaten to build canal along border with Qatar. Move would turn Qatar into an island.
Houthis claim drone strike on Saudi Aramco facility in Jizan. Also claim hit on Abha International Airport in Saudi Arabia's Asir province.
Indian sub-continent India boycotting SARCC summit in Pakistan. No word on other no-shows.
China "opposed to the use of force" in Syria. Says US-UK-French attack violation of international law.
Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA) forms pro-sharia coalition in Pakistan. Group to run in upcoming elections.
Canadian running Himalayan Community Foundation in Kathmandu arrested for pedophilia. The foundation is linked to Soros's operations in Nepal.
Central Asia Kyrgyz President Sooronbai Jeenbekov fires security chief. Abdil Segizbayev formerly worked for George Soros's foundation.
Ilham Aliyev receives 86 percent of the vote in sham Azerbaijan election. 74.5 percent turnout claimed.
Kyrgyz protesters burn Makmal G.L Developing gold processing plant. Gold miners are notorious polluters.
North Korean delegation visits Tajikistan. Trade on agenda.
Tel Aviv Stock Exchange to have its hooks into new Astana stock exchange. Israeli intelligence ikes to use "cyber-security" as a pretext for getting its nose under the tent.
Crown Prince of Johor Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim slams opposition; tells voters to trust in the royal family. Crown princes of Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, and Johor making a lot of noise all of a sudden.
East & Southeast Asia Thaw in relations between Beijing and Pyongyang is clear message to Washington. Trump's war talk behind rapprochement.
Sweden charges Tibetan agent for China with espionage. Dorjee Gyantsan arrested for spying on Sweden's small Tibetan community.
Formosa Alliance pushes for Taiwan's independence. Groups wants the Republic of Taiwan in the UN.
Africa New Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed visits Somali Regional State. Region home to numerous refugees.
Ghana MP refused entry to Israel. Israeli ambassador to Ghana Ami Mehel claims on Ghana radio that there is no Palestine and that visa refusal for MP Ras Mubarak is "bullshit." In truth, it is the concept of a state founded on some ancient fairy tales that is bullshit. The racist Jewish state has been banning a number of African officials, as of late.
Somalia seizes UAE jet with US$9.6 million in cash on board. 47 UAE troops were on board, some held at gunpoint.
Mauritania offline for 48 hours after African Coast to Europe (ACE) submarine cable severed. Cable likely snagged by a fishing trawler.
Three Gulen educators arrested in Gabon and turned over to Erdogan's regime. Erdogan has adopted the Bush-Cheney rendition operation.
Djibouti a base for many military powers. U.S. and Chinese bases are almost neighbors.
Polar & Remote Islands

Argentine Defense Minister Oscar Aguad implies Falklands are British. Comments spark protests in Argentina.

St. Helena to exchange information with UK police. With new airport, St. Helena wants to check on criminal backgrounds.

Oceania NZ PM Ardern visits Niue, where her father serves as High Commissioner. Visit reminds Niueans and Kiwis of 1953 murder of NZ Commissioner.
Vanuatu opposition leader warning about Chinese influence. Ishmael Kalsakau is acting as Australia's colonial surrogate.
Australian media ratcheting up Cold War fever over China in Vanuatu. This is a classic propaganda campaign about Chinese economic might arriving in Australia's "backyard."
Australian PM warns China and Vanuatu against Chinese military base in island nation. Vanuatu’s Foreign Minister Ralph Regenvanu rejects report about planned base.
Final Frontier First hotel planned for space orbit. Aurora Station now taking reservations.
NASA's TESS will look for exoplanets. Discovery will not solely rely on mathematical analysis.
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