United States

Essential Consultants is a Trump-Cohen extortion, bribery, and hush money slush fund. It's that simple.
GOP candidate for North Dakota Secretary of State withhdraws after arrest record for being a "Peeping Tom" is revealed. GOP = Gross Old Perverts.
Media coverage of a royal wedding: "reporting" as inane and useless as ever. Note to media owners: a few Americans still recall that the United States was born out of a revolution against an ancestor of the pampered and overly-manicured British royal family.
Trump the Schlump: Trashed Iran nuclear deal while clutching for a doubtful deal with North Korea. With Iran and NK, Israel is running the show in Washington.
Tribal rights under siege by Trump. Trump has shown himself to be a total racist when it comes to Native Americans.
Drilling threatens ancient roads of New Mexico. Another infringement of tribal sovereign rights.
Bolton threatens Trump's summit with Kim Jong Un. North Korea says it finds Bolton "repugnant." We agree with Pyongyang.
Former NSC staffer Ezra Cohen-Watnick wanted to spy on colleagues to determine leakers. Cohen-Watnick, a Mossad mole if there ever was one, now spies on Justice Department.


Harper and Baird join in supporting US abrogation of JCPOA. Mossad has all the gay photos of both needed for blackmail.

Canadian doctor shot by Israeli sniper while giving medical aid to Gazans. Dr. Tarek Loubani won't hear anything from Trudeau or Freeland because they are in power, courtesy of Canada's influential Jewish lobby.

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister violates First Nations treaty rights by banning night time hunting. These treaty violations are all the vogue among right-wing leaders in Canada and U.S.

Latin America

Morales warns of plan for US to invade Venezuela. Cites US military presence in Colombian department of Tumaco.

Canada downgrades relations with Venezuela. Cuts off military contacts.

Maduro victor in Venezuelan presidential election. Re-election comes amid unrelentless propaganda and destabilization campaign by CIA.

Right-wing Brazilian foreign minister outraged at European support for Lula. Former French President Hollande and former Spanish PM Zapotero urge Brazil to free Lula to allow him to run for president.

Pro-Palestinian protests across Latin America. Largest held at Israei embassy in Buenos Aires.

Bolivian envoy reads out names of Palestinians killed by Israelis at UN Security Council. Nikki Haley boycotted moment of silence held for victims.

