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publication date: Feb 9, 2019
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Brasilia. The father of Brazilian Foreign Minister Ernesto Araújo barred deportation of Nazi war criminal Gustav Franz Wagner, deputy commandant of Sobibor concentration camp. Former Attorney General Henrique Fonseca Araújo gave Nazi asylum. This is what happens when a neo-Nazi government is elected. America has the same dilemma.
Two of the last of the good guys in Washington leave the scene:
Ernie Fitzgerald, famed Pentagon whistleblower fired by Nixon.
Rep. Walter Jones, a maverick Republican who opposed senseless wars.
Note: Ernie and Rep. Jones were quiet skeptics about the official "story" about 9/11.
Quintuco. Pentagon going nuts over Chinese satellite station in Argentina.
Pentagon worry-warts believe Chinese tracking station is hostile.

Port-au-Prince. Opposition protesters demand President
Jovenel Moise resign. Moise linked to loans from Venezuela. Donald Trump, the "no regime change president" is conducting several.
Palikir. Pentagon groupies raising alarm over Chinese-Micronesian links. As if the Pacific Ocean belongs to Donald Trump.
Saudi Foreign Minister tells Congress to back off on Khashoggi murder investigation.
So, some guy wearing a Mama Stella's Italian restaurant table cover held on to his head with a fan belt is issuing the Congress orders?
Bangkok. Thai king denounces sister for her candidacy for prime minister.
Princess Ubolratana Mahidol and Thai Raksa Chart party told to abandon course by King Vajiralongkorn. The only kings and queens should be those found in decks of playing cards.
Caracas. Trump administration trying to convince Venezuelan military officers to mutiny against President Maduro. Too bad some American military officers don't do that with Trump. The smell of napalm on the South Portico in the morning -- smells like victory!
Sao Paulo. Huge rallies in Sao Paulo and other cities demand freedom for former president Lula. Lula's prosecutor now Justice Minister in neo-Nazi and pro-Trump Bolsonaro government.
Washington. Trump believes the countries of "Nipple" and "Button" are in India. Nepal and Bhutan are independent states. More proof about the low IQ of the "Walltard-in-Chief."

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