Assange hacked into Ecuadorian embassy communications system. Ecuador's Operations GUEST and HOTEL spied on Assange's visitors and foes.
ELN declares cease fire during Colombian elections. ELN-Bogota negotiations continue in Cuba.
Caribbean Barbuda rooting out Antiguan plants. Barbuda Council employees who refuse to return to island will lose their jobs.
Right-wing Cuban terrorist Luis Posada Carriles dead. May he rot in gusano hell.
Mia Mottley becomes Barbados's first woman PM. Opposition parties shut out in parliament.
Montserrat PM Donaldson Romeo wants island re-added to UN list of territories to be de-colonized. Reverses position of his predecessor, R. T. Meade.
Europe Bolton threatens European companies with sanctions over Iran. European companies should release videos of Bolton in sex orgies at Plato's Retreat in Manhattan in the 70s and 80s.
Ukraine withdraws from CIS. Follows Georgia.
Russian-Jewish oligarch gets Israeli citizenship. Roman Abramovich is part of pro-Trump syndicate.
Old Belarusian flag re-appears on streets of Minsk. Distancing from Moscow taking place.
Rajoy boycotts Western Balkans summit. Kosovo's presence results in snub from Madrid.
Palestine recalls envoys to Romania, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria for attending US embassy ceremony in Jerusalem. All four countries have large neo-Nazi movements -- the Nazis and Zionists have, once again, discovered their common roots.
Scottish parliament refuses to back EU Brexit bill. Sees London making a power play for Scottish affairs.
Catalan separatist Quim Torra to become new Catalan president. Torra is close ally of exiled Carles Puigdemont.
Middle East Rise of the Mahra Sultanate on SocotraSheikh Abdullah bin Issa al Aafrar readies himself for restoral to power.
Swiss foreign minister questions UNWRA. Ignacio Cassis adopts Zionist line and destroys Swiss neutrality.
Israel ignores Paraguay as a past haven for Nazi war criminals. Birds of a feather flock together.
Saudi troops land on Socotra. Saudi-UAE clash for control of island.
Jerusalem has a big party, while Israeli troops massacre Gaza residents by the scores. Israeli thinking: one holocaust deserves another.
Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania block EU condemnation of US embassy move to Jerusalem. Czechs and Romanians are planning their own embassy moves.
These "Dirty 32" are attending the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem: Albania, Angola, Austria, Cameroon, Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ivory Coast, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Georgia, Guatemala, Honduras, Hungary, Kenya, Macedonia, Burma, Nigeria, Panama, Peru, the Philippines, Romania, Rwanda, Serbia, South Sudan, Thailand, Ukraine, Vietnam, Paraguay, Tanzania and Zambia. All should be boycotted by decent people.
Ras al Khaimah discovery of oil and gas reserves attracts international interest. RAK Petroleum Authority established.
Turkey orders Israeli ambassador out. Ankara tells Eitan Naeh to stay in Israeli for a while.
Moqtada al Sadr, Iraqi Shi'a nationalist, takes lead in Iraqi election. Anti-American cleric will determine next government.
Jared and Ivanka receive blessing in Jerusalem from Sephardic Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef, who once compared black people to monkeys. Well, Mr. Yosef, you DO know why the "Jewfish" has that name? Because of its big mouth.
Indian sub-continent Pakistan blocks US defense attache Col. Joseph Hall from leaving country after fatal crash. Hall. reportedly drunk, ran red light, killing Pakistani man. Hall permitted to leave Pakistan.
Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) rebels massacre Hindus in Rakhine state, Myanmar. Rohingyas are being radicalized by a usual suspect - Saudi Arabia.
Pakistan debates merging Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata) with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. UN seen behind move.
Central Asia Kazakh tycoon detained in Moscow on fraud chargesZhomart Ertaev suspected of embezzlement of bank funds.
Mongolia-Taiwan business meeting held. Taiwan seeking out new partners as its diplomatic isolation grows.
Saudis assume majority ownership of Tajikistan bank. Saudis seek to erase Iranian influence in Tajikistan.
East & Southeast Asia
Anwar Ibrahim released from prison in Malaysia. Expected to become prime minister, succeeding Mahathir Mohamed.
Malaysia to enlarge Middle Rocks near Singapore's Pedra Branca. Island nases all the rage in SE Asia.
Haitian president in Taiwan. Taiwan seeks to maintain its diplomatic allies as China grabs up a few.
Head of Syrian Orthodox Church visits Kerala. Meets with chief minister.
Saudis ensure tight Sharia control on non-Islamic religions in Brunei. Chinese investments also pouring in to country.
Malaysian government studies devolving powers to Sarawak. Sarawak chief minister is a stumbling block.
Police seize 72 bags of cash, jewels from raid on Najib's properties. Former Malaysian PM is destined for prison.
Trump orders Commerce Dept. to help Chinese firm ZTE avoid US trade sanctions. How much money did ZTE wire into Essential Consultants Trump slush fund account? MCGA: Make China Great Again!
Africa Barotseland activists freed after international outcry. Barotseland Royal Establishment seeks freedom from Zambian rule.
Burkina Faso ditches Taiwan for China. Second major diplomatic loss for Taiwan in recent weeks.
Ethiopia denies supprting Eritrean rebel movements. Ethiopia accused of working with Sudan to topple Eritrean government.
Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza extends his term. Follows presidents of Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo in extending term limits.
Polar & Remote Islands

Greenland and Faroes inching toward independence from Denmark. Greenland looking at 2021 independence date.

Chinese invests in Greenland to help wean it from Denmark. Danish government seeks to keep Greenland under its colonial yoke.

Oceania Timor-Leste opposition wins electionXanana Gusmao expected to serve in new government.
Floating islands planned for French Polynesia. Will have their own governments and crypto-currencies.
Japan holds summit in Iwaki with leaders of Cook Islands, Fiji, Kiribati, the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, Niue, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, the Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu. China and North Korea on agenda.
Taiwan flags painted by children erased by Australian authorities on orders of Chinese diplomat. Australia: truly, a nation of sheep.
Final Frontier Asteroid 2010 WC9 to pass between Earth and moon. It is the size of the Statue of Liberty.
Second interstellar asteroid enters solar system. 2015 BZ509 follows by a year the entry and departure of Oumuamua.
Octopi may be aliens. Creatures may have arrived on meteors. Bet the store that cicadas, with their unearthly life cycles, arrived the same way.

United States

Memphis politician threatens secession from Tennessee. Neo-confederates in Nashville punish Memphos for removing Confederate statues.
Trump tells cheering crowd in Indiana that he might want to be president-for-life. Another "president-for-life," Rafael Trujillo of the Dominican Republic, "removed" by the CIA:
Scott Pruitt dined in Rome with Cardinal accused of child sexual abuse. Pruitt is a Southern Baptist, so he obviously met with George Pell to give him the support of Trump's pedophile network.
Trump threatens to remove press credentials from hostile news organizations. Springtime for Hitler and America.
Three billionaire and very disloyal American Jews behind Trump pulling out of JCPOA. The terrible trio are Sheldon Adelson, Bernard Marcus, and Paul Singer.
Trump threatens to seal the borders if he doesn't get his wall. We do need a wall but not for the borders. You figure out what it should be used for.
U.S. re-establishes US Navy Seconf Fleet. Area of responsibility includes East Coast and North Atlantic.
Signatures being collected for California Self-Determination Referendum Act. Enough signatures will place Calexit question on 2021 ballot.
Raid of Dr. Bornstein's office by Trump thugs violated federal HIPPA and New York State laws. Trump has no regard for the law nor the Constitution.

Venice threatens secession from Los Angeles. "Vexit" part of a definite trend.


Jewish lobby wants charity tax status revoked for pro-Palestinian organization. Necef Sabeel Canada is accused of publishing an "anti-Semitic" book. Same old whine in the same old bottle.

Canadian Sikh government minister ordered by TSA to remove turban at Detroit airport. U.S. forced to apologize to Canadian government but screener is not fired.

Latin America

Cuba denounces attempt to destabilize Nicaragua. Washington up to its old tricks.
Guatemala expels Swedish and Venezuelan ambassadors. President Jimmy Morales is as mentally unbalanced as Trump and the Philippines' Duterte.
Chile stockpiles Iranian crude oil. US to re-impose sweeping sanctions on November 4.
Morales condemns Free Trade Area of the Americas and similar constructs. Calls them imperialist projects. Which they are.
Guatemala raises flag over new Jerusalem embassy. Paraguay and Honduras following.
China and Dominican Republic establish ties. Dominican relations with Taiwan severed.
Caribbean Barbudans petition Commonwealth to preserve their communal land ownership rights. Antigua wants to sell island to highest bidders,
South Korea moving toward diplomatic ties with Cuba. Seoul bucking U.S. sanctions on Cuba.
NATO promotes colonialism in the 21st century. NATO's colonial five hang on to their colonies.
Haiti reaffirms ties with Taiwan. Minister says government will not follow lead of Dominicans and recognize Beijing.
Antigua PM rejects consultation with Barbudan people as he plans to sell off their island to the highest bidder. Barbudan MP and Opposition Leader cry foul.
Caribbean premiers Alden McLaughlin, Orlando Smith, and David Burt challenge London on financial oversight. Independence talk is in the air in Caymans, BVI, and Bermuda.
Cayman Islands and Bermuda accuse London of colonial overreach. Say British snooping on corporate records is colonial despotism.
Europe Amber Rudd, Theresa May's protege, resigns as Home Secretary. Rudd played a "Trump card" in harassment and deportation of longtime Caribbean residents of Britain.
Montenegro investigative reporter looking into mafia activities shot and injured. Montenegro is ruled by a mafia government protected by NATO and the Rothschilds.
Madrid ruling clique blocks Puigdemont from forming Catalan government. Puigdemont remains in Germany.
Former London mayor says Hitler cooperated with the Zionists. It's true, but Labor is paying a heavy price for telling the truth.
Lesbos protests Greek PM's visit. Islanders object to migrant invasion of their island.
Armenia experiencing a full-blown color revolution. The neocons are back in control in Washington and it shows.
Czech Communist Party offered ministry posts in government. 45 percent of Czechs approve Communists in government.
Fake Art! Etienne Terrus Museum in France discovers over half of its paintings are fake. The culprits can be found to the east. The Middle East.
Middle East Israel to create Jewish-only communities. A little bit of apartheid mixed with a dash of Nazism.
Ayatollah Khamenei reads "Fire and Fury." That's how world leaders have to ascertain what's going on in the "White Nut House."
New "Axis of Evil" forms against Iran. UAE expands its territory.
Netanyahu chef serves Japanese PM and wife dishes in a shoe, considered unclean in Japanese culture. Diplomatic slap came one week after Japan refused to move its embassy to Jerusalem. Ill-mannered Jews: is there a story in that?
Jerusalem names traffic circle after Trump. Good, when Israel ceases to exist and Palestine, once again, rules over its rightful lands, this circle can be named after Yasir Arafat or Muammar Qaddafi.
Israel presented US intelligence fake Iranian nuclear documents said to have been stolen by Mossad from an Iranian warehouse. More Zionist  claptrap, just like the fake Niger yellowcake uranium documents.
UAE invades and occupies Socotra. UAE forces seize airport and seaport, expel Yemeni government officials.
American serving as major general in UAE army. Stephen Toumajan is a former US Army Lt. Colonel.
Israeii Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz threatens Assad with assassination. Israel: state sponsor of terrorism.
UAE and Indian special forces kidnapped daughter of emir of Dubai off the coast of Goa. Sheikha Latifa being held in UAE against her will.
Muharrem Ince is opposition candidate against Erdogan. CHP uniting with right-wing parties to defeat Turkish president.
US Special Operations forces active in all parts of Yemen. Sana'a, Hodeidah, and Aden within "Yemen Joint Special Operations Area."
Iraqi show thrower running for parliament. Muntader al Zaidi demands apology and compensation from US for invasion and occupation.
Netanyahu now has authority to declare war. Stage is set for war with Iran.
Indian sub-continent India and Pakistan to join counter-terror exercise. Part of SCO's operation Peace Mission.
Pakistan Interior Minister Ashan Iqbal shot in assassination attempt. Assailant part of Tehreek-e-Labaik.
China and India hold border meeting in Ladakh. Military commanders meet in Chusul.
Central Asia Kazakhstan abandoning Cyrillic alphabet for Latin style. Country now known as Qazaqstan Respýblıkasy.
Eurasian Economic Union summit planned for Sochi. Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan are members.
me Eurasian Economic Council
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Uzbekistan and Turkey cement ties. Establish High-Level Strategic Cooperation Council.
East & Southeast Asia Mahathir-led opposition defeats ruling party in Malaysia is surprise upset. Incumbent PM Najib Razak tried to prevent Mahathir's accession.
Sarawak for Sarawakians (S4S) wants Kuching to seek more rights for Sarawak from new Malaysian federal government. Sarawak and Sabah want autonomy rights restored.
Hung state assemblies in Sabah, Kedah, and Perak. Defeat of ruling Malaysian party opens door for kingmakers.
Anti-Chinese sentiment in Pahang ahead of elections. Chinese investments stir ire of locals.
Malaysian opposition leader Mahathir Mohamad claims his plane was sabotaged. Police charge him with spreading "fake news."
Africa Opposition demands Madagascar president and prime minister resign. President Hery Rajaonarimampianina is changing election laws.
Ethiopia backing port development in Berbera. Somaliland on the cusp of international recognition as a result of closer relations with Ethiopia and the UAE.
Zanzibar and Oman sign archival accord. Both were once united under same sultanate.
Africa continues to correct colonial geographical names. Swaziland joins the Slave Coast and the Gold Coast.
Zim opposition leader Nelson Chamisa says his party would expel Chinese investors. Anti-Chinese ferver in Africa being stoked externally.
Polar & Remote Islands

Greenland and Faroes inching toward independence from Denmark. Greenland looking at 2021 independence date.

Monster wave near Campbell Island sets world record. Measured at 78 feet high.

South Georgia now free of rats. Now, get to work on the White House and all the two-legged rats infesting the place.

Faroes delays constitution referendum. Parties announce six-month postponement.

Oceania South Australia Premier Steven Marshall may scrap treaties with aboriginals. The "Trump effect" is a global cancer.
Palau ratifies anti-nuke treaty. Nuclear weapons, including US weapons, banned from island nation.
5 Australian MPs resign over their dual citizenship. Too bad the US does not have that rule in order to dump scads of US-Israeli dual citizens from Congress.
Lockheed Martin initiating U.S. Air Force Space Fence on Kwajalein Atoll. Most Marshall Islanders are opposed to U.S. military presence on islands.
Canberra sends a new colonial administrator to Norfolk Island. Eric Hutchinson contnues to dismantle all vestiges of self-government.
Former NZ defense attache in Washington hid camera in unisex toilet in DC embassy. Ex-Commodore Alfred Keating fces maximum 18 months in prison.
Macron in New Caledonia ahead of independence referendum. Colonialists reject notion of Kanak identity.
NZ PM's partner subjected to online smear campaign. Appears to be a well-orchestrated right-wing operation.
Final Frontier Ancient Egyptians on Mars? Weird rock formation discovered.
First cloudless exoplanet discovered. It is called WASP-96b and is a great place to get a tan..

United States

Citizenship data doesn't belong in a census for a democratic nation. And it violates the intent of the framers of the Constitution.

Trump's war cabinet against Iran almost complete. Pompeo and Bolton advocate war with Iran.

Rahm Emanuel cautions Democrats against supporting impeachment. That's because Rahm's tribe is getting exactly all they want, and more, from Trump.

Trump wants to be added to Mount Rushmore. He should be added to a pile of garbage on Staten Island.

FBI broke into Russian consulate in Seattle. Russia protests action.

Assassin of federal judge Robert Vance and civil rights attorney Robert E. Robinson executed in Alabama. Moody was 83, the oldest inmate executed in modern times.

Missouri GOP Governor Greitens hit with second criminal indictment. In addition to sexual assault, he now faces charges of charity fraud. A real Trumper.

Father of former National Security Adviser Gen. H. R. McMaster died from suspicious blunt force trauma to the head at Philadelphia nursing home. Nursing home records falsified in suspicious death.

Thieves stealing checks, bank documents, and birthday cards containing cash out of mail boxes in towns in Bergen, Essex and Passaic counties, New Jersey. Looks like the Kushners are in a new line of business.

GOP donors threaten cut-off of funds to Republican legislators who refuse to back pervert Republican Governor Eric Greitens. GOP: "Gross Old Perverts."

Bolton nothing more than a terrorist. He enjoys killing Arabs and Muslims.


Trudeau and British Columbia government in battle over pipeline. BC refuses to budge in its opposition to pipeline across province.

Newfoundland Municipal Affairs Minister removed from Cabinet over bullying allegations. Eddie Joyce reported to have harassed opposition MPs.

Latin America

Far-right Brazilian presidential candidate charged with inciting hatred. Jair Bolsonaro, the "Brazilian Trump," could get three years in prison.
Lenin Moreno invites the U.S. military back into Ecuador. Rafael Correra expelled the US from the Manta airbase.
Paraguay moving embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Follows Guatemala and U.S.
Nicaragua hit by a Trump administration-directed color revolution. Trump has gone full neocon.
Fraud claimed in Paraguayan vote. Winning right wing candidates = massive fraud.
Independent Mexican presidential candidate Jaime Rodriguez, "El Bronco," says cut off the hands of thieves. He is called the "Mexican Donald Trump."
Six pro-U.S. regimes suspend membership in UNASUR. The "dirty half dozen" are Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Paraguay, all fascist backwaters.
Back to the fascist future in Paraguay. Mario Abdo Benítez, the son of fascist dictator Alfredo Stroessner’s private secretary, wins presidency.
Miguel Mario Diaz-Canel Bermudez replaces Raul Castro as Cuban president. Mixed socialist-private enterprise system will continue.
Witness in case against Uribe is assassinated. Uribe, a narco-terrorist former president, is trying for a political comeback.
Bolivia's Morales and Cuba's Parilla hit back at Pence at Lima summit. Pence, like a big baby, gets up and walks out.
Caribbean Passport fraud rocks Antigua and St. Vincent. Doctored passports under investigation.
Independence passions stir in Guadeloupe. Colony remembers Sarkozy's repressive tactics.
Europe Spain's fascist regime now pushing "terrorism" meme against Basques. Rajoy is itching for a civil war between his Francoists and the Catalans and Basques.
Romanian president wants Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă out because of her secret trip to Israel. Israel, like Trump, turns into to crap everything it touches.
Former French prime minister Manuel Valls crosses border to campaign against Catalonian sovereignty. Valls is a textbook quisling.
Trump's first "themed revolution" taking place in Armenia. As neocons take over Trump administration, color revolutions, like those taking place in Nicaragua and Venezuela, will increase in intensity and number.
Romanian president says Social Democratic Party leader lacks authority to move Romanian embassy in Tel Avv to Jerusalem. PSD leader Liviu Dragnea is not only corrupt, but a puppet of the Israelis.
Milo Djukanovic re-elected president of Montenegro. He will ensure the country remains a colony of the Rothschild family.
Middle East British propaganda: an imperial and colonial tradition. And American media consumes as much of it as possible.
Ex-president Gul won't challenge Erdogan in election. He obviously wants to stay out of prison.
Saudis arrest 994,000 people in 4 days. 58 percent are Yemenis.
German ZDF senior correspondent reports Syrian chemical attack was faked. And Trump launched a cruise missile attack based on a lie.
Syrian air defense intercepts possible Israeli missiles fired on eastern Homs. 9 of 12 intercepted.
Indian sub-continent Bhutan caught between two nuclear superpowers. Some Bhutanese want country to become more independent from India.
Former soccer player Bhaichung Bhutia launches new Sikkim political party. Hamro Sikkim to speak for Sikkim issues.
Central Asia Ulan Bator proposed as site for Kim-Trump summit. North Korea favors Mongolian capital because it can be reached by train from Pyongyang.
Russia unhappy with Kazakhstan abstention in UN vote. Fraying relations between Moscow and Astana.
East & Southeast Asia Scandal-ridden politicians attract one another. Japan's PM Shinzo Abe, mired in scandal and expected to resign, meets with scandal-plagued Trump.
Malaysia releases sketches of assassins of Palestinian scientist. Israel applauds assasination.
Mossad suspected of assassination of Hamas figure in Kuala Lumpur. Malaysian government investigating "foreign agents."
Pompeo met with Kim Jong Un in Pyongyang. This was done to burnish Pompeo's record for his upcoming Senate confirmation vote to be Secretary of State.
Africa UAE and Somali army sever ties. UAE's close links with Somaililand cited as reason.
Comoros president suspends Constitutional Court. President Azali Assoumani calls court "dysfunctoinal."
Niger Air Base 201, outside of Agadez, is second-largest US military base in Africa, after Djibouti. It's there to target Tuareg seccessionists in Niger and Mali.
Swaziland's King changes name of country to eSwatini. Sounds like a pasta dish on an Italian menu.
Protesters in North West Province, South Africa demand Premier Supra Mahumapelo resign. Premier is seen as too close to the Gupta family.
Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen visits Swaziland. One of the few African countries that maintains relations with Taiwan.
Polar & Remote Islands

BP readies drilling off Sable Island. Area is a major fishing zone. Nova Scotia Liberal government says BP is the "best in the world" on safety. Nova Scotia must not remember Deepwater Horizon. Nova Scotia Liberals sound like they'd make great Trump voters.

Pro-mining business-oriented party doubles vote in Greenland. Coalition talks in progress.

Oceania Ukrainian national detained in Solomon Islands. Man illegally entered Fauro Islands in the Shortland Islands from PNG. There's a strong odor of gefilte fish with this story.
ANZUS squawks, "the Chinese are coming! Same old trick from the 1970s and 80s regarding the Soviets, Libyans, and Cubans.
Final Frontier 51 Pegasi b -- the first discovered exoplanet. It began a parade of planets.
Uranus smells like farts. No, really.
Polygon figures on Mars formed by mud. Remnants of lakes.

United States

Ex-House Speaker Boehner joins marijuana firm's advisory board. How's that weed go with the merlot, Mr. Speaker?

Summing up John Kelly's neighborhood of Oak Square, Boston. Traditional racism and utter hypocrisy.

Census citizenship question presents opportunity for abuse. Just as Arab-Americans and Japanese-Americans.

Trump called only victim of Trump Tower fire a "crazy Jew." Perhaps, instead of Robert Mueller interviewing Trump, he should be paid a visit by NYPD homicide detectives and NYFD arson investigators.

DHS compiling database of journalists and bloggers. Hello Big Brother! Good-bye First Amendment.


Toronto police announces Project Mercury, an international anti-pedophile investigation. Operation also involves, Homeland Security Investigations in Ottawa, the U.K.’s National Crime Agency, the Ottawa Police Service, and the RCMP’s Saskatchewan I.C.E. Unit.

Trudeau nixes Canadian air strikes against Syria. Cites Canadian military commitments in Latvia and Mali.

Latin America

Uruguayan Communist Party condemns Brazil's move the jail ex-President Lula. El Popular writes it is a "coup within the coup."
Bolivia's Evo Morales condemns tripartite miltary attack on Syria. Says, "yesterday, they claimed the presence of fake weapons of mass destruction for invading Iraq and today they are firing their missiles under the same pretext."
Kushner and Ivanka, along with VP Pence, representing Trump at Summit of the Americas in Peru. Kushner should join the Israeli observer delegation. WMR's mascot is also "Lula" --->

Over 60 opposition party members in Brazilian Congress adopt Lula's name in support of imprisoned ex-president and current presidential candidate Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.
Sessions up to his usual no good in indicting FARC senator in Colombia. Jesus Santrich, a former FARC peace negotiator, faces extradition to Trump America on drug charges. Right-wingers won't rest until the entire FARC leadership is sitting in U.S. prisons.
Panamanian President won't help Trump recover Ocean Club tower in Panama City. Trump has likely ordered John Bolton to draw up war plans on Panama.
Colombia applies for OECD membership. Hopes to join the developed nations club.
Barbados Consul General dies in Miami. Colin Mayers was a graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach.
Caribbean Sánchez Ramírez province in DR demands Barrick royalty payment from central government. Barrick's Pueblo Viejo gold mining complex is located in province.
Three arrested in assassination plot against Guyanese President David Granger. Trio made threatening calls by phone.
Puerto Rico closing a third of its schools. More post-hurricane disruption caused by depopulation.
Caribbean Movement for Peace and Integration in Barbados calls for Lula's release from Brazilian prison. Lula imprisoned in Curitiba.
Europe Massive opposition in Britain to bombing Syria. Opposition demands Commons vote on such action.
Cyprus government not aware of British plans to use island to bomb Syria. Says it hopes further military operation won't take place.
Spanish fascist regime targeting Catalonian grass roots committees. Madrid junta likens Catalan activists to "terrorists." An old fascist game.
Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich says international relations should not depend on the mood of one person when he wakes up in the morning. Yes, the future of the world "depends" on how much crap is in Trump's adult undergarment when he stirs in the morning.
Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox offices in London raided by EU investigators. Between Michael Cohen and Rupert Murdoch, law enforcement's experiencing its golden years.

Rajoy junta arrests Catalan activist and charges her with terrorism. Rajoy, the useless King, and their fellow fascistas have crossed a red line.
United Nations Human Rights Committee warns Spain on Jordi Sanchez's right to be Catalan president.
Orban wins sweeping vistory in Hungary. Soros's operations are in sights.
Middle East Israelis shoot Palestinian journalist wearing vest emblazoned with PRESS. Netanyahu is giving Trump ideas.
Three Muslim Crown Princes stake their claims. Crown Princes of Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, and Johor flexing political muscle.
Israel hoping for breakup of Jordan into Palestinian and Bedouin states. Then, the Zionists can forcibly move West Bank Palestinians across the Jordan River into the new Palestinian Jordan state. It's called "lebensraum," which is as much as Yiddish word, as it is German.
Turkey holding two Greek soldiers hostage. Ankara wants to exchange them for 8 Turkish soldiers who sought asylum in Greece.
Saudis threaten to build canal along border with Qatar. Move would turn Qatar into an island.
Houthis claim drone strike on Saudi Aramco facility in Jizan. Also claim hit on Abha International Airport in Saudi Arabia's Asir province.
Indian sub-continent India boycotting SARCC summit in Pakistan. No word on other no-shows.
China "opposed to the use of force" in Syria. Says US-UK-French attack violation of international law.
Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA) forms pro-sharia coalition in Pakistan. Group to run in upcoming elections.
Canadian running Himalayan Community Foundation in Kathmandu arrested for pedophilia. The foundation is linked to Soros's operations in Nepal.
Central Asia Kyrgyz President Sooronbai Jeenbekov fires security chief. Abdil Segizbayev formerly worked for George Soros's foundation.
Ilham Aliyev receives 86 percent of the vote in sham Azerbaijan election. 74.5 percent turnout claimed.
Kyrgyz protesters burn Makmal G.L Developing gold processing plant. Gold miners are notorious polluters.
North Korean delegation visits Tajikistan. Trade on agenda.
Tel Aviv Stock Exchange to have its hooks into new Astana stock exchange. Israeli intelligence ikes to use "cyber-security" as a pretext for getting its nose under the tent.
Crown Prince of Johor Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim slams opposition; tells voters to trust in the royal family. Crown princes of Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, and Johor making a lot of noise all of a sudden.
East & Southeast Asia Thaw in relations between Beijing and Pyongyang is clear message to Washington. Trump's war talk behind rapprochement.
Sweden charges Tibetan agent for China with espionage. Dorjee Gyantsan arrested for spying on Sweden's small Tibetan community.
Formosa Alliance pushes for Taiwan's independence. Groups wants the Republic of Taiwan in the UN.
Africa New Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed visits Somali Regional State. Region home to numerous refugees.
Ghana MP refused entry to Israel. Israeli ambassador to Ghana Ami Mehel claims on Ghana radio that there is no Palestine and that visa refusal for MP Ras Mubarak is "bullshit." In truth, it is the concept of a state founded on some ancient fairy tales that is bullshit. The racist Jewish state has been banning a number of African officials, as of late.
Somalia seizes UAE jet with US$9.6 million in cash on board. 47 UAE troops were on board, some held at gunpoint.
Mauritania offline for 48 hours after African Coast to Europe (ACE) submarine cable severed. Cable likely snagged by a fishing trawler.
Three Gulen educators arrested in Gabon and turned over to Erdogan's regime. Erdogan has adopted the Bush-Cheney rendition operation.
Djibouti a base for many military powers. U.S. and Chinese bases are almost neighbors.
Polar & Remote Islands

Argentine Defense Minister Oscar Aguad implies Falklands are British. Comments spark protests in Argentina.

St. Helena to exchange information with UK police. With new airport, St. Helena wants to check on criminal backgrounds.

Oceania NZ PM Ardern visits Niue, where her father serves as High Commissioner. Visit reminds Niueans and Kiwis of 1953 murder of NZ Commissioner.
Vanuatu opposition leader warning about Chinese influence. Ishmael Kalsakau is acting as Australia's colonial surrogate.
Australian media ratcheting up Cold War fever over China in Vanuatu. This is a classic propaganda campaign about Chinese economic might arriving in Australia's "backyard."
Australian PM warns China and Vanuatu against Chinese military base in island nation. Vanuatu’s Foreign Minister Ralph Regenvanu rejects report about planned base.
Final Frontier First hotel planned for space orbit. Aurora Station now taking reservations.
NASA's TESS will look for exoplanets. Discovery will not solely rely on mathematical analysis.
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